As a twenty plus year professional person I knew deep down that my work was leading me somewhere amazing. I had a feeling deep down in my soul. That’s all I had to go on; just this feeling.Although I knew it went beyond the scope of therapist and educator. Even though I felt somewhat fulfilled by these roles I knew they were not quite it. They didn’t speak to the deepest part of my soul.

The phenomena of the Internet

As the internet exploded I joined a health and wellness website in 2009 and was introduced to the idea of becoming an entrepreneur: someone who creates something from nothing. I didn’t start to capitalize on this idea until around 2015. Because it was such a huge change from being a professional and following someone else’s rules I needed time process it.

Social Media

How would I do it? I had no experience with a business.  I was introduced to the use of social media to build a following and to use later for business.  I  immediately created a Facebook business page, opened an Instagram and Twitter account and became a corporation. The universe quickly followed suit and validated my decision, and I was simultaneously asked to be part of a new wellness platform and website where I could list my business and become part of a big community of like-minded souls. Could it get any better?

The power of Creativity

Yes, it could… With the help of other wellness entrepreneurs that I was connecting with on Facebook, I would learn about creating posters that represented my “brand”  It was instant love.  I loved creating these little posters so much. Some people were paying to have them made but I WOULD NEVER DO THAT..Creating these little posters allowed me to tap into long asleep creativity. This newfound creativity was like a drug without side effects I could make these posters all day and never tire of it.

I was told to create these posters to represent my brand. “Keep it simple. “Don’t use too much text” “Universal truths are popular” etc.  I took the advice to a degree and yet I found my own style and more importantly I found my voice.  I found a strong voice who had a lot to say. I never knew I had so much to say.  There was something special about being an entrepreneur. It was so me. I enjoy a good challenge. And this was a challenge alright.

Connecting with like-minded People

As I began to familiarize myself with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, youtube I learned there were thousands upon thousands of wellness entrepreneurs. Wow, the world is filled with beautiful people who are trying to light up the world in their own unique way. This was amazing. I could be on board with this. Were they my competition? No, we could “collaborate” Collaboration was a new way.Work together. Do radio shows. Do Skype Interviews and Facebook Live.  This was a way of the entrepreneur, out with old-school competition. All you needed was a computer and some pretty images.

The Work

Around 2015 I began to post almost daily on all social media platforms, particularly Facebook and Instagram. I spent a couple of hours in the morning putting down posters and participating in share groups. Share groups are groups of people getting together to share posters for growth. These groups are for the truly dedicated. People who are not truly invested in growing their pages don’t last in these groups because sharing other people’s work is too much work and also requires you to set aside your own vision to a degree because you have to “host” other people’s work on your page.  The groups are for the hardcore, the dedicated and for the people who have lost their minds…

More Work

Yes, that’s right lost their minds… Sharing daily and doing the secret exercises that we do in the group to grow and to offset all the constant social media algorithm changes are grueling. Not because they are hard or even time-consuming. But because you need to do these exercises EVERYDAY to grow. It’s the fact that certain things need to be done daily that I find the most grueling.When you take breaks your numbers fall and it takes more effort to get them back up.

The Numbers

2018 and I am still at it. Still posting every day. facebook 38,256  followers, twitter 12,053 followers, Instagram 4620 followers, almost 6000 on linkedIn. I have done ok. Once you have a base following the question becomes; how big do I need to be to proceed with my agenda? When can I stop the two hours of social media work in the morning and hour at night?  When will I write my books? When will I hold and sell my workshops around the world that will ensure my world travels? If I continue along the same path I will be in the Nursing home (not joking here) before I drive enough traffic to my website.  

Balancing Everything

Did I mention that I work full-time? Oh yes I cannot pay my bills with my business. … It’s a good thing no one explained the sheer dedication and persistence that this venture requires otherwise I would have declined.

You may wonder about how one takes care of their health with all this going on. I do have a wellness business right? Do I practice what I preach. To a degree would be a truthful answer.  I have had to learn over a long period of time that  I need to close my computer. Get out more… Remember to have fun.. How does one do this without looking constantly at their phone? Without looking at their analytics, insights, their numbers? They don’t, who am I kidding. Being an entrepreneur takes a staggering amount of stamina.

Soul Purpose

As crazy hard as it is there is a deep satisfaction in knowing I am brightening people’s day with my posts or even in some cases helping them change their lives. Its fulfilling in a way that nothing I have ever done is. It’s my work. I create everything. I call the shots. I reach deep inside and inspire with my own experiences. If someone likes my posts it’s a part of  me that they like. So I wouldn’t quit. I will write my books. I will  touch lives and most importantly with I will fulfill my soul purpose with this new wellness entreprenuer position 

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Comment by Lisa Shaw on February 2, 2018 at 10:45am

Thank you for this submission. However, the magazine policy is to publish only in third person.  Can you reframe, omitting the first person point of view? Thanks.

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