Synopsis: How one woman has been effected by The Branson Effect, being homeless, lost everything, yet she still had the drive to survive. The two come together as he has been one of her strongest mentors and together they travel on many expeditions Branson teaching her many tricks that he uses along the way.

As they travel they are searching for other people, and what effect The Branson Effect has had on them.

People come out telling their stories ,how one man has really affected many world wide.

Together they will talk with many self made billionaires to discover their secrets to success, in life, love and wellbeing.



I have been manifesting this for many years along with a number of things. The first


time I posted this was probably on Virgin Unite which is still there when searching my


name. Also I crossed posted on which is no longer there. I learned all my big


grand ideas from the best:


“Whatever the mind… can conceive it can achieve.” W Clement Stone (1902-2002)


Richard Branson Virgin, Donald Trump, Brian Johnson (ZAADZ, Gaia)


Then many artists’ writers from here and world wide encouraged me. The light bulb


Gave me light today.


In 2008 or 2009 when I wrote about Authentic Souls Expedition I was going to bring


Many talented people world wide together. Almost like a Canadian Idol or American Idol


except in and art form.  That is not out of my mind. Yet today when the idea formed


what I envision is getting three Authentic Souls and going on an Expedition this would be


like an Amazing Race. Although a different swing as we are locating lost art, and


manuscripts.  We would need a   crew and we would go on a race catching up


with some of the most brilliant men, as they may have the key to the location of my art 


traveling through some local prairie lands on horse back looking for lost manuscripts and




We would use car, plane, bike, bus and horse power to jump start this. Also to fund this I


would have a world live art auction with the collection Authentic Souls Expedition.


We would need to get many sponsors to sponsor our Expedition.


After the Auction we would ask for people around the world to donate their art so it could


go to this project. Some of the funds raised would go to Mental Health, RPL the new


Library. Humanity Healing & Om Times, also my love: my books and films also to create


Authentic Souls Retreats for Artists


My goal amount to raise is 300 Million we need funds for traveling and putting this


together also helping other’s too!


This all is just new so I may change some formats.


Yet I am seeking, manifesting hardworking souls ready to work hard, not party, as my


time is valuable.  I plan to do this for three months, with a team one month in


Saskatchewan, the other searching for Branson, then another looking for Donald Trump.,


Brian Johnson


I require a team to network collaborate, and form Authentic Souls Expedition.


This will be a journey like no other you have been on, join in.


I require a team of Authentic Souls that are ready to get there hands in a journey


that will unlock many doors and touch many souls. Also this will be your own personal


Quest and journey in life. I have been manifesting this for three years.



  • •They will first put on a play
  • •Then travel
  • •While they are selecting the contestants
  • •The High Priestess will go to homeless shelters, back alleys, reserves selecting some talented  souls



  • •Our panel will be hand selecting people from around the world, yet the key is they have to be Canadian.
  • •The filming of tour would use local film crews
  • •We would use local businesses
  • •This would be a movie based



  • •Based in Regina, utilizing the whole of Regina ,
  • •We would do part shoots in local areas in Regina, and all through out Sask.
  • •Then take it to Canada
  • •We would be hiring only Saskatchewan based people for this


  • •This would be beneficial for our province
  • •Utilizing our people here and businesses
  • •Also bring more of an awareness of
  • •Saskatchewan arts, culture , and Canadians as when we give the collaborative assignments
  • •They will have to do it on Canadian arts culture heritage




  • •The contestants will come dressed in how they feel they are Authentic , witches, wizards, anything that stirs there imagination
  • •Each week we will have an angel with angel tarot cards , and these will determine the fate of the groups if they stay or go
  • •At the end when we are down to the last
  • •10 the audience will be curators



  • •The winners of the last collaboration
  • •Will be given $113,000.00 to start their business
  • •Also do a Canadian tour






Ideas of how to generate money:


Authentic: Being genuine original

Souls: Entity & independence of our bodies

Souls Menu: Collaborating, arts, business team building, design



  • •Explore the realm that ignites your true souls delight : it is a treasure Map , a hunt
  • •To your blue print of authenticity


Souls Menu:

  • •Libraries ,writing ,wellness ,healing,
  • •Advocating rights for artists ,homeless ,at risk youth, mental health ,disability ,abuse


Discovering how people with disabilities live

  • •Souls Menu :Synopsis $300.Lunch Meeting
  • •Each person would group in groups of 4
  • •One person would be given a label
  • •They would be given a sample of what it was like being this person then they would be them, act like them
  • •The others around would think of strategies
  • •Of support and encouragement ,respect


  • •Souls Menu: Synopsis $300.00
  • •A three day calenture hunt of games ,riddles ,team building ,free running,
  • •That will intrigue your sweet soul.
  • •This is an Iron Person Event for the emotional, physical intellect





  • •Souls Menu: Event Corporations $300.00
  • •A table for the day workshop
  • •Each table collaborates a plan of action
  • •How they will mentor the homeless
  • •Put warrior paint on
  • •Walk with drums to Victoria Park



  • •Souls Menu: prayers, healing circles, we will be happy to serve anything and everything that provide your sustenance for your spiritual journey home. Partake freely, and remember this is a pot luck feast, so bring  what you can to the table, and we can all help each other get a little further down the road


  • •Everyone must team up with one homeless person and mentor them for 6 months.
  • •Each time we do events fundraisers , and cost of the movies


  • •A percentage will go to:
  • •Libraries
  • •Carmichael out reach
  • •Souls Harbor
  • •Human Society
  • •The arts
  • •SSILC


Lori Glier



  • I am looking for a position in  Non -Profit Arts, Public Speaking


Work Experience:                                                                

      Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region                       Regina, SK 2011-2012

Contract Worker

  • Taking clients to various places in the community
  • Preparing monthly reports
  • Co-facilitating a Bipolar and depression Group



Schizophrenia Society of Saskatchewan (Partnership Program) Regina, SK   

  • Presenter                                                                            2012-present
  • Speaking about mental awareness ,homelessness
  •  Speaking about personnel experiences


         Ruffles                                                                Regina, SK 2008-2009

         Interior Designer

  • Assisted in interior Design decorating homes
  • Designed front window
  • Processed orders, balancing the float and bank deposit
  • Customer service
  • Shop Management


          Judge Bryant School                                        Regina, SK. 2004-2006

          Teacher Assistant

  • Provided individual assistance to students with special needs
  • Tutored in ESL ( English as a Second Language)
  • Taught personal hygiene to individual student
  • Over 15 years experience as a Teacher Assistant
  • Physiotherapy
  • Helped with Food For learning



         Richards Beauty College                                   Regina, SK 1982


         Cochrane High School                                       Regina, SK 1982

          Graduate Grade 12


Additional Training:

  • Orientation To Day Care
  • Creative Environment For Young Children
  • Human Growth and Development
  • Thinking and the Cooperative Classroom
  • Communication and Challenging Behaviors
  • How To Deal With Difficult Discipline Problems
  • Regina Public Library Tutor Training
  • A Look At The Deaf Community
  • Second Step Program 
  • Facilitating Friendships
  • College FAS Understanding The Effects
  • Circle Of Friends
  • Basic Sign Language
  • Partnerships That Work
  • Gateway Program
  • The Laurel Group Behavior Management Training
  • Dealing With ADHD
  • Bully Take The Effective Action
  • Diversity In The Classroom
  • Laugh For The Heart Of It
  • Good Beginnings Family Child Care Training Program
  • Bullies What Can You Do
  • Mediation 1 & 2 Mediation & Conflict Resolution
  • Saint Johns Ambulance Lifesaver B First Aid
  • Adult Transition Program



  • Volunteer for the United way
  • Volunteer for Dance For Heart
  • Volunteer for YWCA
  • Volunteer for YWCA Children’s TV shows
  • Volunteer for Elderly
  • Volunteer For The Regina Public Schools
  • Volunteer For Food Bank Winning A World Record
  • Volunteer For Souls Harbor Rescue Mission
  • Volunteer For The Regina Kiwanis’s Builder’s Club as an adviser promoting leadership for youth
  • Humanity Healing Street Team
  • Volunteer For Permaculture of Regina




  • English
  • French/Beginners


Published Work:


  • Article in The Regina Leader Post
  • Quote on
  • Om Times Community
  • In Focus




Lori has been on an Authentic Souls journey through the creative arts for the last 9 years, as she puts it: this is a quest that is never ending. Lori has a very unique diverse character, and is compassionate with sharing here insights that have truly moved many people.
These are some of Lori’s Quotes:


Being the best you can be , and reaching your highest potential . Yes , this is constant work, and it has to be a team effort. Acceptance of who you are , and accepting others for who they are.
- Lori Glier

Mind vs Heart ? = My heart first then I go to my mind.I know that when I think with my heart I do not :Judge, criticize, when I think with my heart then I use my mind wisely , and safely , with love , life of this world .
-Lori Glier

This is our world.
We all belong and
I love every little thing
That was planted on it.

-Lori Glier
Authentic Souls Foundation ©

She would like to shed light and hope for other people, as she has used the healing arts as part of her recovery journey. She believes healing arts is essential process towards recover, along side with medication and therapy. They have very therapeutic and healing effects on the mind. As they are very creative, and you must learn to relax your mind.
Creating the flow of healing arts means creating a space, a place that inspires you to write creatively, paint freely; make healing mandalas, mystifying masks, rag rugs, listening to sources of soothing sounds and channeling your mind in a more nurturing direction.
She has a cosmetology background, and worked, and managed a salon for many years. She worked in a day care for many years with young children. While there she organized a TV program, and was the lead actor, and costume maker too. Then she traveled through Europe and Nice, France and worked as a Nanny.Also studing many great painters of all times. She worked as Special Education Teaching Assistant for ten years, and decided that she really wanted to take all of her talents, and combine them into something very unique. This has been on here horizon for half a decade.

Her education background is very diverse, she has taken courses, and work shops training sessions in the salon & Spa Industry.
She has taken courses in Early Child hood Education, and also has volunteered for many events such as: The Leading Spas of Canada, The Food Bank Drive which they got a world record for collecting the most food. Lori also gave of her time to The Regina Kiwanis’s Builder’s Club they did many fundraisers such as for the local Animal Shelter collecting animal food, and any wish list item. The group also went caroling in the Village to raise money for the animals. Another project was to go to the local food bank, and worked there for an afternoon. Lori was their advisor, and organized, speakers, and coordinated many events for the children, such as promoting leadership for the youth, and public speaking too.

She has worked as an Interior Designer at Ruffles, as assistant the owner in designing homes.

She also is worked at the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region, working as a Contract Worker.
Lori has entered many writing competions & art competions
In 2012 She has taken many workshops surounding  the arts:

Painting & Ceramics (Regina Public Library)  101 by: local Artist Charlotte Hauk Regina, Saskatchewan Canada Dunlop Gallery

Mask Making & Theatrical Exploration Regina Public Library by: local Artist Dancer Katrina Bray Regina, Saskatchewan Canada Dunlop Gallery

Compostion  by: Christopher Butterfield  Associate Professor U of Victoria, BC Canada

At Neutral Ground Contemporary Art Forum





Audible Landscapes : Listening, Soundwalking, Sound mapping by: Eric Powell Regina , Saskatchewan Canada Sound Artist , Composer & Stephanie Loveless from Montreal , and living in New York who works with sound , video, film and voice.

Making Documentry Films with Steve Suderman Director / Producer To Make A Farm Regina, Saskatchewan Canada Filmpool

She believes if you are going to make it as an Artist in this world you have to be an Entrpreneur she has taken many courses to strenghten her knowledge in this area:

Recruitment,Coaching, Discipline & Termination,Retention & Compensation,Business Solutions for Success Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan

Hiring Hero , Leadership & Personality Testing  Entrepreneurs With Disabilities Regina Saskatchewan ,Mediation 1& 2 By Agree
She believes knowledge is power, and is a life long learner.
She is like a work horse that has been weathered in severe storms , and she just treds through slowly and paces her self .
The snow , sleet , rain , thunder , and lightning have rocked her world.
Yet she is still standing , and she is bubbling with love for all


What people are saying about Lori Glier?


To some extent we are better equipped with examination certificates in our hands, but this just has to do with knowledge of facts and yes of course the possibility to earn more money.  But the most important knowledge as I see it is the  talents in EQ - emotional intelligence,  and the SQ - spiritual intelligence which is regarded as the highest form of intelligence ( I read some place :))  The capacity to feel empathy and sympathy with other people,  and being in touch with your inner self,  your soul.  Lori has this intelligence and she must be very proud of that.  Lift your head high and be proud.  I’m just amazed by the stories she shares with Gaia.  Thank you for your sincerity and honesty…  Lori you have a lovely soul :))

Ane Lis


Dear Ambassador Loriann,

Once again, thank you so much for being here and being amazing. There is so much potential. It's hard to articulate just how excited we are to be changing the world with you. But, I think you, sharing in this vision as well, might have a pretty good idea ;)

-     Jessica Farley: Gaia




 What Lori  has accomplished here is what many would in five years , she is a trend setter, for our future.


Lois Kendal


In partticular we appreciated Lori’s unflagging willingness to help out were ever the need arose, confident in her ability to get any task accomplished with the greatest flair and efficiency.Her ability to quickly assess a situation and rise to meet the challenge was evident as she assisted with set up and administration of the Wellness Ares and competently registered delegates showing absolute calm under dures at all times. Her talents and abilities as hostess , and VIP escort went above and beyond our expectaions.


Dagmar White :Leading Spas of Canada


Lori has many brillant ideas , and if she caputured 10 spas she would be a very wealthy women indeed.


Marco Martinoli

Managing Partner, WPR Source LLC (Sodashi)




Lori presents Lori’s Healing Collection’s this is a large, inspiring collection, Lori shares her artwork that has had a profound healing effect on her.


CG WALTERS: Author of Sacred Vows


I was glad to hear that you are going to write your life story.  When I wrote mine it was one of the most empowering healing things that I have done .I do not regret doing it for what I gained.  Go for it!!!


With sparkles and love,


Denise Linn: Soul Coaching


Note: This is a vision of mine, and it can only take place if Sir Branson gives the go okay. I am also willing to work the kinks out of this and collaborate other ideas to make this click.


All of the ideas are protected under the copy right laws of

Authentic Souls Foundation © 2012














































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Comment by Lori Glier on June 18, 2012 at 1:22pm

PS The Branson Effect is owned by Sir Branson this is only an idea and  I have no rights to this unless I have consent. All my ideas for Authentic Souls Foundation are mine alone.

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