Reflection: “Truth is given, not to be contemplated, but to be done. Life is action, not a thought.” F.W. Roberston


Thought, Introspection…


Contemplation, the act of scrutinizing, surveying and observing is an important aspect of many of our daily events. Just about every act we perform in what may appear to be repetitive, autonomic routines, requires or required at one point in time some measure of thinking, of contemplation. True? I believe so. Pause for a moment
and reflect as to whether or not you do.


Of course there is no requirement in reading Silver Threads© that we agree on every little thing. After all, I am simply offering the other side of the coin, another way to see things. OK, let’s continue! Let’s agree that we contemplate a lot in life…


Next, shall we think about truth? What does it mean to you? In Silver Threads© Issue 5-10, December 2009 (quite literally years ago!) truth was presented in the following words;” Truth is sacred. Your truth lives deep inside you, flourishing in your core. You knew what your truth was at the moment of your birth. It is written on the parchment of your soul...Tofind your truth you must practice self-trust.”


The quote above in the opening reflection, given each month to initiate you the reader into putting on your special thinking cap, suggests that truth is given to us, perhaps by our higher self/authority. And, that once given is to be acted upon,
to be lived. The questions this month then become ‘are you truth-filled and truthful; are you living your truth; are you celebrating the life you have chosen?’ Hopefully you have discovered the sacred text of your core and are now ready, willing and able to practice your truth; to live it, to put these profound insights into action!

Truth-filled and truthful…

Are these two different things? Let’s discuss! To be truth-filled, is to be chock full of knowing. Ah, you pause, wrinkle your brow, purse your lips and under your breath say, ‘knowing, what does that mean?’ Glad you asked! To ‘know’ is tounderstand to the very depth of your soul what is good, right, kind and precious to you, to mankind, to the planet. That covers quite a lot, does it
not? In the practice of ’knowing’ is the absence of judgment. In the absence of judgment lies the nonexistence of anger and fear. Are you nodding affirmatively yet? If not, please take a moment to reread and ponder these words a bit more. To be truth-filled is equal to knowing how to live your best life.


To be truth-filled is to know there is no separation between mankind and God. Now that is a big thought upon which to ruminate! Are you filled?

Moving on, there is truthful. Simply stated, this is the act
of living your best life
. This is the art of being able to create and
vibrate your days into attracting goodness, because you give it; it is doing the ’right’ thing no matter what is being done around you; it is allowing the kindness that is the light within you to shine to all you encounter; and it is knowing (there is that word again) that life is a precious gift not to be wasted, squandered or left in darkness and despair. It is a deep understanding of the non-separation of man and man, and man and God. Are you truthful?

And now…


What to do, what to do! For the moment, simply contemplate! Set aside some quiet time to reflect on what you know to be your truth and then review the many ways in which you live that truth each and every day.


You may wish to take in hand a pen and paper and make a list of what you know to be true in your core; write down what you believe in your heart makes life good and special. When you have completed that list, put your pen away and go over the list. Is
it complete? Did you list that which makes your life great and that which might make for a better world? Did you give thought to your role in the little picture and the greater picture? All of this adds to the healthy vibrations of the earth and lifting the mindfulness and awareness of all of man!


Once you have a clear concept of your individual truth, you have a distinct and well defined set of rules to construct by which to make decisions and live your life. At this point in time, the second half of the quote comes into play. “Life is an action, not a thought.”


The next step is in the implementation and practice of ‘being’ your truth out in the world. When you choose to follow that which you have come to know to be the finest in you and your actions reflect
this choosing, everyone in your circle receives the benefits of living with the best of you. The ripple effect goes beyond your immediate band without measure. Your role in the raising of the consciousness of the world then comes into play. The threads of your best life become woven into the tapestry of all whom
your ripples affect in an ever flowing sharing of energies touching energies, threads connecting to other threads. Imagine the brilliance of the colors of these wondrous, truth laden filaments! Picture if you will a world tapestry intertwined with the finest threads, best of life! Now that is something to be listed in the precious column!






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