Reflection: “When we accept that we always exist in a state of grace, we are able to live our

lives more graciously."    Daily Om

Looking for Grace in all the right places...
  If you are looking for grace, look no further! Grace exists everywhere! It is inside, outside, all around us. It is that unseen hand, the inexplicable strength that comes from the Divine touching us when we least expect it and most need it. Grace is also our own, unique inner beauty that when expressed radiates outward to the world.
 To live in a state of grace is not based on value or worthiness; it will not be earned through good deeds; nor found in ritual, or self-sacrifice. At the moment of your delivery it was bequeathed and is available to all; it is inherent in your birthright. All you need do is open your heart to its presence and you will discover
and experience grace everywhere.

I hear laughter in the rain...
 Another word for grace is beauty. It is found in raindrops; whether in a soft summer rain or the first downpour after a drought. Grace sparkles in every snowflake that blankets the winter earth.   It appears when chance has you bump into a friend who has just the information you seek; perhaps in looking for a job, a doctor referral, or simply the gift of having bumped into your friend. Grace is what happens when fate plucks your hide from danger and drops you into safety; it is in the simple events that are labeled ‘good luck’. Grace exists in laughter, forgiving, loving; the love between two individuals, nature and mankind; it is found in the safety and softness of your home at the close of each day.
 It is grace that propels you to go out of your way to help a stranger. Grace is even found in the pauses between notes in music. Without that moment of silence there would be no pace or rhythm in any composition. Grace is the simple elegance of you when you drop your cloak, shed your façade take down your walls and allow your true self to shine.

Always, all ways…
 When you ‘know’ deep in your being that you may choose to live each moment in a state of grace, you have the potential to live your best life. Within this knowing lies hope, generosity, and trust. When days feel dark, demanding, marked by a feeling of defeat, it is your grace that will lift you above the fray. You always have the ability to tap into that power, and it will infuse you with light in all ways. All you need do is be aware; work at staying ‘awake.’
 How is this ‘knowing’ accomplished? Meditation is a great way to begin. Finding the sweetness of silence takes you to that place that is known as your core, the well that holds and protects your wisdom. It also takes you to that white space of tranquility and serenity that houses your higher-self.
 There are many ways to practice meditation: in silence, chanting, through breathing, even walking! Look for the one that suits you. You will know the suit fits when the ease with which you can practice your period of reflection amazes you and you come out feeling refreshed and expanded.
 Another path upon which to journey into Grace is to question your-Self in any given moment, in whatever situation within which you find yourself. Ask your-Self, ‘Am I honoring me in this situation, are my thoughts and actions serving to lift the best in my soul to the surface’? Then pause and take a deep breath and answer with all the honesty you can muster. This is living with grace.
 Another method that leads to finding grace is that of performing service for others. When giving of ‘you’ to those in need, the payoff is steeped in grace. It is found in the smile that expresses deep gratitude; in eyes that light up with joy and in the delight of the exchange of energies given and received for all parties involved..

All heart…
 The following words come from a recent issue of the newsletter Daily Om. ”Grace is our benevolence of heart, and our generosity of spirit. Grace is unconditional love and the beauty that is our humanity. When we know that we are blessed with grace, we can’t help but want to live our lives in harmony.”
 Are you ready to practice the beauty that is the wealth and wisdom of your inner being? Are you ready to bring all you are into the light of day? Each moment of your day is constructed by you in the thoughts you think; the actions you take; the reactions with which you respond. You are the creator of what is called your reality. Is it filled with grace? Do you need to perform a review, look for things that need improvement?
 Look into your heart. Dive into your core of wisdom. That which you are looking for is there. It takes but a moment to pause that ever playing blah, blah, blah tape in your head, to ’shush’ the monkey chatter by summoning a healing, deep, slow breath! The art of staying in the moment and being open, in the beginning a part of your very nature sometimes needs to be reclaimed and revitalized. Grace requires that you dismiss and release the ‘judge.’ Remember practice, practice, practice- because Grace is Amazing!

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