The political and economic effects of Coronavirus are controversial and far-reaching. Yet the public is given little information is given regarding the history of this virus, and mistrust of authority is growing as government and medical sources contradict one another on severity and on policies. Yet metaphysics, ignored by government and medical science holds a clear answer and resolution.

A Manufactured Respiratory Virus?

In April 2004 I was flying to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on China Airlines with a stopover in Taiwan.  On approach to Taipei airport, passengers were handed a form required to be filled out before landing. It was a questionnaire about “SARS”, some kind of Southeast Asia virus that I had vaguely heard about in the back pages of American newspapers. A main question that required an answer was whether I was disembarking from the airplane for even a short time.  I answered “no” for the flight was direct. If I had been required to leave the plane there were further questions to be answered and something about a quarantine.

I should have quickly forgotten this little-notable incident, yet it remained buried in my mind for many years after.

Sixteen years later, In year 2020, the significance of that moment was to reappear and become the catalyst for this article. Identified as “Coronavirus”, the emerging 2020 pandemic purportedly originating in Southeast Asia was said to be a new virus that had never before infected humans, and was spreading rapidly with no natural or medical antibodies present in the body stop it.  But “Coronavirus” abbreviated as “COVID” for “COrona VIrus Disease” is of the SARS family “Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome”, designated as SARS-COVID — “Severe Acute Respiratory Virus, Coronavirus”.  For identification purposes it was first labeled “COVID-19, identifying it as a Coronavirus discovered in year 2019.  It has since been officially labeled SARS COVID-2, to differentiate it from the SARS virus of 2003, now labeled SARS COVID-1 and which, like the new Coronavirus, was believed to have been transmitted from a bat.

In 2012 there was identified a second iteration of Coronavirus originating in the Mideast, called MERS “Middle East Respiratory Syndrome”. It is presently believed to have probably jumped from a camel to human, perhaps because camels in the MidEast are plentiful.

Officially, the idea of COVID-2 as a new virus originating from a bat with there being no human defense for the “new” virus I found troubling, having remembered filling out that SARS form at the Taiwan airport many years back.  For SARS and for MERS there was reportedly no remedy although medical science had been working presumably for years to find one. We can more easily see now how such a vaccine was magically rushed into production being that 2003 and 2012 strains are of the same Coronavirus syndrome”. For all we know, COVID-2 may well be a mutant variation of COVID-1 vaccine research, as some medical experts believe.

Given all of the above, it would seem that our politicians and medical bureaucracy are providing us less than a full picture of what they call this new strain of virus that jumped from a  bat to human or was otherwise altered in a research lab in Wuhan China. And there is more reason yet to question what they are telling us, and it permeates everything we know.

The Mind’s Healing Nature

Medical doctors traditionally know that a positive attitude in their patient brings about a more probable desired outcome. A patient who wants to get better has a better chance of getting better than someone who has doubts or has given up. Why would this be?

The body has natural healing abilities such as the obvious cut finger that invariably heals itself within a couple of weeks to the many diseases that without medical attention may very well go away after a time. Medical science has identified various such diseases and their probabilities of going away or progressing further, colds and flus the most obvious and common. Coronavirus itself is said to have little or no symptoms and will go away by itself for all but those having pre-existing conditions, generally. Medical science does thus recognize the physical body’s natural healing nature. Yet, why should one person be cured naturally whereas another succumb to the disease even after receiving the available medical treatment?

The Jane Roberts Seth Material, a voluminous set of metaphysical books written by an entity having no physical body, dictated through Jane in trance state, clearly and fully answers the question. Our thoughts create our reality, there is no other rule.  Applying the concept to medical science, the health of the human body follows our inner thoughts, imaginations, and beliefs, because the physical body is a construct of the mind. This idea is germane to metaphysics and to Eastern religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, and the Tao. It permeates even ancient tribal beliefs and is the source of “primitive” healing practices of witchcraft and other same practices by any name. The idea is natural to the earth. Rituals founded upon the ancient structures are, or were, believed to have a healing purpose — the body is more likely to heal when such practices are introduced.

The Science of Witchcraft

To Science this sounds primitive and clueless, yet modern medical practices have same foundation — their design is to change the patient’s thoughts from negative to positive so that his opportunity for healing is enhanced. It is in the West’s Christian religion, yet camouflaged.  Jesus said: If you truly believe [something], it will happen.  The organized Church interprets this as believing in Jesus, but more logically Jesus is directly saying your thoughts create your reality; merely think something in your mind and it is like it already happened.

Modern science is witchcraft dressed up as something new and smart, an experimentation with liquids in test tubes for obtaining a wanted result.  The scientist is merely fooling himself; his experiments, driven by his own mind, are an effort at changing the beliefs held by whatever persons or animals he is experimenting with.

Taking our cue from correct interpretation of Jesus’ words, we must focus mind on this ancient cure, not just medical issues, for all living experiences are under the same universal law: We create our reality, there is no other rule. Mind is the controlling authority, the human body and outer world obediently follow along as they best can.

Transmission of a contagion comes directly from thought, be it human or animal. These fears are the virus, disrupting the body’s automatic natural rhythms through vibrations in the mind created by fear and spreading from living cell to living cell throughout key parts of the physical body. The patient changing his thoughts from fear to positive health brings recovery. Medical solutions merely fool the mind. How much better it would be that modern society learn the ancient secret: Our thoughts create our reality, there is no other rule”.

About the Author

Arthur Telling has written numerous stories and articles on religion, philosophy, and metaphysics. His article, “A Different Jesus Message” appeared in the Nov. 2011 AMORC Rosicrucian Digest. Telling is author of nine books, including his newest novel titled “THE INCARNATION: Cleopatra’s Story of Jesus”, a revelation of who wrote the New Testament Bible derived from inner sources. His website:  www.arthurtelling.com and Facebook page “Philosophy for a Modern Era: www.facebook.com/philo30

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