It is an easy matter in our daily life to become focused on one task or desire so completely that the rest of our lives suffer. It is also possible to compartmentalize to the point where we are truly fragmented. A well rounded life must have many diverse but compatible components.

When we are experiencing physical pain, disease, mental confusion or depression the cause or trigger for the problem many times can be traced to a major lack of balance in our living. Whether it is a matter of all work and no play or no work and all play, or some other obsessive behavior, being out of balance just is not healthy.

For instance in wanting to be more spiritual or religious we may ignore our basic human needs for play, fun and socializing with family and friends. The truth is that our spirituality or religious practice should bring a high level of joy not a feeling of drudgery that walls us away from appreciating ourselves, our friends and all of life’s variety.

On the other hand if we are constantly seeking out more and more emotional highs through excessive behaviors of any kind, we are missing the option of hearing the direction of our own inner guide or high self. A meditative spiritually oriented practice may be completely missing. As a result we may neglect to utilize the talents and abilities which are the very reason we chose to incarnate here.

If we devote all our energy solely to the work of making money (as opposed to the joy of the work itself) it can ring all the happiness out of life as well as defeating our own efforts at financial success. There is so much more to living than the pursuit of money. Yes, having money is necessary in our world, however, when we say we are meant to live abundantly that covers much more than just money. It means abundance of all kinds!

An abundant and balanced life is filled with family, loving friends, spiritual insights, faith, walks in nature, healthful food and much more. An abundant life is one spent learning through a variety of experiences. Also it is particularly helpful to each of us to be aware of all our many existing blessings. We need to view each of those blessings with gratitude because in fact they are our abundance.

So it is reasonable to assume unless we regularly are willing to get sufficient rest or to recharge through physical exercise, meditation and fulfilling relationships even the consistent energy we pour into our work will not give us the feeling of security and balance we seek.

What can we do? I suggest that we begin by taking a serious inventory of how we are spending the 24 hours of both our worst and best days. Taking an honest look at what brings us a feeling of inner accomplishment, what sometimes deadens our joy, what improves or injures our physical health, how our relationships are progressing, all of these day to day assessments can suggest some needed changes.

While it is true that each one of us is a divine spirit having a physical experience, it is also a fact that individually we are in charge of keeping this body receptacle in an appropriate condition to learn from our earth life. In the best circumstance our mind, emotions and body would be performing as a well-oiled unit providing us with exceptional learning opportunities.

Remember that small changes can yield big results. It is not necessary to completely redo your life in order to make improvements. One bit of discarding or one bit of adding to your activities or mind set can bring a wealth of gain by way of balance in, and enjoyment of, your daily experience.

One of your most valuable guides to pleasant, balanced and successful living is that yardstick of your emotions. Keeping aware of your emotions, the strong reactions you feel when imagining a specific course of action or opportunity, understanding those definite yes and no signs or signals, can help you select the most effective way to manifest your highest and best desires. If your rational mind offers one path and your heart a different one, go with your heart! I have found that it is rarely wrong.

Your soul has embedded your life with wonderful desires. Those desires are designed not only to broaden your wisdom and experience but to help others. All of those soul-offered desires resonate through love. Your heart is the one place in you that always understands the frequency and energy of love and can translate that language very well. Allow it to be your guide.

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