SPIRITUAL DEADLOCK- is it a wake up call ?

SPIRITUAL  DEADLOCK-  is it a wake up call ?

You are enlightened yet something seems ‘blasé’, out of sync, it’s not so enlightening also !

OMG ! Am I stuck ? But I thought  I was ‘awakened’….or let’s say that’s what everyone thought

about me …! Goodness now where am I ? I underwent a breakthrough, catharsis, than re birth …yet

I am still not fulfilled …I feel restless !  “Does this sound like you ? “ Ah ha …now what you are facing is a ‘stalemate’ situation …it’s like you are in ‘water’, flapping your arms and legs yet not moving ahead…sounds pretty  ‘blocked’. How on earth did I fall into the trap…all my efforts seem to get me on a re bound…! Hey ! Another re birth ! Gosh now that’s no good ! What do I do  ?

Well yes ! you definitely are in a ‘spiritual slumber’…’or ‘dark night’…that’s what every seeker  undergoes once in a while; quite frustrating though.  There could be many factors which could regress your spiritual ‘hunger’, so to speak. Let’s understand the primary factors causing such a ‘regression’ in one’s  life …

  1. Loss of interest in meditation or “too bored”….unable to connect  - You started with the meditation regime very ‘methodically’, attended all sorts of meditation classes, got the best ‘yoga/meditation’ guru to train you but to no avail . As the saying goes “ repeat the dose till the patient dies”, and you did the same…repeated your meditation dose so much that you ended up…’dead’, not physically dead …but yes, metaphorically ‘dead’…’listless’ ! All the spiritual experiences became redundant and you just ‘surrendered’ ! Give me a break !

    Yes you definitely need a break . Don’t push the tide …let it flow…so if something doesn’t give you the high or contentment you are looking for, change course, try something new for a while; when it feels ok get back to your regime. Take it easy !


  2. Diet – You started your re birth with a pledge that ‘now and for ever’ ,  organic and vegan is my savior. It did work wonders for your mind, body, spirit  …for years so to speak but of late you are finding it very ‘mundane’, no ‘fun’.  So what next, you decide to go dive in the ‘real’ …’human’ life and enjoy the ‘hot and spicy’, not to forget ‘fast food yummies’…cocktails so on and so forth. You feel on ‘top of the world’…imagine missing all the ‘culinary delights’ for so many years ; you just go on a binging spree. Poor  ‘vessel’ of yours is shocked not to mention ‘burdened’ to no ends after being fed a light, smooth, clean diet it ‘just can’t take  this ‘maniac FOOD’ …you endup with all sorts of gastro problems; to your utter shock you are adviced to go vegan and light again ! You feel just so ‘dis connected’…!


  3. Improper sleep patterns – Well what do we say for this one. Due to lot of dimensional shifts, energy pattern changing…a lot of us are either too de prived of good 8 hour sleep or just over sleeping or even worse just can’t seem to enjoy sound sleep. Not your fault but it definitely ‘hit’s’ the normal body functioning . You are unable to enjoy the ‘simple’ things in life because ‘insomnia’ makes you feel like a ‘zombie’ all the time. So time to be easy on yourself, listen to soft, calming music and pamper yourself to sleep. Once your body adjusts to the changing vibrations get back to your meditative/spiritual practices.


  4. Too busy with work – With ‘cost of living’ sky rocketing and if one dreams to live in a ‘plush’ city than it’s important one works and earns his/her bread. And many a times the work one does may not align with one’s passion, so the ‘grind’ can really kill your ‘seeking thirst’ because ‘work’ leaves you with absolutely ‘no ‘ …’ME’ time. What do you do ? Go for a vacation once in a while ; re connect to the ‘real’ you …it will leave you re plenished.


  5. Caught in social gimmicks – Wow ! this one is a ‘buster’…however ‘non social’ you may want to be but trust me certain ‘necessary evil’, social engagements will want you ‘present’. Whether you are  employed or jobless, it hardly matter’s . You may keep dreaming of a ‘retreat’ in the ‘himalaya’s  vis a vis a five star ‘late night’…’glitzy party’, but face it…your presence is ‘mandatory’…that’s life! So balance it out …and instead of taking it as a punishment …go easy, smile!


  6. Overdose of media flicks – Media run’s through the ‘millennial’ vein…infact a tweet on your iphone sounds more ‘loud’ these days than a real bird’s chirpy ‘tweet…tweet’…that’s  21st century …the ‘wired’ and need we say ‘weird’ age ? Even the pranayama has become so ‘techno’ that without the ‘head phones’…one doesn’t get the ‘himalayan feel’…how awesome is that !

    So are we breathing ...’prana’ or is that too ‘tech driven’…? Time to go ‘fresh’…


  7. Lack of physical activity – I guess most of us will vouch by this. We want it all on the ‘couch’ …does that resonate ? With all the human created luxuries comes human created ‘miseries’…am I right ? First, one wants to taste all ‘vines’ …than dine and I dare not say …than ‘whine’. Let’s be honest, whom are we fooling and why? It’s our body not someone else’s ! As the saying goes ‘All work and no play’ makes Jack a ‘dull boy’. So guys please ‘exercise’!


  8. Illness – For obvious reason’s ; if you fall into the trap of the ‘material’ than ‘join hands’ with the immaterial…yes ! medicines, hospital visits and all the ‘crap’ that comes with it. If in the first place you knew  ‘how to’… mark your boundaries, create healthy life style; this would never even bother you .


  9. Negative people around –  Move on …does that sound ‘sane’ ? Moving on when your environment does not support your ‘soul purpose’. Yes agreed that everytime ‘moving on’ in the physical terms is not possible but yes atleast build ‘re silience’…and move on at mental level . Don’t take criticisms, judgement’s personally,  if ‘human’s’ are alive so will the ‘critics’ be, so might as well take them in your stride with a pinch of ‘sour humour’ and walk on and walk tall. You are definitely ‘worthy’ !


    So these were some of the reason’s which can deviate you from your spiritual path …’once in a while’. And trust me all ‘self created’. But these short de tours also have their hidden blessings ; it’s like ‘peace’ after the storm. These ‘distractions’ give you an indication that yes you still have a ‘long journey’ ahead…you have just started …so carry on…you will be wiser the next time you ‘de rail’…if you ever do!


Sunanda’ s Bio

Sunanda Sharma is a professional Tarot Card Reader, Psychic, Author and Life Coach .She is a member Elite Psyche Team - Best American Psychics 2013, Member of Certified Psychic Society 2013  , Winner Tarot Super Achievers Award 2012 India. She is a published author. She has written two books of Spiritual/Inspirational genre "Inspiration from the Spirit Volume I" and "Inspiration from the Spirit Volume II".You can reach her at www.sunandatarot.com




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Comment by Sunanda Sharma on May 5, 2014 at 10:53am

Thank you so much Trevor and will bear in mind the 'grammar' part...

Comment by Trevor Taylor on May 5, 2014 at 5:20am

Thank you Sunanda - recommended to the publishers for inclusion in one of the forthcoming multi-media editions of OM Times. Oh, just for future reference, your use of apostophes did need alot of editing, and you tended to put a gap between the re.. and the rest of the word when using words that start with re, so do bear this all in mind when drafting your next article..many thanks, Trevor

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