Your personality is as important as the quality of your work as far as the spiritually focused consumer is concerned. Who knew? Being a successful spiritual practitioner requires understanding what your spiritually focused clients want and value. According to a recent survey, the fact how well you connect is just as important a good qualities products or services. 

This particular survey study was geared toward understanding how people view Psychics and Psychic Readings. Even if you do not have a psychic business, these results offer insight into the wants and values of a more spiritually based clientele. Here are the questions examined.

Survey Questions:

  1. What are you looking for in a Psychic Reading?
  2. What is the most important topic you want a psychic to talk about?
  3. What else do you want a psychic to discuss? The future? Spiritual Development? Relationships? Career?
  4. Do you use Psychic Readings to help you make life choices?
  5. Besides accuracy, what attracts you to your favorite psychic?
  6. What do you think makes a good psychic reading?
  7. What are some words you might use to describe a good psychic?
  8. Has (can) a Psychic Reading change(d) your life? How? Why?
  9. Why would you go to a psychic? What are your hopes for your reading? What, if any are your fears about a reading?

The results of this survey were compiled by creating Keywords. When applying the keywords to all the questions combined, it was not surprising that “My Life” (26,) “Future” (22,) and “Path” (20) showed up the most frequently. What was surprising was that “Honesty” was next on the list with 19 mentions. Also to be expected, “Information” (16,) “Choices” (15,) “Relationships” (14,) “Direction” (12,) “Accuracy” (13,) “Career” (11,) and “Guidance from Psychic” (10) were high on the list, while key words like “Feeling” (14,) “Validation” (13,) “Understanding” (12) and “Connection with Psychic” (10) demonstrated that from the client’s point of view, the psychic’s energy and support plays a large role in creating a positive psychic reading.


The keywords became even more telling when applied to the individual questions. For Question 1, as expected, most people were looking for “Insight” (8,) “Future” and “Guidance” (both 6,) “Direction” and “Information” (both 4,) and “Honesty” (3.) Yet words like “Confirmation” and “Purpose” (both 3,) “Feedback,” “Path,” “Soul Purpose,” “Truthful,” and “Understanding,” mentioned twice, revealed that people were interested in their spiritual life as well as wanted a psychic who was understanding and honest.


The answers to the second question were as expected with people wanting to talk about “Career,” “Path,” “Relationships,” and “Health” (all 3.) The third Question was a little leading and many replied “All of the above, plus…” (6.) So when adding 6 to each of those, of course, people wanted to talk about “Future” (16) “Spiritual Development” (13,) “Relationships” and “Career” (both 12.) Once again “Health” and “Information,” showed up (3) but “Spirit,” and “Connection with Guide (or Higher Self)” were ranked just as high. Delving deeper into the person’s wants, it became even clearer how important most people view their spiritual lives to be.


The majority of people had not used a psychic’s information to make their decision for them, as found by question 4, yet they used the psychic’s insight as additional information to help them make their choice. Question 5 demonstrated the importance of the energy of the psychic. The biggest response was the person was attracted to the psychic because of “Connection” (5,) with “Honesty,” “Kindness,” and “Smile,” coming in equally with 4 mentions each. “Warmth,” “Understanding,” “Trusting, “Genuine,” “Feeling,” and “Comfortable” followed, each with 3 mentions. The fact that these numbers were low compared to the 30+ surveys shows how individual a person’s point of view is and what wide ranges of attributes are considered important.


As for what makes a good psychic, Question 6,  “Feeling” came in highest and seemed to be defined as either the psychic being able to get a good feeling of the client or the client getting a good feeling about the psychic. “Accuracy” and “Honesty” were next with 4. With 3 each, “Connection (with Psychic),” “Detailed,” “Humor,” and “Information” once again showed that it is the energy of the psychic rather than just what the psychic intuits that is important. Maybe this is why a really accurate psychic may not be as successful as one who is accurate, plus supportive, kind, funny, and who smiles while creating a connection with his or her client.


In question 7, “Accuracy” and “Honesty” were top of the list of words to describe a good psychic, at 7 mentions each. “Connection (with Guide)” and “Insightful” came in next with 5, “Trusting,” “Spirit,” “Open Minded,” “Light (inner,)” “Kindness, and “Caring” had 4, and “Compassion” and “Understanding” proved important with 3 mentions each.


Only 5 out of the 30+ people who answered the survey did not have a psychic reading that change their life, which was reflected in the answers to question 8.


Question 9 was a little convoluted and in retrospect, should have been separated out into three questions. Why would you go to a Psychic? What are your hopes for your reading? What, if any, are your fears about a reading? The top two answers were “Choice (help with)” and “My Life,” which both had 4 mentions. Next with 3 mentions were “Confirmation," “Direction,” “Feeling,” “Information,” and “Peace.” Here “Feeling” referred to if the psychic had a feeling about something going on in the person’s life or about the client in general. There were only a few fears, but not enough to be significant.



The survey results suggest that, yes, people want to know about their future, relationships, career, health, and family, yet a person’s spiritual life and progress are also very important. From the point of view of the client, the quality of the psychic is equally significant, if not more important than the information given. Honesty and connection are both key to the perception of a good psychic and a good psychic reading. The survey indicates that the top 5 qualities of a good psychic reading are reflected in a reading that is given by an accurate and honest psychic, who includes detailed information along with giving the client a feeling of connection and humor. People want a psychic, above all else, who is accurate and honest with a good connection to spirit and his or her guides, yet it is also important the psychic be compassionate, caring, kind, understanding and that he or she shine her light with a smile.

As a Spiritual Business entrepreneur, it is not necessary to push your business with a hard sell. If you know what your clientele are looking for and market that, let them know you care about their needs and wants, and allow them to see that you are honest and spiritually focused, they will come.


*Survey Techniques, Details and Notes:

For details about this survey, please contact Cindy Griffith at


Cindy Griffith, Psychic, Spiritual Development Teacher, Blogger, and Author of Soul Soothers: Mini Meditations for Busy Lives is excited about her new book, co-authored with Lisa K., Grow Your Spiritual Business, coming Fall 2015. Cindy teaches throughout the US and Tokyo. Find more about Cindy, her articles, books, and meditation CDs, and Psychic readings at and

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Comment by Cindy Griffith on February 17, 2015 at 9:57am

Thank you Courtney, I hope to be following up with more articles on Spiritual Business! 

Comment by Courtney Marchesani on February 16, 2015 at 11:07pm
Very nice article. Insightful for a growing community of entrepreneurs who need solid feedback and metrics.
Comment by Cindy Griffith on February 14, 2015 at 10:43am

You are welcome, Shelly! Thanks for the supportive comments. I hope to publish more articles with spiritual business tips. My co-author of my next book which is on spiritual business, Lisa K, also is a contributor for Om Times. We think it is so important to empower spiritual business men and women so that there can be more quality spiritual businesses available. Pew Survey shows that the number of Spiritual, but not religious, people keeps going up and they will need a place to have their growing needs met in a professional and compassionate environment. 

Comment by Cindy Griffith on February 14, 2015 at 10:20am

Thank you Shelly. It was a small survey of 32 people from three Facebook pages. But I think it shows that there is a need for us spiritual business people to be compassionate as well as good at what we do. I have all the facts on how it was done, the results, etc. if anyone wants to contact me.

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