Sound is and has been a fundamental element in the mythologies and ritualistic activities of countless civilizations throughout human history. In our most recent history we are only beginning to rediscover the many special and hidden qualities that sound carries within its vibrations. By considering the ancient wisdom in the light of modern scientific discoveries we are able to gain access to a deeper understanding of the nature of life.

In ancient times the therapeutic quality of sound was well known. The vibration of sound has such a pivotal role in the ancient thought that its nature is likened to that of the universe itself.
The instant of transition from the state of Pure Existence to that of “manifest creation” is described in the majority of ancient traditions as an acoustic event: a word, a sound, a drum beat, a thunder, etc.

This primordial aspect of sound is also reflected in the human psyche: our first sensory experience of perception has to do with sound, hearing being the first sense developed by the human fetus.

The use of sound vibration is one of the most ancient methods to maintain or transform the level of consciousness so as to obtain balance in body, mind and spirit. Hence the importance of sound (music and singing) in every ritual or ceremony of a spiritual and religious kind. In these events, a real act of analogy with the music of creation is performed.

Dancing and singing in ecstasy, mantra repetition, praying and singing hymns are all methods of being in resonance with Spirit.
According to the ancient thought, the duty of whoever was in charge of practicing this Sacred Art was to seek balance and purity within in order to be able to combine vibrations in the resemblance of the universal laws.

If a civilizing hero is present in the mythology of any ancient people, he will most likely practice the sacred art of music, being a bard or musician. In addition, in numerous mythologies, music is revealed to mankind by supernatural beings.

The word music itself is derived from the Greek word for Muse. The Muses were superhuman entities, daughters of Zeus, in charge of passing on to humans the purest form of the arts, inspiring intellects with the direct knowledge of the perfect cosmic dictates.

Modern scientific research is constantly proving and confirming what has been passed on for thousands of years in esoteric and mystery schools, sometimes in the form of symbols or in a language rarely accessible to the rational mind.
For instance, the experiments of Hand Jenny, the forerunner of the Cymatic science, demonstrate the existence of a clear correlation between sound vibrations and forms. With adequate equipment, a sequence of sounds can be seen as a sequence of changing forms. If we take out a single one of these forms from its changing context we obtain the “frozen music” of a single geometrical figure.
The scientific String Theory echoes the thousand years old concept of the Vedic tradition that everything is in a constant wave motion. All that exists is made of moving energy, which is kept alive by nothing less than sound. OM or AUM, the primordial sound that created and that is sustaining the universe.

The intimate relationship between sound and creation is becoming more and more clear, encouraging us to evaluate the actual power of music, the art of using sounds. Through the performance of our “worldly” music, we get in touch with its very source, the inaudible cosmic symphony. It is the fundamental tone of the universe, the “music of the spheres” of Pythagoras and Kepler, modern heralds of a science of the Sacred Sound which dates back to times immemorial.

The repetition of a mantra, the litanies of the Sufi, Gregorian chants, the use of Tibetan singing bowls on the Himalaya and of the lyre in Greece, the modern tuning forks tuned to ancient harmonic intervals, the modern electronic equipment of Hans Jenny and Royal Rife are all examples of how the power of sound has always been used to “tune” the individual to the Whole.

Sound (as well as thought) has the ability of actually changing the molecular structure of water. The experiments conducted by Masaru Emoto clearly demonstrate the link between the vibration of sound and the arrangement of the molecules in this extraordinary element which is capable of storing information.

So, our bodies are made of a high percentage of water and its molecular structure can be re-arranged by the precise use of specific frequencies fostering the maintenance of harmonic proportions, in the likeness of the order of Nature. This is one of the many effects that sound can have on us.
This complete access to the state of a person, from the deep cellular level to the subtle electromagnetic field around the body can be considered the basis of sound healing.


Simone Vitale is a visionary Sound Healer, Musician and Composer whose work is dedicated to promoting an ecology of sound and music where kindness and mindfulness are the keys to a deeper connection with ourselves and each other. 
An expert in the field of Sound Healing, he has a Diploma in Sound Healing with Tuning Forks and a certificate as a Vocal Yoga Teacher as well as more than 20 years of experience in music production.
Simone’s musical creation is multifaceted and includes: healing music, music for pregnancy and birth, music of the plants, live music for yoga and movement, inspirational songs and more.

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Comment by Simone Vitale on October 3, 2017 at 3:48am

Done :-)

Comment by Lisa Shaw on October 2, 2017 at 8:46am

Thank for the changes.  It's still a tad long  - can you trim just a wee bit more? Also we need a brief abstract in the beginning and a brief author bio at the end.  Thanks!

Comment by Simone Vitale on September 25, 2017 at 12:57am

Dear Lisa,

thank you for your comment. For some reason I must have messed up the information about the article's length. I was sure I had read somewhere that article could be up to 1600 words, but that was obviously a mistake.

I have now shortened this article.

Yes, I am the author of this article. I think the website you mentioned is the on in the link that I had added at the bottom. That link had an asterisk and it referred to a short story I was quoting in the article, not the article itself.  However that whole section has been cut so now there is no need for that link anymore, which makes things more clear.

Thanks again for your input.

Warm regards,


Comment by Lisa Shaw on September 24, 2017 at 10:31am

Hi, and thank you for this very informative piece.  Please keep in mind that OmTimes limits article leng

th for publication to approximately 800, the ideal range being 500-800.  Also because this is attritubed to a web site, authorship is not clear.  Is it your web site? Did you write it or was it reposted from this website with permission?  Pleae advise. Thanks.

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