Millions of people are looking for a magic supplement and herb combination that will increase their health and vitality. People are ingesting Coenzyme Q, pycnogenol, magnesium, Vitamin C, Gingko, Echinacea and thousands of other products and combinations. In many cases, these supplements give a slight energy and health boost, however, for most people, much of the increased need for nutrients is due in a significant part to a high level of daily physical and/or psychological stress.

Taking steps to relax body and mind can be enormously healing and is highly recommended for those interested in healing acute or serious chronic illnesses or preventing future illnesses. Relaxation techniques can add enormous power to other holistic healing techniques.

Common Signs and Symptoms of Stress:

Regularly walking, eating or working in a rushed way.

Regularly thinking and worrying about the past or future.

Frequent tension in the body (esp. neck, face, shoulders, back and chest, and stomach) which often goes unnoticed until one slows down, breaths deep and carefully surveys the body.

Feeling of the "weight of the world" on your shoulders.

Emotionally "on edge."

Regular tiredness during the day.

Significant need for outside stimulation to feel good (coffee, sweeteners, food, sex, TV, alcohol, money, accomplishments, etc.)

The Goal

Occasional challenges, both physical and psychological, are not unhealthy for most people. These types of stresses are normal and can actually be strengthening. The goal is not necessarily to avoid all stressful events, but to develop the ability to relax during day-to-day activities and during challenging occurrences . Persons who are recovering from an illness should attempt to keep challenging situations to a minimum but not necessarily avoid them totally unless they are extremely weak.

Strategies for Stress Relief

As part of the process of curing an illness, promoting health & vitality and preventing illness and premature aging, it is important to gradually move towards a daily life that’s less stressful.

Some Strategies to Avoid

Attempting to make everything in life stress-free.

Focusing on every event and constantly reminding yourself to relax.

Regularly avoiding the feeling of emotions.

Long vacations, exercise, etc. will not work in the long run .

The type of strategy which tends to work is the combination of gradually and gently trying to change one's habits plus regular practices or situations which help put the body in a relaxed state. Both types of strategies are important in promoting stress reduction.

Regular Practices and Situations to Promote Stress Relief. The positive effects of these techniques vary from person to person.

Examples of Healing Practices

Taking a class and going to regular group practices can be crucial to promote healing and transformation.

Yoga :This is a wonderful practice for stress reduction and profound healing.



Bioenergetics Classes

Examples of Occasional Healing Practices

Holistic Healing Retreat




Daily Stress Reduction Tips


Add something beautiful to your life on a daily basis (e.g., flowers, music).

Do some enjoyable activities whenever possible.

Walk, work, and eat at a relaxed pace.

Take a short break after meals to relax.

If possible, go outside at least once per day and notice the simple things such as the weather, scenery, etc.

During the day, whenever possible, notice and tension in your body (jaw, neck, diaphragm, shoulders, etc.). Breath deeply and gently stretch and relax any tense areas. If you notice your mind racing or worrying about the past or future, take a minute to breath deeply and gently focus on something in the moment such as your breath, scenery, birds, recalling happy moments.

Take breaks during the workday to relax.

Wear comfortable and loose clothing. Avoid holding in feelings day after day, but instead, find a safe place to feel, express and embrace them. Please be gentle with yourself.

Stress Relief Ideas in Specific Situations

On many occasions there are situations that come up which can cause significant amounts of stress. Listed below are a few such situations along with some ideas that I have found useful in addressing the situation.

Financial Difficulties

Financial difficulties can be stressful for some people because our goals and our security is wrapped up in the need to have sufficient finances. Such difficulties often don't magically disappear, but there are some steps that can be taken to reduce or eliminate the stress and worry while working one's way through these difficulties.

A few suggestions:

Tell at least one close friend, family member or religious master about your difficulties. Keeping the difficulties secret will often add stress and eventually cause inner turmoil.

Faith : Meditation or Spiritual Practice often develop enormous faith that difficulties can be worked through successfully. While it doesn't directly affect the financial situation, but can reduce stress, make it easier to see worthwhile opportunities and in some cases, may contribute to financial difficulties.

Acceptance : While it may seem strange, having a loving acceptance of oneself in the current situation is often an important key to making a permanent change in the situation. This goes hand-in-hand with having a strong faith.

Persons who have low self-esteem, having difficulty making simple changes or who have lost their faith may want to temporarily set aside on choosing inner transformational tools that addresses the situation. Some such tools are:

Meditation and Spiritual development.

Persons suffering from psychological illnesses which are contributing in some way to the financial difficulties can, if possible, have these health problems treated by a Holistic Healthcare Professional such as an Oriental Medical Doctor, Naturopath, Homeopath, or Herbalist. Psychological therapy may be helpful as well.

Tasks and Time Constraints

There are situations where there is constant time and work pressure and which adds significant stress to one's life. Sometimes these situations are not easily avoidable. In order to come out of situations like these with one's health, it is helpful to consider a few ideas which I have related below.

Small Tasks : Splitting projects and assignments into small pieces and doing a small amount of work on a regular basis on these projects is perhaps one of the very best ways to prevent becoming overwhelmed with work.

Priorities : Choosing appropriate priorities for tasks is an important way to avoid stress. The decisions should be made while keeping in mind what it important in life.

Stress Reduction Practices: Continuing a regular practice of yoga, bioenergetics or meditation can help one get through busy times with one's sanity.

"I Hate My Job" Syndrome

Job stress can be one of the biggest sources of stress for many people. In many cases, people feel hopeless when thinking about solving serious problems on the job, dissatisfaction with the job, or making career choices. In fact, a large percentage of the people have had this situation at one time in their life. Below are a few ideas which may prove helpful.

Personnel Office : The Personnel Office in most companies is responsible for helping resolve conflicts with other employees and for resolving and problems one is having with job responsibilities,please consider whether the Personnel Office in your company can help find solutions for the problem.

Exploration : Pursuing creative expression in various ways can be helpful in finding goals that may one day become a career. While it may not seem possible upon initial evaluation, many exciting hobbies can eventually become endeavoring careers.

Bioenergetics : One of the goals with Bioenergetic Analysis is to help the person "find their own movement." By learning to find my own movement physically and expressing myself vocally using Bioenergetic techniques, one may gain confidence and skills in both identifying and pursuing own career goals.

Difficulty Making Changes

Having difficulty making changes can have a number of possible causes. Below are a few suggestions to consider:

Taking a class can make an enormous difference in one's ability to keep a yoga or meditation practice going. Always try to find a class near your home if possible.

Friends & Family : It can be much easier to make changes and sustain those changes you get regular support and love from close friends and family.

Positive Influences : Spend time around positive, cheerful people whenever possible. There's little that can drag a person down more easily than a lack of positive attitudes in one's life or excessive exposure to negative attitudes.

Meditation : Inner Transformation techniques such as meditation has proven extremely helpful for many people in making changes.

About the Author:

Dr.Debasish Kundu is the Vice President of American Nutrimedical Association,CA, U.S.A.

and  a Visiting Professor of Khulna Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Khulna 9100,Bangladesh, he has authored numerous books and articles on topics incl. Aids, Foster Children, CAM and Homeotherapeutics. He is a practicing Spagyric Homeopath and his work address is  G-2, Vikram Vihar,493/B/18, G T Rd(S),Howrah-711102,India, Ph.00913326411689, Telefax.00913326381116, e mail:,website:

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