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Abstract: In her article “2017: The Year of the Last Judgment?” (OMTimes Magazine, January 2017 A), Dr. Zinovia Dushkova revealed we were living in the times when everyone must sum up the results of their numerous lifetimes during the current cycle of evolution — the process commonly referred to as the Last Judgment. The year 2017 was decisive in the evolution of present humanity; however, she stressed that everything would occur unnoticeably. In her new article, Dr. Dushkova will tell us about the three phases of the Last Judgment and will answer the main questions: How many people have chosen the Light? What will happen to those who have not awakened and remained in the darkness?

Each cycle of human evolution has the period of the final choice which everyone makes in their spirit, when they sum up their numerous incarnations in the given cycle. Everyone’s choice is revealed on their forehead in the form of an invisible sign that determines their belonging either to the Light or to the darkness. This leads to consequences in accord with their actions — consequences which they reap, if not in the physical world, then after their transition into the Subtle.

Such a period of humanity’s final choice is also called the Last Judgment and occurred at the end of each previous cycle of evolution. However, as we known from Helena Blavatsky’s The Secret Doctrine, the human race of the third cycle (the Lemurians) was destroyed by fire, while that of the fourth cycle (the Atlanteans) was swept away by the water that is depicted in the Bible as the Deluge.

A similar scenario for the completion of the present, fifth cycle was actually a reality for the end of the 20th century, about which prominent prophets, such as Edgar Cayce, warned. Nevertheless, the spiritual development of humanity allowed the Forces of Light to prevent giant cataclysms and to reduce them to the minimum level permitted by Karma. That is why the Last Judgment has now occurred unnoticeably for the human race, without any calamities on a global scale, which are commonly depicted in modern popular culture.

The Last Judgment for the fifth cycle of human evolution has taken place in three main phases. The first was in 1942, when esoterically the Age of Aquarius began. This date, for certain reasons, was obscured in the scriptures — yet some researchers succeeded in understanding that the giant figures were merely symbols, and they widely declared as much to the population of India in the 1930s.

The second phase occurred from 19 July 1999 to 19 July 2017, when all of humanity was finally divided into those belonging to the Light and the darkness.

The third phase is happening right now and will finish with the natural departure of all who have chosen the darkness in present times. This process will be completed by the end of the 21st century — and during this period, while they are still on the Earth, they can change their choice in favor of Light. After leaving the planet Earth, those who have chosen the darkness will forever lose the ability to be reincarnated on it and will be drawn to those spheres that correspond to their true essence.

As a result of the Last Judgment in the material world, every sixth person now belongs to the Light. Thus, the number of those who chose the Light at the beginning of the second phase on 19 July 1999 was approximately one billion people and increased to about 1.25 billion — out of the 7.5 billion incarnated inhabitants of the Earth as of 19 July 2017. If we take into account all of the planet’s seven planes, then 10 billion out of 60 billion souls that populated the planet at the beginning of the Grand Cycle of Evolution belong to the Light.

This number is variable, because every moment someone starts to ascend the rungs of the Evolutionary Ladder and someone falls from it, having been insufficiently consolidated on their positions of Light. Therefore, for every person, the choice with which they will leave the earthly plane is crucial, as this will complete the third phase of the Last Judgment over themselves.

Those who have chosen the darkness will still be given a new chance to come to the Light, but this time under completely different conditions of life.

On the other hand, those who have chosen the Light will witness and participate in the gradual transformation of our world, turning the planet Earth into Paradise.

Zinovia Dushkova, Ph.D., is an award-winning author of The Book of Secret Wisdom and The Teaching of the Heart series. She continues the spiritual tradition of the hidden Himalayan Masters who guided Helena Blavatsky and Helena Roerich to lead humanity from intellectual knowledge to the divine wisdom of the heart. For more information, please visit her website at: www.dushkova.com/en.

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