Spiritual Life Coaching: Balancing the Fiery Force Within.

By Jason Lincoln Jeffers

"A hundred and one are the arteries of the heart, one of them leads up to the crown of the head. Going upward through that, one becomes immortal."

-Chandogya Upanishad

It's important for you to understand that your ethereal Self is simply an inner body that exists on a higher frequency, and as long as you are here on this material plane, this ethereal body will be in the same exact "location" or space as your physical body and thus it fits perfectly, like a glove, underneath it. I like to think of it as the Kryptonian suit that Superman wears underneath his human-made suit. In this metaphorical sense, it is your supernatural body that you've only temporarily forgotten.

The Sanskrit word kundalini is “she who is coiled,” and is derived from the root words kund, “to burn” or kunda, “to coil as in a spiral.” Shakti translates as “life force,” “the cosmic force,” or simply the Force. The root word of Shakti is shak, “the enabler.” In Hinduism, Shakti is the personification of the sacred feminine, the goddess of creativity. In the body when she unites with Shiva, the sacred masculine energy, the yin binds with yang, and the initiate receives the divine bliss. 

The kundalini Shakti is always coiled in a spiral, like a serpent at rest, precisely three and one-half times at the base of the spine. Here she remains dormant in every human on Earth until she is awakened at the appropriate time—dictated by the free will of the higher Self. I see the Shakti as the divine S-ence, or Holy Spirit, which translates from the Hebrew ruach, meaning “vital breath” or “active force” of creation that “moves over the surface of the waters,” mentioned in Genesis 1:2.

Just like the Hebrew word ruach, the Sanskrit word prana translates as “first breath of the life force,” “life force,” or “vital breath.” In China, prana is known as qi or chi, in Japan, ki, in the Pacific Islands, mana, and in ancient Greece, pneuma. This vital breath or life force is not air but rather a quantum energy (only visible through the third eye) that all forms in the universe ultimately consist of below the currently known quantum level. What physicists  are currently calling dark matter or dark energy is actually this exact same life force which makes up all the so-called “empty space” and binds the universe together into One.

Kundalini Shakti is a highly intelligent aspect of the life force energy that cannot be directly controlled. She can be transferred, unblocked, and assisted temporarily by a master—known as a Shaktipat guru— to an initiate but after that, the Shakti energy will be, like any intelligent life form, moving on her own volition. Prana (chi, ki, mana), on the other hand, can be manipulated fairly easily. Rather than the independent and active Shakti, prana is more passive and therefore “obeys your commands.” Yoga, tai chi, chigong, and all of the martial arts such as kung fu, karate, and aikido are physical disciplines where this more malleable life force energy is directed throughout the body. A master martial artist can easily move his chi energy anywhere he wants, empowering both his defenses and his attacks. Similarly, in the Japanese healing art of Reiki, this same ki energy is directed by the practitioner for the purpose of clearing and balancing the energy centers of the ethereal Self, which, in turn, facilitates healing in the physical Self.

This same pranic energy (chi, ki, mana) is also the vibration of sunlight and can be seen—if you have an opened third eye—around trees, plants, flowers, animals, and around flowing water such as springs, streams, rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans. This is why we always feel renewed and recharged with “electricity” when we commune with nature. If you’ve ever been caught in a thunderstorm where there’s lots of lightning in the sky, you’ll have a rough idea of what it’s like to experience firsthand what pranic energy feels like. It’s intensely electrical in sensation. In the memoir, the “spiraling fireflies” leaving a stream of white light behind them is a description of what prana looks like to someone with an opened third-eye. 

Nadi translates as "stream" or "channel" and there are a total of 72,000 of these energy channels within the ethereal body but the three most important are the sushumna, ida, and pingala. The purpose of the nadi is to transport the life force energy (prana, chi, ki, mana), through the subtle body for the purpose of healing, empowering creativity, acquiring spiritual wisdom, and evolving into the Next Human. You could say that the veins and arteries of your physical body are much like the nadis of your ethereal body. Just as blood and oxygen of the physical body sustains its health and life, life force energy sustains the health and life of the subtle body. Serpentine ida nadi represents the sacred feminine yin, which are aspects associated with the parasympathetic nervous system, negative polarity, lunar energy. It corresponds to the left nostril and transports prana that has a cooling, soothing, calming effect.

Serpentine pingala nadi transports prana that corresponds to the sacred masculine yang, sympathetic nervous system, which are aspects associated with positive polarity, solar energy. It's connected to the right nostril and has a warming, energetic, exhilarating effect. To experience your ethereal Self first hand, you must awaken the kundalini and enable her ascent up the sushumna nadi, which is the central canal that connects the root chakra-located in the coccyx or tailbone-all the way to the crown chakra-located at the exact center and top of the skull.

You will recognize when the sushumna is active and transporting lots of life force when your body is tingling, twitching, jerking, or having involuntary muscle cramps or spasms. These are signs that the life force energy is alive and kicking within you and that your body is responding to the movement and flow of it through the channel of sushumna and in the process, being prepared for the ascent of the fiery Force, the Serpent of Light.

Online Astrologer, Ketogenic Diet Coach & Spiritual Life Coach, Jason Lincoln Jeffers, is the author of the self help book "The Next Human ~ A Guide to Personal & Collective Evolution." His Wellness Coaching and Spiritual Life Coaching practice uniquely combines spiritual wisdom with ego transcendence, holistic wellness, astrology readings, shadow & pain-body work, heart-based intention, the power of presence, and the law of attraction.

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Comment by Trevor Taylor on June 22, 2014 at 10:48am

Jason, thank you. Recommended to the publishers for inclusion in one of the forthcoming multi media editions of OM Times

Comment by Jason Lincoln Jeffers on June 22, 2014 at 9:52am

Hi Trevor, I brought it up to 1000 words for you. Thanks! Jason

Comment by Trevor Taylor on June 22, 2014 at 6:23am

Hello Jason, thank you for your article. If you are able to build on your narrative to bring in it at between 600 - 1200 words (excluding BIO), I would like to assess it with a view to recommending it for publication. Many thanks, Trevor

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