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Summary: Ego exists.  To pretend it doesn’t or create shame around it diminishes our acknowledgement of the human condition.   It is the function of the ego to perceive, decide and shift thoughts & subsequent emotions while integrating and balancing them with intention.


Do you think the ego is a bad thing?  We hear references like “She’s so egotistical.”, as if an ego is always a negative energy.  Each person has the free will to express their ego with intention.   It’s interesting to consider that one may seem to have a toxic “ego”, but that toxic energy may actually be inspired by fear or powerlessness.  Another may have what seems to be a healthy ego, motivated by kindness and empathy.  The balance of an integrated ego has everything to do with motivation, intention and experience.  If we don’t feel the need to protect ourselves from criticism or judgment, our ego can display with light and honest openness.

Each of us is comprised of the four elements below.


  • BODY / 3-D HUMAN



We begin by appreciating that the 3D body is just part of the equation.  The body is the vessel by which the mind, spirit and ego present the human experience.



The human brain is an organ, made up of around 100 billion neurons, creating approximately 100 trillion neural connections.  These connections are called neural pathways.  Connected neural pathways are formed as neural networks in the brain. 

 It has been said that the average person has somewhere between 12,000 and 60,000 thoughts per day. Of those thousands of thoughts, apparently about 95% were exactly the same repetitive thoughts as the day before.  The great thing about that, is knowing that our free will gives us the option to make those thoughts positive…creating neural pathways that benefit our experiences!


“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking.
It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

Albert Einstein



Our spirit is the consistent element in the mind/body/spirit/ego equation.  Our body may by young or older, healthy or ill as our cellular structures regenerate.  The mind is constantly in flux, creating new neural pathways as part of the sensory expressions of experience.  Ego is a container of our shifting sense of self.  However, spirit is the constant life-force energy that resides within us.

Often, depending on one’s culture, religion or belief, one’s spirit or life force energy may be referred to as:

  • The God Spark – I AM
  • Creator’s Universal Energy
  • Qi energy
  • Unconditional Love & Light
  • Source Energy
  • Prana
  • Soul



Ego exists.  To pretend it doesn’t or create shame around it diminishes our acknowledgement of the human condition.   It is the function of the ego to perceive, decide and shift thoughts & subsequent emotions while integrating and balancing them with intention.

Intention… How do we want to present ourselves?   The ego is like the human mixing bowl where our thoughts, perceptions, consciousness and emotions combine with our sense of self, and determine how we present to the outside world.

  • A person who seeks control over others, integrates the ego with power, intimidation and fear.
  • An evolved person who respects the path of others, integrates the ego with kindness, empathy and love.

EGO is a person's self image.  One can have either a healthy or unhealthy sense of: self-esteem, self-importance, self-worth, self-respect or self-confidence.


Cooking up some EGO…

Basic Ingredients:

Life Force Energy = The source of life itself.

Mind = Neural pathways formed from life experiences and perceptions.


Will we choose a recipe that is bitter, or one that is sweet?


Optional Ingredients

(Sweet-Evolved) Integrated Transcendence = Choosing to be kind, appreciative, empathetic and loving.

(Bitter-Primal) Integrated Descendance = Choosing to be victimized, envious, judgmental, and better-than.


Rather than demonizing the word “Ego”, we would be served to consider it an integral part of our being, deserving of mindful balanced nurturing.  How we define and what we feed our ego is how we present to the world.  It determines how we serve & give and how we accept, allow & receive.  How we experience the world, and how others experience us…is comprised of a combination of our body, mind, spirit and ego.  We can either go with a myopic view, or allow the light to shine through and around an expanded vision of others and the world in which we live.


No one should be hurt in the slightest,

such should be one’s egoism.

That is a “positive” ego.

~Dada Bhagwan


About the Authors:  Matrix Productions is a multi-media company represented by partners Beth Donnelly and Dagny Grant.  Co-authors of the internationally Best-Selling Children's book series "Journey of Joy", they share mind, body and spirit connections, teaching mindfulness and I AM principles. Their publication of books, and “Echoes of the Soul” multi-media projects, produce tools that shape the thoughts and hearts of like-minded people.  Find them at http://bit.do/MatrixMedia, http://bit.do/FaceBookMatrix and http://bit.do/JourneyofJoy.


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