Syndication Clarification, Please read until the end

 Ok, due to the amount of questions, we are going to try to explain it again!


OM Times Magazine Team is proud to offer to our authors/artists and healers an incredible opportunity to expand your reach over the Universe of the Internet and airwaves.  In September, OM Times team will have its own radio program (show) on CBS radio under Metaphysical Minds Network, broadcasting live to United States, Philippines, Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, India and Germany. Our program will be included in real (3D) radio stations in Seattle, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Boston. On the program, you will have the opportunity (using the packages below) to advertise through professionally produced audio commercials, which will air weekly on CBS Radio.  You will also have the opportunity to advertise via syndicated text articles that you write, which will be posted on the first page of CBS New Sky Radio's website.  This is the opportunity of a lifetime. The good news is that we initially acquired 14 exclusive spots for our authors, artists and healers prompting them to syndication of content (articles, etc) on CBS Website/Radios.  Important note, this offer DOES NOT include a radio program for you to host.  Instead, the packages below include radio marketing (commercials) on other programs under the Metaphysical Minds Network, owned by Shay Parker, a partner of Humanity Healing and OM Times.  If you are interested in hosting your own radio program under Metaphysical Minds Network, please read the details at the bottom of this message and note that it is a completely separate option, which has nothing to do with the package options from OM Times below.

    We would only be able to offer this initially to a reduced number of authors, but we are very confident we will be able to expand to include others.

     The syndication package will give you:
     Syndicated content to CBS website/Radio via commercials and text articles

    1.    Your own sub-domain inside of Om Times Magazine website: with an outstanding Alexa ranking, the website attached to your Book, Name or Service will increase greatly your visibility over the internet and search engines.

    2.    Wide promotion on Twitter/Facebook:  Om Times alone has an active community over these two channels of 27,000. When you add Humanity Healing this number exceeds 60,000. Once your content makes the CBS website the prospect will increased exponentially.

    3.    A Spotlighted Place over Om Times Magazine Fan page: Under the Tab “Meet us”, you will have your photo, your website, and your clickable link. See here

    4.    A spotlighted place on omtimes .com official website with 120 X120 linkable ad or photo which will direct people to your Sub-domain as a syndicated author.

    5.     Exclusive review and recommendation page for your book, CD, or artwork inside of the Om Times Website.

      Introductory Prices:

    Platinum Package: Syndicated content to CBS/Para X Radio including Items 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (above).

    Choose from one of the following payment plans:

    a)    A one time flat enrolling fee of $100 plus $97 a month=$1264
    b)    A one time flat fee of $100 (due on enrollment) and 4 installments of $291
    c)    A one time flat fee of $100 (due on enrollment) and two installments of $582
    d)    A one time installment of $950 with a year’s contract for just $79 a month.

    Gold Package*:  Including Items 1, 2 and 5 (above)

    a)    A one time flat enrolling fee of $100 plus $ 50 a month.

    •    The Gold package does not include the initial 14 reserved spots, but we can guarantee you the first choice when new spots are opened and available.

     If you wish to have a different template with personalized banner,

    there will be an additional fee of $50.

    But if you are after an entire personalized five-page website, please contact
    We are also offering two advertisement spots during the Radio program.

    Professionally crafted commercials by CBS team, they will run during our Radio shows. Since they are just two spots, we are asking for a commitment of at least one month. These are 30 seconds to a minute commercials.

    1 week: $50
    2 weeks $90
    3 weeks $135
    4 weeks $160

    Om Times and Metaphysical Minds still have three slots for hosts on CBS Radio. The details for this are below, published directly by Shay Parker, the owner of the network.  You would work directly with Shay to discuss becoming a radio host, and all details are below, including the fees associated.  Please remember, the offer below is completely separate from the above-mentioned packages and extra costs would apply.  The advantage to become a radio host on the block of Metaphysical Minds is that you will have the extra-training, support and promotion of several powerful networks including Om Times, Humanity Healing, Best American Healers, Best American Psychics, and the Metaphysical Minds Network.  This represents a reach of several hundred thousand people, and a truly global presence.

    If you would like to be one, please contact us directly at

     Omtimes Editorial team


 The Radio Host Packages!  (this is an independent offer, it does not relate to the syndication offered through CBS and OMTIMES.


    Greetings to all from Shay Parker, founder of Best American Psychics and Best American Healers and CBS Radio host of Metaphysical Minds and Best of the Best -
    Due to the popularity of Metaphysical Minds and Best of the Best (my two shows which already air on the network), I've been offered a "position", so to speak to manage my own intra-network for the station! 
    What this means is each of you have the rare opportunity to host your own radio show under my network on CBS/New Sky Radio.  Folks, the exposure for this is incredible and each show will come with your own Producer as well as your own commercials that you may use for yourself or may sell to help cover costs.  If you are interested in hosting your own show, it would be one hour long and you would be entitled to 4 commercial units per show.  You may sell these commercial units or you may promote your own website, products, etc. on the commercials.  The commercials would be professionally produced by CBS radio for you, so the quality will be excellent.  All shows are hosted at your very own computer, via Skype, so you would never need to leave your home or office!  You would also have your own show page on the New Sky Network and would have the opportunity to submit articles, upcoming guests, etc.
    CBS/New Sky Radio airs both on "regular" or real, 3D radio stations (in Seattle, Pittsburgh, Detroit & Boston) as well as internet radio (including mobile).
    If you were to go to CBS directly and ask for a show slot, the cost would be $150.00 per hour.  Because of my relationship with the station and the creation of my own intra-network, you will receive a discounted rate of only $125 per show - a $100/month savings for weekly programs. 
    What are the advantages for you?
    1) Host your own 1 hour per week show on CBS/New Sky Radio, advertising to millions across the globe.
    2) Have the CBS brand to be able to utilize for marketing.
    3) Build a solid reputation for yourself as a CBS Radio Host.
    4) Take advantage of the commercial opportunities within each show to further promote your website/products/etc with professional voiced promos.
    5) Develop an entirely new audience and client-base for your business.
    6) Develop a public reputation as a professional expert in your field.
    7) Offer gifts, contests, etc for your listeners.    8) Receive the benefits of New Sky radio advertising your show across all their social networks, etc.
    9) Receive a discounted rate due to being under Shay Parker's network.
    10) It's your show, do what you want, but have the advantage of a professional producer to take you in and out of breaks and handle your
    commercials for you.
    11) Invite guests and/or specialists within your field to your show.
    12) Take callers and do live sessions with them to show your listeners how good you are!
    13) Make money by selling your 4 commercial units, or use them to cover the costs of your show!  Can you sell 4 people a commercial on CBS Radio for $50 each week?  If so, you've just covered your show costs each week and earned an additional $75 weekly!  Sell commercials for only $32/week x 4 and you've covered your show costs completely!
    I have not yet released this publicly because I want to offer this to the Humanity Healing Network first.  The time slot we have is Monday - Friday from 4-5pm Eastern.  This would be 3-4pm Central and 1-2pm Pacific.  You may choose any day to air your show, but then must stick to that day.  In other words, if you choose Tuesday's from 4-5pm Eastern as your show time, you will air every week at that time.  You cannot choose that day one week, then choose another the next.  You must commit, via annual contract, to one day per week, unless of course you want to buy more air time. 
    As it currently stands, here are the only slots we have:
    Monday's 4-5pm EST, 3-4pm Central and 1-2pm Pacific
    Tuesday's 4-5pm EST, 3-4pm Central and 1-2pm Pacific
    Wednesday's 4-5pm EST, 3-4pm Central and 1-2pm Pacific
    Thursday's 4-5pm EST, 3-4pm Central and 1-2pm Pacific
    Friday's 4-5pm EST, 3-4pm Central and 1-2pm Pacific
    As you can imagine, the days are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  The cost would be $125 per show, per week.  This equates to roughly $500/month as opposed to $600/month (regular fees through New Sky Radio).  Remember, you can sell 4 commercials per show for whatever you wish.
    One final offer…hosts that elect these time slots have the added opportunity of also being syndicated on Para-X radio, one of the largest paranormal radio stations.  For an additional $300/year, Para-X will syndicate your CBS NewSky show on their radio station as well!

    If you are interested, please let me know ASAP, choosing which day you would prefer.  Also, if you have a co-host that you would like to split fees with, that is acceptable as well, so feel free to chat with your colleagues about this!
    Of course, I will be adding all our hosts to my marketing network of over 50 social networks, Facebook ads, and OM Times ads as well, so all hosts will benefit from my marketing efforts.
    If you are interested, please email with contact information and reference Humanity Healing Radio Offer in the subject line.
    Best Regards,
    Shay Parker
    Founder of:
    Best American Psychics
    Best American Healers
    Metaphysical Minds
    Editor for OM Times Magazine
    Partner of Humanity Healing
    Partner of CBS/New Sky Radio

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