Signs From Our Loved Ones - Day 7 of Conscious Living Challenge

Signs from Your Loved Ones


Today's Challenge:

After reading through the below information, think back to experiences or events when you were in tune with your psychic, intuitive and mediumship abilities and had a direct connection with Spirit World. Then, share your experiences with all of us in the discussion forum!


You don’t have to be a psychic medium to receive messages from spirit or loved ones who have passed over to the Other Side. We all receive signs and symbols from our loved ones on a regular basis and they come in many ways. It’s purely a matter of opening the door and listening to those messages when they arrive and then saying “Thank you!”

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One of the easiest ways spirit can come to us is through electricity. It acts as a conductor for them. When lights flicker, computers and televisions randomly shut off and on, light bulbs burst, or even when fire alarms go off for no apparent reason, be sure to recognize the moment and ask yourself which of your loved ones might be trying to reach you. Telephones can be manipulated very easily by spirit as well. Did you leave the phone number of a loved one in your cell after they passed? Did their phone number ring you and there was nothing on the other end? That was quite possibly your loved one.


Dreams are one of the best ways to connect with and receive messages from spirit. If you desire to connect with your loved one, simply ask them to come and visit you before you go to bed at night. Then, expect and intend that they will come. Trying too hard doesn’t work, so trust they have heard you and will come when they are ready. Pay attention to colors, symbols, words and people that present in your dreams. You will know it is your loved one present in your dream because the dream is very vivid.

Feeling Your Loved One

Often you may feel the presence of the loved one. Do you get a warm feeling when you have a thought of your loved one? Do you get the chills or feel a light touch on your shoulder to turn and find no one there? I like to refer to these touches from spirit as “butterfly” kisses. You can find assurance in knowing that this offering of touch is one of their ways of saying hello.


This is one of the most powerful ways spirit can communicate with us. Do you smell your great aunt’s cologne or your grandfather’s pipe? Do you smell these powerful scents at the most unlikely times or places? There is a reason for this. Your loved one is trying to get your attention. This is particularly the case when the smell presents at the seemingly oddest time. My friend and I were riding our bikes one day recently when she was so surprised to smell her father’s scent – on a bike trail in the wide open outdoors. Her father had passed only two years prior. Interestingly, my friend had just minutes before rolled through a stop sign thinking that would be okay, instead of stopping fully. Well, Dad showed up moments later to tell her it was not okay! 

Thinking of Them

Recall a time when out of the blue you began thinking of your loved one at a particular moment in your day. Were you ever curious why that thought popped into your head so randomly? It’s quite likely this loved one is also thinking of you at that very moment and coming to let you know they are nearby and helping you with your daily life.  Our loved ones on the Other Side know exactly what they are doing and they have the ability to be at the right place at the right time.

Coincidence & Synchronistic Events

Often we are presented with what we might call uniquely synchronistic events. Be aware or you’ll miss the message. Coincidence is nonexistent. There is simply no such thing. Have you ever been thinking of your loved one and reminded of the very special favorite song you two shared, then later that day you heard it on the radio?  Indeed, this was your loved one. These visits are special gifts through and through.

Mother Nature

What flower, insect or animal has surprisingly presented that was not indigenous of the area you are in? Was it your favorite bird, flower, rainbow, deer that came at this most unusual time? Understand that your loved one is not becoming that bird or flower but do know your loved ones are very aware of your favorite animals and it is at these moments that they are trying to say hello! Perhaps you have not experienced this and you want to. You can send a message to your loved one to tell them you are ready for any sign they want to show you that they are near. The trick is to ask and not demand a sign. Just let them know you are ready to receive the message when they are ready to deliver it.


Do you see numbers repeat themselves? Do clocks stop at a certain special time? Do license plate numbers have a particularly important sequence? Do you see your loved ones birthday routinely showing up?  I recently moved to a new home that was partially furnished. I knew I was in the right place and that my grandmother was near me when I saw that her birthday was printed below the lovely portrait of woman who was in a painting hanging right over the bed!

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Thank you for stopping in to learn about today’s topic at the 30-Day Conscious Living Challenge! If you would like to learn more about the topics this week: Clairabilities, Grounding, Running Energy, Prayers of Protection, Neutrality and Staying in the Center of Your Head, please be sure to follow the releasing of my inaugural book Take The Leap, set to release Fall/Winter 2013.

Warmly, Medium Michelle 


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