Yes, there is a purpose for experiencing life on Earth.  Finding out why is one of the most important things you can do.  Rather than focusing on the external, you can read the book of your soul and spirit.  When you do this, you will find amazing realms and experiences that allow you to connect and resonate with your truth and to a profound love that comes from Source and is expressed through your soul and spirit.  When you do this, you begin to experience the Earth realm in a very different way. 

We are all blessed with a soul blueprint.  When looking at this etherically, it creates a beautiful multi - dimensional, geometrical form that is unique to you.  No other soul has this blueprint.  Source and your soul created it.  The blueprint holds many dimensions and realms as well as experiences that you may or may not recall.  It is an infinite and vast field of exploration. 

There is one part of your soul blueprint that is more pertinent than any other.  That is the consciousness and experience that you have in this realm.  When you open your eyes to this part of the blueprint, you will find that there are different experiences and ideologies, as well as a potential destiny that you can reach. 

Reading Your Blueprint

There are keys and clues that the mystics and spiritual guides have left so we can understand our blueprint.  The most common is astrology.  Psychic readings that tap into your current field of energy may also be used.  Tarot readings and other physical tools may also be used for your blueprint.  More effective than any of these is your own heart calling and intuition that you desire to listen to.  Any and all of these will guide you to your current status, potential destiny and what your soul is here to learn. 

There are two parts to a soul blueprint.  One is the soul, which is what you are here to learn and to do.  It is your karma.  It is the things that you planned out and agreed to do before you came to this planet.  It is the things that you agreed to learn so your soul could evolve past this lifetime and into the next field of being. 

The second part to the blueprint is the being.  This is the part of you that lasts forever.  It is the eternal you that comes from source and goes back to source.  It is a complex and beautiful rainbow of form that continues to expand and which has a specific place in the heart and soul of the divine.  The spirit of the blueprint is designed to guide you to your highest destiny in this life and to work as a guide to the soul as it learns the lessons that allow alignment between the soul and spirit.

Our greatest destiny is with complete alignment between our divine being blueprint and our soul blueprint.  When these two resonate together is when we can reach new levels of ascension and enlightenment.  Our truest and greatest destiny lies here.  Reading into what you desire to do and what you want to be as well as where your energetics are on the track can help you to move into a clearing and resonance into these higher realms. 

Surrendering to Destiny

I have seen so many where I have seen their blueprint and greatest destiny.  I have seen what their spirit wants to be.  I then see what their soul does.  It creates a cosmic play that sometimes isn’t in complete alignment or resonance.  Sometimes, it is completely opposite of their potential.  This is because the soul and the spirit sometimes aren’t in complete alignment with each other.  The ego, the shadow, energetic imprints, mis - alignment, past wounds, culture and endless other factors lead them into an alternative path that isn’t their true and authentic self.  It is a profound experience that I watch so many go through in the play of their soul and spirit in this realm.

There are many that believe in fate and destiny while others disagree.  When looking at destiny from a prophetic plane, neither is true.  We have a high destiny.  We also have in - between destinies and low destiny.  It is multi - dimensional.  We may completely ignore or destiny and go work at McDonalds.  Or, maybe that is our destiny.  It could be our free will. 

What decides this is the learning of our soul and our ability to surrender to what our soul truly wants.  Then, it can follow the highest blueprint.  If not, then other resonant vibrations of our blueprint carry out, creating a grand play that resists and rejects destiny or moves into an alternative reality and destiny, other than the highest. 

The way to work into your highest destiny and soul blueprint is to read it, understand it and learn how to embrace it.  The more you work on your divine destiny, the more the resonance of your soul changes.  You can combine this with energetic shifts and studies.  This is a powerful way to remove the barriers of karma that have been following your soul and which are tied to your soul blueprint.  When you remove the karma of the soul, you can resonate with the being of your spirit, aligning into a frequency that allows you to experience the true destiny of the divine. 

Enjoy the journey.  


Brooke Hart is executive director and shamanic healer at the Omatrix Center. (Click here to learn more).  She is also President of the Ah Network, one of the largest Hawaiian informational systems for alternative and metaphyical living.  She currently offers private energy healing sessions and spiritual courses in empowerment for entrepreneurs, energy healing, shamanism and women's empowerment.  She also works within the business realm with Internet Marketing, strategic development and technological solutions.  Her desire is to provide a gateway from Heaven to Earth, where spiritual practices are a foundation in every area of our lives.  She is the authors of the books, The Science and Spirit of Energy Medicine and The Power of Awakening and the composer of the CD, Whispers of Light.  

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Comment by Brooke Hart on March 10, 2014 at 2:07am

Got it!  Thanks Kathy

Comment by Kathy Custren on March 9, 2014 at 8:53am

Hi, Brooke - could you please amend the end of your article to include your bio paragraph, featuring you as the writer/author. You may choose to put a link to your site, but the "Omatrix Center" did not write the article, right? We need to show that it is properly attributed as offered by you. Thanks very much!

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