Taking Responsibility is Power to Change (Updated)

We Create Our Present Experience

The outer world materializes from within us. At break of day, before we rise from bed, we mentally consider the things we will be doing for the day, and sometimes ahead, to the next week or year, or even our lifetime. We consciously guide and steer our ideas.

Unknowing or knowingly, we connect with others, in this mental environment, planning our destinies within the framework of possibilities and limitations of a group mind. If the group mindset does not suit our needs, we will seek out other mindsets that do, this happening under the surface, perhaps with little conscious knowledge. The nature of our present experience came to be in this way, and our current thoughts and actions will drive our future.

No One to Blame but Ourselves

If we are not happy with life as it is, it is because our past actions and thoughts were not adequate. A restless or untamed mind will bring like results that will manifest themselves in a future present. Every experience we have is a result of some past action, here and in previous incarnations. Buddhists call this Karma. For Christians, it is God’s reward or punishment for past deeds right or wrong.

We cannot blame others for things turning out not to our liking. Doing so places all power in others and the external world. Our power lies within; it is not useful to blame others. When others wrong us, or treat us in a way we deem wrong, we should not blame them even when we are certain they are wrong. We should consider that the reason we are suffering is because we have erred and have brought the unwanted action upon ourselves. This simple point is the critical element for our taking control of our personal destinies and improving the future. There is just one person in the world who we have definite influence over, and it is us.

We Can Change Ourselves, We Cannot Change Others.

By accepting our every problem as of our making, we put ourselves in the driver’s seat. We are not a victim of events we cannot control. If, for example, a driver cuts us off and takes a parking space we were about to take; we don’t complain, because we recognize it as a karmic reaction or a warning from God. Our frustrations affect others around us. When we are in a hurry or feel aggressive, others about us may take on the same feelings and react in a way that more angers us. When we feel peaceful and calm, the same positive feeling will spread, our outer world reflecting our inner calm. When a driver cuts in front of us and takes our parking space, for example, we shouldn't become angry, but rather feel compassion and patience. We should be aware that such a person has many lessons to learn. When we politely allow him the parking space that should be ours, he’ll likely sense some shame, and perhaps realize he is wrong. And if taking that valuable parking spot is so critical and urgent to him, then we’ll have done a deed that is the better for him and for us. Loss of the parking spot is of insignificant consequence. We would do better by using the event for practicing mindfulness. Incrementally, such actions increase our personal power and energy, and we will more perfectly manage and change our every action. Given time, with patience and endurance, our own personal good examples will affect others cumulatively. Our world will improve. Ancient promises will be fulfilled.


The world in which we reside is a product of actions and thought. Our future is building from our present behaviors. When things do not go well, it is easy to blame others. But so doing, we remove our power to improve our world, handing that power to others. Accepting responsibility for our present situation, we are empowered to change our life for better.

About the Author

Arthur Telling has written numerous stories and articles on religion, philosophy, and metaphysics. His article, “A Different Jesus Message” appeared in the Nov. 2011 AMORC Rosicrucian Digest. Telling is author of four novels, including his latest book “Yancey Gates: A Dialogue with Self”, a "how to" book on awakening to the present moment. His website is: www.arthurtelling.com

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Comment by Regina Chouza on May 24, 2017 at 4:31pm

Thank you Kathy! =)

Comment by Kathy Custren on May 11, 2017 at 7:40am

Hi, Arthur and Regina - leaving word for you both that this is being forwarded on to the publishers for use in a future edition. Thanks very much for making the changes ~ Blessings! 

Comment by Regina Chouza on May 3, 2017 at 3:03pm

Thank you! I'll have a look =)

Comment by Arthur Telling on May 1, 2017 at 10:15pm


Updated per your request.  See if this works for you and please let me know if any other change is needed.

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