Soul Mates: The myth that Hollywood sold us

There has been much talk about Soul Mates and Twin Flames and, if I am honest, I have found the definitions confusing. In many cases I find one persons definition contradicts somebody else’s.

Let’s take the term Soul Mate.   The Hollywood movies would have us believe that finding our Soul Mate is the be all and end all in love.  That happy ever after fairy tale ending. However, those of us who have had a Soul Mate relationship, especially a romantic one, know how volatile they can be. Definitely, NOT the stuff that fairy tales are made of.

A Soul Mate can be a friend, family member or lover. We have met them in a past life where you both could have assumed different roles, possibly even a different gender. You would have a made a pact with that person to come together again, in the next life term in order to resolves issues and learn lessons. This kind of relationship is not designed to last forever or go the distance. I’m not saying it can’t but that’s not the purpose. With this in mind, I prefer the term Soul Walker when referring to Soul Mates.

Soul Walker rather than Soul Mate

It’s a term I had a psychic (Jenna) use recently and it’s one that, for me, encapsulates what a Soul Mate/Soul Walker really is.

A Soul Walker will hold your hand through part of your journey. Your initial connection with this person is immediate. You feel as though you have met before because you have done, at another time in another place. However, these relationships challenge us because they are filled with challenges themselves.

In my own case he would never commit but would always come back to me. We would argue and hurt each other, yet always forgive one another. When together we felt complete. It was intense but this is the essence of a soul walker connection. Because it feels like what we think love should feel like and because the connection is so strong we believe it must be our happy ending. With this in mind we try to mould into what a real-life, stereotypical romantic relationship should look like, usually person does this more than the other. This creates more friction and challenge. Why? Well a Soul Walker holds your hand through life and those lessons that you need to learn. Thus when you learn the lesson, you can let go of one another’s hand. It sounds so simple. It probably should be that simple. But those who have loved and left/lost your Soul Walker know that walking away can be heart-wrenching. Extremely painful. Like part of you has died. In a way it has because that sharing of a soul connection.  Is that the glossy version of Soul Mate that you have been thinking of? Probably, not.

Twin Flame
Twin Flame relationships are said to be the opposite of Soul Walker relationships. The connection is one based on pure love and light. With this in mind we find that those same challenges and power struggles experienced in a Soul Walker relationship cease to exist. I’m not saying it’s perfect and rosy all the time. After all every relationship comes with it’s own challenges. But the essence of this relationship is pure love. This is the relationship many of us aspire to and want to have. Some of us find it.  Sadly some of us do not.

For me this is a sad thought. To think people do not get to experience something so amazing.

It has been said that Twin Flame relationships on the Earth plane are rare. However, due to the fact that more people are seeing light and becoming spiritually aware, we are seeing an increasing number of Twin Flames coming together on the Earth plane.

With all this in mind and everything that has happened recently I began to think about attracting my Twin Flame into my life. It was even suggested that I tell the Romance Angels that this is what I want. The thing as I was about to do this I received guidance from my Angelic helpers.


"What you want is someone who resonates on the same/similar vibrational energy as yourself. This way they understand you, you them. You understand each other. This is what initially happens in a soul walker energy. You come together on that same vibration. Hence, why the pull is so strong. When healing and releasing need to be done the pull brings you back together (this is when we learn our lesson). However, over time, you find that one is more enlightened than the other. The vibration changes. One is at a higher vibrational level to the other. This is when cords can be cut, so as to release you both to complete the next stage of your journey. That is not to say that you will not be drawn together again. (Here is when I asked Why? My favourite question.) One person may come back to the other. After all, they may still have lessons to learn. By this stage rather than two coming together for mutual healing. One comes in while the other repels them. Not because the love has gone but because they are each on new journeys. The release of the old karma has taken full effect. This is why we have to be careful with cord cutting. It’s not that simple. Not the easy way out. Also it doesn’t always work because we bring you together to learn lessons. You wanted to come back together so you can choose to heal and grow. (I ask Why they say choose!) We can’t force you to do it. You have free will but you will just have to come back again to learn. Attempting to cut cords willy-nilly hampers the process. This natural process."

So what is your experience of Soul Mates /Soul Walkers? Have you made it work with yours? Have you met your Twin Flame? Please do share. Your thoughts and experience might just help someone. After all, I don’t think for one minute that I know it all. I am still, very much a beautiful work of art in progress.


For some reason I thought of this song as I was thinking about whether or not to upload a picture.  The line that came to mind is: "You hate the fact that you bought the dream and they sold you one." - Take Care by Drake.



All articles are original material written by Chanel Williams who owns all copyright for her articles.


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