Walking through the park, I saw a flower that had fallen from a tree. This pale pink flower was shaped like a trumpet and had an unusual hydrated light green stem.  I felt the flower call to me, so I reached down and picked it up. 

Meanwhile, my husband was at home with an injured back.  Walking home, I clearly heard, “this is a flower of healing.  Place all the pain he is feeling inside of it.” This is when I felt the healing portal open. 

When I got home, I gave the flower to my husband and began to feel a shift in the energy around us.  We had ambient healing music playing through the house (as I usually do) and all of the sudden, I felt the urge to get an aromatherapy spray and fill the air around him with the scent of mint and ginger.  He took a couple deep breaths and began to open.  It was in that moment that he suggested that I begin to stretch his back. 

We traveled into our guest room where we have a yoga mat and space to move about.  I asked him to lie down on his back and lift his legs in the air.  As he lifted his legs, it appeared that they were very tight, so we began to see that it was not his back that was hurt, but rather his hamstrings that were tight and locking up, causing strain on his back.

Using the breath with movement to stretch, we began to tune into the stress he had been holding in his body.  He described the stress as the size of a grapefruit lodged in his leg. I reminded him that it was ok to release the stress.  I found myself saying, “there is no where to go, nothing to do, and no where to be.  It is ok to release the stress through the breath.”  As he listened to those words, and allowed his muscles to relax, he gradually opened. 

Next, I felt that water could be a great releasing source.  I ran him an Epsom salt bath with lavender oil and had him soak for twenty minutes while listening to a guided meditation on healing the body.  After the bath he took a shower and then met me in my home office where I had a candle lit, his healing flower lying next to his seat and a healing sweater to wear to keep the warm healing energy circulating in his field. 

I started by saying, “now you can just take the next couple moments to tune in to yourself and if it feels right, express whatever needs to be released through words.”  He spoke a little about the stress, was able to imagine it, and then release it.  After a couple more breaths,  we felt the healing session come to a close. 

We felt that the flower had absorbed the energy he needed to release and now wanted to transmute that energy.  He chose to dig a hole in our garden, thank the flower, and then burry the flower back into the earth to absorb and transmute the energy. 

We came back inside and decided to leave the candle burning as a representation of the healing energy working within him for the next couple hours.   The healing portal then closed, as our healing session was complete. 

This experience was a unique way of knowing that I would call: Stepping Through the Healing Portal.  The healing energy that was moving through us was not from us, but we were both open enough to allow it to move through the experience, our bodies, and our words.  Every step we took on this healing journey was guided by a deeper sense.  It was a magical experience.

I believe that you can heal from anything. That's right, anything.  Over the past 18 years I have had the opportunity to experience conditions where western medicine was not able to help me. And this journey led me to connecting deeply with spirit and my body to transcribe the messages that were being communicated. 

When you do this deep inner transformational healing work, I believe what happens is that Divinity takes the painful experience that has been replaying in your system and neutralizes and purifies it. You are not purify the person, place or thing; but rather simply connecting with the Divine to return this past program and the energy you associate with that person place or thing to the Divine.

It’s like a form of recycling. When you detach from that stale energy, you regain your alignment with the divine and your true self, and this restores your personal rhythm. 

Stepping Through the Healing Portal is a new audio re-programing track that I made for my clients, but I felt called to share its vibration with you, enjoy!


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Thank you for submitting. The magazine policy is not to publish first person articles/blog posts or writings that serve as a personal ad.  If you would like to turn this into an objective  article focusing on a specific  healing modality,I invite you to revise and resubmit. 

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