I must first thank my good friend, Rose, for the title to today's essay. It is being written without a whole lot of preparation thanks to the busy schedule I have had this past week. No leisurely writing today, no sirree.

Just a few moments ago, I shared the following comments on another site: "As you may have guessed, I find myself called to this spiritual evolution of which you speak. ;) It has been made clear to me that this is what so many of us are destined to do--and to do it we need to get beyond the many distractions and find the way. With the concept of there being a unified/Source out there, I feel so much of the force segregating us into our many labels and boxes is fighting what may be called a losing battle, but a battle nonetheless. Whether, as peaceful keepers of light, we see this as a conflict--is up to each of us to discover."

Many of you who read my posts regularly (and I thank you very much) have heard me talk about "The Conundrum," or the bigger puzzle that combines our existence with the mixing of spirit with matter. I have described it on occasion as being like a torus of energy, or a Tesla coil, at the center of which lies that zero point of All possibility. In a previous post, I mention the Cauldron of Possibilities (http://roulette404.multiply.com/journal/item/6002/Cauldron_of_Possi...) where things in our life intersect and come into being. In recent posts, I have talked about refining or perfecting ourselves (http://roulette404.multiply.com/journal/item/12509/Refining_BT) and being balanced about our efforts to evolve our spiritual being.

To know there are so many possibilities can feel a little frightening, but this is when our internal valor steps into play. Valor is described as courage, bravery, and "spirit." Valor is what urges us to put our next foot forward, to be bold or even heroic at times. We learn our lessons, whether from past or current experience, and move our spiritual evolution forward, one step at a time.

We do need to be cautious of a few things along the way, but one thing is coming more to my awareness the more I interact with others: The idea that we are all one, yet need to celebrate our diversity. We need standards, but may become slave to standardization. We seek order and peace, but not to the point where it stifles innovation and creativity. The balance we have in our life, and really the focus we have on our spiritual well-being, is what can make all the difference as we evolve.

So much is still being said of this special year of 2012. There are astronomic wonders, astrological hints, physical realities, and economic hardships that are serving as real markers for us to use in figuring out where we might be in the process of our evolution. What have we learned from the past? How ready are we to deal with our Now and accept the future? We do not fare well in contrived circumstances--as much as it may "help us feel safe," it is a false sense of security. Do we see that our intentions and focus do shape our reality--that it is not a bunch of archaic mumbo-jumbo--and that peace is possible once we remove the stranglehold of conflict, competition, fear, and suffering from our own, individual mentality?

What we "do" and what we "allow" to continue seem to be another disparity coming into the light. Our spiritual evolution tells us we need to care for each other, while there are forces at play that keep us distracted from doing the caring we need to do. We have known for many years that we need peace, yet there are forces who keep us in conflict and at war. We know there are people and other living, sentient beings who share our home; yet do not share its resources equitably, nor are they treated fairly. We ask ourselves about what more can each of us do to promote life and love in the midst of these darker forces and material realities.

The answer, it seems, does reside in our spiritual evolution. We must not be distracted from the work--and it is work, to be sure. The tide is rising for us to pay attention, to focus on spirit, to exhibit valor as we walk our path, and include others by caring for All. Those who do not see this spiritual evolution for what it is will miss out. The reality is that, like all other matter that does not serve the greater good, there will be refuse. We cannot sugar-coat that harsh reality of the process. Our honesty tells us this spiritual evolution is the way, and that All is well.

Namaste ~ Blessings!

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