A Survival Guide for Empaths and Highly Sensitive Persons

Survival Guide for Empaths

Empaths are very special people, and face multiple daily challenges. You connect with the energy of others sharing your space, and also your environment (through energy imprints). This can be overwhelming at times and in order to gain control and manage your own energy, a few tools can be essential. Here are some tips and techniques that have proven to be valuable assets for the empath’s toolbox.

Learn how to disengage from the energy of others. How do you accomplish this? You must first know your own energy. The awareness of what is yours versus another person’s is key to this step. I suggest reading Yvonne Perry’s book, Whose Stuff Is This? This is an excellent reference book to begin learning about energy management. A distress and relaxation space is another necessity. It can be your man cave, your reading nook, or porch swing.  It just needs to be a space where you can go to have a time out and be away from the energy of others, so you might center and recharge yourself.

Positive affirmations are also very helpful. A positive affirmation is a short sentence or two that supports positive thought patterns and can actually re-train your brain. An example, let me receive what is in my best and highest good at this time, is both raising your energetic signature and open ended.  Why is open ended a good thing? It doesn’t define, which can sometimes place limits or expectations providing an unintended consequence. What is what is the best and highest good is better than you have imagined? If you leave it open ended, it can flow right to you. I enjoyed, Outrageous Openness by Tosha Silver, which did a wonderful job of breaking this down and giving more insight into how this works.

Shielding is another tool you can use when you are just getting started. This involves calling in a high vibrational energetic field to protect you.  You can call in Angels and see them standing by you in your mind’s eye, or imagining a white light encasing you. Another method is to see yourself in armor made of mirrors which send energy right back to its source. A developed empath will be able to allow energy to flow through without absorbing any.  This takes confidence and skill. You can develop this with practice.  It is the knowledge that any energy that flows towards you is temporary, like a breeze.  It can flow right through you. You can feel it, know it does not belong to you and allow it to pass through without absorbing any of it.

Good energetic hygiene is a must for any empath. It starts with a basic understanding of chakras, and then a simple visualization of cleansing them. Some people see the chakra wheels of color and imagine them spinning with bright healthy color and any dark spots of negativity are removed. Doing this in the shower can be quite effective as any negativity goes right down the drain with the dirty bath water! You can also imagine white light coming in through your crown chakra, nourishing and replenishing the chakras.

Meditation and centering are also valuable assets for your empathic toolbox. Meditation for 10-20 daily will bring profound change. Centering involves coming back to self.  Empaths connect with others and it’s like an energetic handshake.  Your energy goes out to meet and greet others, and centering brings you back into your body fully.  This allows you to align with spirit/source energy and step out of ego. Mindfulness is great for centering. Try to live in the moment and whatever emotion comes up acknowledge, express and then release it.

Stones and essential oils can also be helpful. Depending on how you are wired you might prefer one more than the other. Remember you are an individual, your expression of empathic ability and empathic experience may be similar to another person’s, however the truth is you are a unique divine expression.  That means you will vibe strongly and have an affinity with some things and not others. That’s your beauty and why the world needs you!

 Forgiving others and forgiving self is one of the most powerful tools you have. It will clear your energy and raise your vibrational rate. Remember forgiveness is for your well-being the other person doesn't need "to forgive you" for benefit. It can be a challenge to do this, however it is necessary for your growth and evolution. No one has walked this earth and not harmed, intentionally or unintentionally, another being. It is part of the human experience. So like the prayer says…forgive others and forgive yourself.

The root chakra connects us to the earth. Be aware of this and using visualization ground into the earth. See (using your mind’s eye) a cord connecting you to the earth. You can then use it to send negative energy into the earth where it is absorbed and to draw up nourishing energy from the center of the earth. Doing this will increase your energy flow.

Others helpful techniques include listening to music or nature sounds. Spending time in nature and with your pets is a great way to relax, clear your energy and center yourself. Exercise programs will support a good energetic flow. Yoga is really good because it combines breathing with poses that encourage alignment and flow of energy.

Keep your environment clear of negativity. Raise those vibes! The Native Americans' have been smudging with great results for years. Burning sage while stating an intention is a great method for clearing energy. In your office area you can use a spritzer bottle with water and salt, or make an aroma therapy spritzer. If you use essential oils remember that oil and water don’t mix so you’ll want to add some witch hazel or alcohol to the water and oils. A cup of water, ¼ cup of witch hazel and 7-10 drops of oil. Journal the gratitude! Ending the day by writing a list of things you are grateful for in a journal and then stating an intention or affirmation keeps the positive energy flowing.


You Can Feel Better


Lynn Zambrano advises and trains empaths all over the world to use their gifts to change their lives and the lives of others.  You CAN feel better. You can contact Lynn at Zambranolynn@gmail.com

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