At 2 am in the midnight one would expect some snores or deep sleep but rarely one would think of an an astral class with one's guides and ascended masters. Ever heard of this kind of a class ? Sounds slightly bizarre or shall we say  ‘outrageous’ also …

But it is very much real, because once you are connected with the astral world through meditation or you are highly psychic the connect with the other side becomes very sublime or one can say the two worlds just merge for ‘gifted people’. They can just move in and move out between the two realms ‘at will’. There’s a lot going on,  on the other side . There you see or hear  guides, angels, ascended masters.

It’s like an energy sea filled with light, love and purity. Your guides will continue imparting the lessons of love, compassion, forgiveness and dimensional shifts. Off late an interesting metamorphosis is taking place they are guiding our way to ‘expansion of consciousness’, universal enlightenment .  A lot of DNA stuff is being talked about . To illustrate this, once I was woken up by one of my guide at around 3 am and all I get to hear is ‘5 strands of DNA Activation’ and how it will impact one’s life and obviously it was very specific about me too. Sometimes ‘astral world’ recall is not so clear and one just remember’s fragments of what was seen or heard, to put together the unconscious visit to the otherside gets a wee bit difficult.

But certainly certain words are there in the memory to be further researched upon  as the word itself is a key to further ‘universal truth’ or you can say  wisdom regarding the ‘ethereal’ ; the intangible.

The good part is the more we connect with other side the more guides will visit you. They are also waiting to pass on what is in the highest good of ‘humanity’ on the whole. I t’s a beautiful world out there serene and surreal, peaceful and placid; heavenly in ‘one word’. Sometimes you are so much merged with the higher realm that you just don’t want to descend back to the earthly reality. So much so that it’s unbearable to feel the ‘mundane’ and ‘void’ of the lesser energy planet. It’s like walking a tight rope , one side is ‘all love’ the other side bane and ‘learning to love’…!

If you are lucky or shall we say blessed, you might get to visit the ‘Akashic Records’. One such ‘astral recall’ I had where I was led to a very brightly lit room and on the walls one could see live statues or better put it as Madame Tussaud kind of lifesize dummies of all ascended masters and loads of candles lit in the room; it was an exotic, out of the world experience ; one to rejoice in , I felt blessed to have such a celestial, panoramic astral visit.

There was another such astral travel where with my Guru I was taken to Mount Kailash or better known Kailash Mansarovar in the Himalaya’s in India ; it was so so beautiful  that even words are less to explain the exquisite , pristine beauty of the snow clad mountains and the ancient temples hidden inside ; these sites are generally seen through ‘astral travel’ ; out of the purview of  other disciples; as human entry is not permissible here. I think that was my Guru’s immense blessing that I could visit such ‘epitome of  beauty and purity’ .

OBE ‘out of body experiences’ or astral travel are very different all the time. Sometimes they happen unconsciously and sometimes induced. To induce one should be ‘skilled’ or ‘trained’ well, else it can get little scary if you happen to visit the lower realm where ‘spirits ‘ are stuck and you might hear their cries ! So better to be under the guidance of a ‘siddha’ or ‘trained astral traveller’. Alternatively get into delta sleep level and than chant an activated mantra if you have been given one by your Guru ; so even if you get stuck you know how to get back to your body. There’s dearth of information on the internet but honestly speaking it’s not advisable to try out ‘astral travelling techniques’ mentioned on those sites, you never know which is really authentic. There are loads of books which can give you different OBE techniques ;  still it’s always better to be first hand trained rather than using bookish knowledge.

There are many OBE’s where you can be the ‘star of your own movie’ ; the experience is so real that one can actually hear voices, see pictures like a movie , smell aromas, sense the vibe as if in ‘real life’. It’s all too good and too real or put it as ‘surreal’ ! And when you meet certain higher entities you get to learn the real meaning of unconditional love, which is so misplaced in today’s world; we feel we all are ‘unconditional ly loving’ but irony is that it’s just enveloped with lot of ‘if’s and but’s , it’s like a chain of expectations very disguisely kneaded in the ‘dough’ called ‘love’ or ‘unconditional love’. And sometimes all is well yet it’s not coming from the heart , something somewhere is amiss ! Some old scars or deep bruises which outplay the deep and powerful energy of love. So that’s what the guides from the other side reiterate ‘forgiveness’ and ‘compassion’ can take mankind to places. The more peace one exudes from within the more permeates out . Light is all about ‘unconditionality’, it doesn’t rule on money nor power it is just so ‘simple’ yet so badly obliterated in a ‘soulless’ world so to speak. What the ascended master’s harp on is ‘catharsis’ of self which inevitably leads to ‘metamorphosis’, much to everyone’s relief.

So guys ‘lit self and be free’ ! Easier said than one , atleast ‘give it a shot’…

And yes travel the higher realms, it will illuminate many a dark places in your head and heart, remove the dark cloud of ignorance and help us to better ourselves…in the quest to be ‘soul’ rather than the ‘vessel’ we adorn !

Sunanda’ s Bio

Sunanda Sharma is a professional Tarot Card Reader, Psychic, Author and Life Coach .She is a member Elite Psyche Team - Best American Psychics 2013, Member of Certified Psychic Society 2013  , Winner Tarot Super Achievers Award 2012 India. She is a published author. She has written two books of Spiritual/Inspirational genre "Inspiration from the Spirit Volume I" and "Inspiration from the Spirit Volume II".You can reach her at


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Comment by Sunanda Sharma on September 4, 2014 at 7:06am

 Many thanks !

Comment by Trevor Taylor on September 4, 2014 at 4:18am

Thank you Sunanda. It's great. Recommended to the publishers for inclusion in one of the forthcoming multi media editions of OM Times

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