Reflection: “Make a decision and then make the decision right." Abraham-Hicks

To do or not to do…

There is another quote that is very similar to the one above by Dr.
Phil McGraw which is, “Sometimes we make the right decision, and sometimes we
have to make the decision right.” I like them both! They are the same. For
better or for worse we make choices. As a matter of fact the average human
makes between 35,000 and 45,000 choices a day. That is basically one per second
of time awake according to USA Today and That is mind


Do you know if every decision you make is perfect?  Are they supposed to be? Some are so small in
measure you are not aware that you made that particular choice. Others are so
big, they are life altering. Every choice made is important, each in its own
way! Then there is the ‘perfect’ part of the question. What is perfect?
According to perfect is: “Conforming absolutely to the
description of an ideal type; excellent or complete beyond practical or
theoretical improvement; accurate, exact, correct.” In this vein of thought is
there really such a thing as ‘the’ perfect decision?


To be aware…

From the moment you awaken in the morning until you fall asleep at the
end of your day you are making choices; the first whether to hit the snooze
alarm, or, stretch and get out of bed. Do you next set an intention for the day?
Do you establish the vibrations that will attract to you exactly what you want?
When does it kick in for you that you are making choices? These decisions that
plant the seeds of each day are thought of as your ‘small’ ones. They are only
small in the time it takes you to choose them. If you had a giant sized glass
jar and you put a penny in it each day of your life, you would have a payload
amount after a while.  Imagine how many
you would accumulate if you were placing 35,000+ in the jar each day! The
little things you choose everyday amass in the same way. When they are added
together you have a lifetime! That puts the little decisions into a different
light when you think about it – does it not!


Of course there are those that are considered the ‘major’ assessments
that dot your life journey. When to get your divers license; where to go to
college; choosing a career and securing a job; getting married and having
children to name a few. Pause a moment here and think about the decisions you
deem ‘big’ that have affected your journey thus far. Some may have been doozies!


All important…

The time has come for you to awaken the awareness that every decision
you make has an impact on who you are; the people in your life; and the life
you live. Yes, that’s every single decision! Each carries its own energies.

So, what does all this have to do with making the right choice or
making the choice right? Good question!


Comfort zone…

When the choice you have made is the ‘right’ one for you, ‘things’ in
your life will fall easily into place. You will find that life flows along on a
pathway made of sand rather than a route littered with boulders. When you walk
a path made of sand your footsteps are soft, unobstructed, easy. When you come
to a place in the road that holds a massive boulder, your movement forward is
blocked until you figure out how to move the log jam or find a way around it.


Keep in mind that the rocks on your path were brought into being by
your thoughts and actions, which of course are based on your decisions. These
decisions are based on the experiences and lessons you have encountered along
the way. Are you getting a sense of the many threads of connection we weave in
a lifetime?


When you make a choice, the outcome will be entirely based on the input
that went into the choice. Perhaps now would be a good time to think about the
answer to the ‘perfect’ decision question…


Right - Oh…

Whatever you choose, if the outcome is not what you want or expect,
look not to the negative, look instead for the information contained in the
results. Within the consequence, good or not, is the compass that will either
help you know how to remove the impediment or go around it. When something has
not come out as expected, when it does not feel ‘right’ figure out why. This is
your opportunity to make your decision right!


Rather than take it personally, that you have done something wrong, as
experience may have taught you to believe, simply choose to look in another
direction. As with all growth in life, it may not ‘feel’ easy; it will most
definitely be simple! “Just do it!”  - As
NIKE likes to say. Making things right requires you to have an open mind, a
loving and open heart and a forgiving, willing spirit. Oh, and one more
thing…the ability to take a new action, to change the choice. Remember, nothing
is set in stone; there are however, stones on your path. Help them become sand,
move them or go around them if that is the lesson. As the opening quote
suggested, make the right decision or make your decision right!


I know I always say this, so here it is again…Imagine the possibilities!


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Comment by Stephanie Whitaker on August 7, 2013 at 10:46am

Enjoyed Reading! Will be scheduling for the website. 

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