Picture the scene - you are sat at home, your haven but this home is a concrete block within a bustling city, which is a typical residence for many of us nowadays living in the modern world. Relaxing in your house, you pick up a magazine and immediately get drawn into the picture on the front cover, an image of serenity, calm and peace. The lush greenery, tall trees and nature speak to you but how can you feel the calm and peace and really connect with nature from within your four walls? Well, crystals may well be the answer.

Silicon Dioxide (Quartz crystal) is one of the most abundant minerals on this planet and although about 90% of the earth's surface is made up of silicates, not all of these silicates are in the form of quartz. Quartz is found in abundance from our fine sand to large pieces of granite and is an important rock forming mineral.

In 2012, Hitachi discovered the technology to print a binary series of dots upon a sliver of quartz glass which could then be easily read with a common microscope. Now researchers at Southampton University, UK have brought this up to date and have succeeded in recording and retrieving 5D data using quartz crystal. This has the capacity of 360 terabytes, thermal stability up to 1000°C and a practically unlimited lifetime. Thus we can now encode a piece of quartz with 5D information in the form of nanostructured dots separated by only one millionth of a metre. These nanostructures change the way that light travels so that it can be read by a combination of an optical microscope and a polarizer - very similar to that found in Polaroid sunglasses. These 5D memory crystals are so robust it is said they will survive to tell our story. So is this a giant leap forward in mankind or are we just remembering how the ancients used crystals for information storage?

If there is information stored in quartz crystal throughout our planet then it could stand to reason that this data could be accessed. Many of us sit and meditate with crystals especially clear quartz and varieties of quartz that hold a higher vibration such as Brandberg, Phenacite and Lemurian and we marvel at the journeys we experience and information that we receive. But are we actually receiving information from energies connecting with us via the crystal or are we retrieving information that is stored in the crystal itself?

Katrina Raphael highlights how her Master crystals (twelve specific formations of quartz) form a bridge allowing us to connect to source energy. A channeller crystal is one of these. It has one large seven sided facet with the opposing face being a triangle. This is known as a receiver of information. Another is a timelink crystal. Time links are parallelogram shaped window faces that are found to the left or right hand side of the main face of the crystal. It is said that these allow access to information regarding the future when they are on the right of the main face and the past when they are located to the left of the main face. Could these crystal formations actually hold data for us to retrieve rather than linking us to an energy source?

In addition to the Master crystals there are also trigonic quartz crystals that are now becoming more commonplace. These crystals depict etched triangles. Upward facing triangles supposedly highlight information stored within or via the crystal with specific personal relevance to the individual working with it. Many keepers of these trigonic crystals have said that the crystals physically change over time - losing mass and also some of the etchings. Perhaps this is a side effect from the downloading or reading of the data?

So if quartz crystal holds information then could this be downloaded by other forms of energy apart from us? What about nature? What about trees? The roots of trees have often been termed as a superhighway of information, much akin to our internet. In 2013, Professor David Johnson of the University of Aberdeen, UK, conducted experiments to show that information could travel between plants with the help of a fungus by the name of Mycorrhizae. This fungus is found in undisturbed soil and connects to the roots of the plant which in turn links with fungi from other plants creating a solid network similar to fibre optic cables, known as common mycelial networks (CMNs). Could this network be nature's World Wide Web and the crystals the source of information?

So next time you are sat at home within your four walls, devoid of natural light or the greenery of mother nature, pick up your favourite quartz crystal and sit quietly - for you never know, you could be party to some information that perhaps the ancients left - to remind us what has long been forgotten and that until now has only been shared with nature.

About the Author:

Jeni Powell MCIPD, founder of The Crystal Balance Company is a specialist in crystals and energy healing. She is the creator of Crystal Balance energy sprays and provides certified training and workshops in crystals, energy healing and space clearing. Connect with Jeni at http://www.crystalbalance.co.uk or https://www.facebook.com/crystalbalance


Jingyu Zhang , Mindaugas Gecevi?ius, Martynas Beresna, Peter G. Kazansky " 5D Data Storage by Ultrafast Laser Nanostructuring in Glass" (2013

Johnson D "Mycorrhiza and aphids" Journal of Experimental Botany, Oxford Journal (2014

Kristina Raphael "Crystal Healing" (1987

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