Spirituality in today’s world is such a cryptic word. People are relating spirituality to attaining siddhis and becoming powerful. This is a complete juxtapose to the real meaning of ‘spirituality’ and ‘being spiritual’ per se. Spirituality is as good as being a good human. Being genuine, being empathetic and being straightforward and truthful in every sense.

When truth and soul essence catches you, every step is a test between what is right and what is wrong. The truth which your soul knows reins higher than universal proclamations about what is right and what is wrong. That is short to say god is a reflection of soul which is only ‘TRUTH’, no big words here it’s simple and straight. Nothing bypasses your soul truth and that is ‘power’. No power resonates higher than the power of ‘truth’. In today’s kalyug people are attaining siddhis through spiritual gurus that is a sheer deviation and insult to the higher power or god or truth or soul. The moment you ‘enjoy’ spiritual endeavours you are falling off track and you will be caught. There’s a strong deviation between ‘enjoyment’ and purity. If there’s enjoyment, purity falls off and you are as good as an animal labelled under spiritual verbiage. Some gurus of today are working on a false paradigm and a deceptive line. In one breath they say ‘enjoy spirituality’ and ‘spiritual powers’ on the other line they talk about truth per se.

Power is not in enjoying spirituality or being addicted to OBE’S and astral travel and telepathy and all spiritual drugs, it rather brings down your power. True power is withdrawing from these spiritual addictive endeavours and only talking blatant truth. It is not about enjoying OBEs for hours and feeling great it is as simple as having the heart to be a genuine human being and help people unconditionally. If that’s where you can place yourself probably you are on the path to true spirituality. Yet as humans every step is a test! A test between right and wrong, a test between vices and wisdom, a test between pure intent and forced intent or programmed intent, a test between ego and self esteem, a test between self respect and programmed dogmas! A test between your value system and the worldly value system. It’s a thin line; discernment should be at your beck and call. It’s not the cover you are in who wants to tread this line of fire but it’s the soul which has aged through millions of lifetime which takes you through this internal sensing. It’s your true north! The moment you bypass this north of yours, the south, east and the west will only defunct you many folds. It’s our call, no body not even a guru can dictate terms when the ‘aged soul’ wakes up and signs you in. You than follow your soul path rather than the one shown by the master. All you know that path might just differ! And you need to move towards the one shown by the giant sitting within. Actually you aren’t doing anything you are just getting directed every time someone tries to drift you.  But for that giant to awaken, you will go through fire and it will still take you through million of deaths metaphorically speaking and finally when you feel I have arrived it will crush you again....until it’s just the giant and not you! So can’t help it! Just surrender and follow through! Hopefully you will get there in some lifetime. But be prepared for multiple deaths, rather it becomes the order of the day. Every sunrise is waking up to a’NEW’ you...with new mindset, new eyes and all you know a new head, where thoughts don’t regale anymore. It’s like your blank headed in a blink. And all you do is stare at the mountains and sky and feel connected - at ‘home’. The walk is pretty lonesome but if you are beyond blessed you might hit across the other part of you in a different body finding you as another reflection of his or her. Than the walk looks sensible and worthwhile. Otherwise you are left with your GIANT taking over you and all you do follow the command!

In today’s Kaluga people are attaining very high level ‘deekshas’’ to become powerful and do well in their profession or probably get a marital partner for themselves whose like minded. Honestly don’t buy this crap. Power doesn’t come from attaining deekshas it comes from how pure your thoughts are, how pure and open your heart is. It may take ages to get where you want to but honestly, hard work, pure intent will surely get you there. Powerful deekshas will help you increase your energy only for a while and then back to square one. Don’t lust the masters energy lust the conviction of the truth he speaks. If his truth bides by your principles and value system, be in deep reverence of such a master .You are definitely blessed to have such a master in your life. But if you are driven by his spiritual energy and how much powerful it can make you than one day you are sure to hit ‘rock bottom’. And your own power will wane! Then it will be more monumental task to walk back to your little giant who’s actually very “hurt’. Make peace with the giant within and you are sure to regale and soar with your truth. Not everybody will stand the test of time but one will stand by in a crowd not because the person he/she is but because he made peace with the giant within. Once truce is made with your giant you are ‘good to go’; with or without a master. Even god who is actually not above you but is in your ‘truth’ will hug you tight! The master too will test you and your discernment a zillion times but if your giant is awake it will surpass that too! Operation of higher will that’s the creation in our world also resides in blatant truth and following the soul truth. It may take ages for people to realize your worth but honestly even that’s a short sighted want – disguised ego. Because the real ‘RIP’ will be yours to taste!

Why pass the buck to the next life why not live a long one while you are here and close it at a dignified and peaceful note. RIP is not about physical passing away it s about transitioning with your truth. All RIPS aren’t peaceful even that word is big misnomer ....as in a world that rides on programmed paradigms, a shown path. Creation means new! Tread you own, one that scales mountains of truth and ebbs in the valley of peace! Amen!

Bio: Sunanda is a professional tarot reader, psychic, published author and life coach. Reach her at www.sunandatarot.com

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