The Harmony Project

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness;
light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.”
Martin Luther King

The Harmony Project is a way for
individuals and small groups to directly and positively change the world
–– and themselves –– with a minimum of effort. It’s a simple,
uncomplicated and powerful way for individuals to positively change

The Harmony project is based on three simple concepts:

1) The inherent spiritual nature of every human being
2) Quiet
3) Social networks

1) Everyone on earth has a spiritual
aspect. In that profound sense, we are all linked on a very fundamental
level. In the Harmony Project, we use this idea to raise our own
vibration, and others as well.

A human being is a divine,
immortal Spirit temporarily associated with a physical body. You either
understand that, or you don’t. If you do, you are capable of reaching
the state of love. Love is the quintessential expression of our inherent
spiritual nature.

If you know what love feels like, then you
are qualified to participate in the Harmony Project! By love I mean that
powerful, awesome feeling of excitement and connection that unites all
life everywhere. It’s easy to get that feeling back in your heart. All
you have to do is remember a time you fell in love. Or got a wonderful
present. Or saw someone smile. Or looked into the eyes of your pet. Love
is a feeling of warmth that is inherent to all life everywhere. Love
keeps the universe working. It is who we are at the core of our being.
All else is an illusion.

2) What is Quiet Power?

Power is the expression of love. Love is serene, calming, quiet,
confident, and enormously powerful. Love doesn’t jabber, shout, or
scream. Love is not ostentatious or ego driven. Love is unconditional.
When you love, you give your heart and soul.

Love is exciting, but in a
peaceful way.

Love is like giving someone a present. You wait
silently, with eager anticipation, for the smile that comes when a
friend or a loved one opens your gift. That smile is your reward. It is
an acknowledgment of your shared divinity, of your shared spirituality.
There aren’t words good enough to express that feeling. That’s why I
call love, Quiet Power.

The expression of love finds many forms,
in every area of life.

Have you ever noticed that the most
influential people are always those who lead by example? Like Mother
Theresa, or Gandhi. Or maybe, one of your friends. Or maybe your mother,
or one of your relatives. It could be a teacher, a co–worker, a
musician or an artist. Regardless of who it is, the people you admire
most walk the walk, and don’t just talk the talk. They’re not in the
streets yelling and screaming, but quietly going about their business,
demonstrating competence, integrity, and compassion, showing others the
true path by their example.

What is the true path?

just the recognition of who you are. The cells of your body are made of
condensed love. Everything in existence resonates strongly to this
fundamental frequency.

The idea of the Harmony Project is to
quietly open yourself up to the world, leading by example.

panic! The Harmony Project isn’t hard, it’s fun! Anyone can do it. It’s
done quietly, at your own pace, and in your own time. You don’t have to
sign up for anything, or study anything, or ask permission from anyone.
There aren’t any rules. Everything you need for the Project is already
inside of you.

3) The power of the Harmony Project is based on
the social network. A social network is all of the people you know.
Every country has thousands or millions of social networks, and they all
overlap. These networks are spontaneous and people–created, unregulated
by government or authority. Because of mobile technology, instant
messaging, and email, people are now in instant communication, so an
idea can spread rapidly within your network and between networks.
Millions of people quietly, voluntarily and positively influencing their
social networks has the same effect as one or two people reaching
millions of people on the Oprah show.

It’s better to have
millions of people quietly effecting change on a one–to–one basis within
their personal networks, rather than a couple of people leading on the
masses. Why? Because the idea of “follow the leader” has gotten mankind
into trouble over the past 5,000 years, creating hierarchical societies
with a few at the top and the millions at the bottom. So we simply
by–pass the authorities and, without fighting or resisting the current
order, create a new world.

In the American West, for example,
boomtowns like Silver City, Idaho and Virginia City, Nevada simply
disappeared. No one came in with an army to wipe these places out. They
vanished as a result of natural economic forces. This is what social
networks and endeavors like the Harmony Project will do to the
established order.

What is the Harmony Project?

Harmony Project consists of two simple activities:

1) Walk
quietly down the street with love in your heart. The more crowded the
street, the better! Repeat as many times as you feel like it. Or, sit
quietly in a café or a coffee shop, and feel love. You don’t have to DO
anything, or make a big speech, or make a spectacle of yourself. Just
sit there feeling love and observe what happens. You can do this
anywhere people gather. I like to do it at the checkout counter in the

You don’t sing, or chant, or talk loudly, because
that would be distracting to others, and could morph into an ego thing.
Just sit or walk quietly and unobtrusively, blending in with the
scenery. When you are around people and feel love, you quietly affect
everyone around you. That’s because love is the most powerful vibration
in the universe.

What happens is that the vibration of love goes
quietly, but powerfully, outward from you to everyone around you, and
alters their aura. I’ve done this myself, and when I am truly in tune
with love, people will often look up and smile. Sometimes, they’ll even
stop and want to talk. What you are doing is literally changing the
vibration of those you meet, without having to argue with them, or
“raise their consciousness.” You can’t know how powerful this can be
until you actually do it! And do you know the best part? It makes you
feel great! It can be addicting, in a good way.

Don’t be
discouraged if you don’t see a miracle right away! The idea of the
Harmony Project isn’t to show everyone how awesome you are (even though
you ARE awesome!). It’s not an ego thing. The idea is first to feel love
inside of you, and to share that love quietly with others. What you are
doing when you radiate love around others, is vibrationally altering
their consciousness. This occurs invisibly, just as radio and micro
waves travel invisibly and find their way to your hand held
communications device.

2) The second activity is even easier.
When you talk or chat with your friends, bring up something positive and
exciting, and get people talking about it.

For example, I just
read an inspiring speech by a guy who says that mobile phones and social
networking will completely destroy the hierarchical nature of our
societies, returning power and freedom to individuals and away from
governments and powerful elites. In India, poor fishermen have already
used mobile technology to create a people–based market, completely
unregulated by government or big corporations, that efficiently supplies
Indian coastal villages with food. People who were starving are now
fed, and fishermen who were dirt poor are now doing much better. He says
that in ten years, if present trends continue, it will no longer be
possible for a small elite to start a war, or have economic or political
dominance over humanity. Instead of governments and bureaucracies and
elites having power, independent social networks of people will have
power! Now that is something that excites me!

What excites you? It
doesn’t have to be profound! It could be a good tune you heard, or a
podcast, or a movie, or a book you read. Whatever it is, make sure it is
positive, not negative. Get people thinking and talking about something

That’s it! If you are ready to create some miracles,
go to it! Share your results and successes, and ask questions, on the
Harmony Project Forum:

Taking Action

You can do the two steps of
the Harmony Project by yourself, or with friends. You can walk silently
down the street as a group radiating love, or sit quietly in a coffee
shop, café, or any other appropriate place. Remember that love is quiet
and powerful, but not ostentatious. The idea is not "wow look at us,
we're awesome," but "we are here to saturate this place with love and
good vibes." A group of people radiating love together is an enormously
powerful force, like the warming rays of the sun that reach out and
touch others. And the best thing is that when you radiate love, you feel
it inside yourself first. So the first person who benefits is you!

can you tell whether something you bring up in part 2) is positive or
negative? The answer is, observe how people react. Are they happy, or
sad? Angry or joyful? Apathetic or excited? I’ve included a scale of
emotions from highest to lowest so you can accurately catalog emotions.
Positive emotion is anything above 2.0 on the scale, and that’s good.
Negative is anything below 2.0 on the scale, and you want to avoid that.

Experiment with this and soon you will be much better at
recognizing emotions, and become much more sensitive to people and how
to make them happier. Your relationships will improve, because you will
be more observant. You will also feel more powerful, because sensitizing
yourself to others also makes you more sensitive to what you like and
dislike. So you achieve a state of higher discernment and knowledge of
self, as well as knowledge of others.


can test to see how you are doing. In the first step, one person acts
as an observer. That person determines the emotional level of the area
before you begin, and then assesses the emotions of the area afterward.
In the second step, you (or an independent observer) can monitor the
emotional tone of the group before and after the introduction of a
topic. In all cases, the idea is to raise the emotional / vibrational
level of the group. Of course, these observations are subjective, but so
is a feeling of love, or a feeling of happiness, or any positive

Send in your ideas, experiences, and successes!
your experiences with others and ask questions on the Harmony Project
The Harmony Project is as much about raising your vibration as it is
about transforming others!

Feeling Love

will respond to you in proportion to how much love you are feeling.
Most of us are creatures of habit. The Harmony Project is an opportunity
for you to practice love. The better you feel, the more amazing result
you are likely to get.

How do you feel love?

you just sit quietly and remember a time when you felt loving towards
someone, or someone felt loving toward you. Then you pick up on that
feeling and let it saturate your consciousness, and the cells of your
body. You know what love feels like, or you wouldn’t be interested in
the Harmony Project. Did you know that of all the emotions, love is the
easiest feeling to let in?

That’s because love is the OM, the
fundamental vibration of the universe. Love is in every cell of your
body. It’s who you ARE. Love feels warm and fuzzy and powerful and
generous and when you really feel love, you feel invincible and
wonderful and you want to share yourself with the whole world!

can get that feeling back any time, you just have to practice! It’s the
most rewarding practice you can do for yourself, because it sets you up
to have a perfect day. People naturally respond positively to those who
feel love. That’s the idea behind the Harmony Project.

The Quiet Revolution

You don’t have to be
famous to have a positive effect. In the past, trying to change the
world through person–to–person contact was time consuming and
inefficient, but not anymore. Today, person–to–person contact is the
best way to make positive changes, because all of us belong to social
networks. When someone gets exited about something, he or she tells
everyone in his or her network and it spreads rapidly. A positive idea
can literally spread itself all over the planet in almost no time at
all! This is how we can create a new paradigm of thought in the
consciousness of humanity.

The idea behind the Harmony Project
is to raise the background vibration of society, and make it possible
for positive solutions to occur. The human population is growing and
more and more people are rejecting the old values of deceit, dishonesty,

competition and war. Our species is rapidly approaching a tipping point,
where a quantum leap in consciousness is possible. A tipping point is
defined as the critical point in an evolving situation that leads to a
new and irreversible development. This irresistible development is the
idea that love is more valuable than hatred, that cooperation is better
than conflict, and that human nature is divine. When enough people have
these ideas, our societies can literally change overnight!

isn’t money, or military might. Power is the ability to control what
you think and what you say, and to spread positive ideas through our
social networks. Social change ALWAYS happens from the bottom up, not
the top down. Governments and corporations are always the last ones to
figure it out. The “establishment” always piggybacks on the great ideas
that come from inspired individuals. The idea of the Harmony Project is
to start a Quiet Revolution.

How Can This Happen?

society not as a bunch of powerless individuals, but as a collection of
dynamically interacting social networks. Governments and corporations
are social networks as well! They exist, like ships, floating upon the
ocean of national consciousness. That consciousness is established by we
the people, through our social networks. We are the soil upon which our
nation's institutions grow. If these institutions are now corrupt to
the core, it is because we have allowed our planetary and national soil
to become fertile for them. We unconsciously repeat, through our social
networks, the same old stale ideas that have allowed the present
situation to occur.

The idea is to spread love and inspiring
ideas all over the world! We all know how impossible it is to get large
groups of people to agree on what is best –– just look at politics! The
Harmony Project by–passes ideology and belief, and focuses on love. Love
is so powerful that it immediately knocks out these lower vibrations.
If you don’t believe this, then you have to actually try Step One. If
you do it right, you won’t believe the positive results you will get!


During the past century, the
human population has been increasing at an unprecedented rate. We now
have a unique window of opportunity for a paradigm shift in
consciousness on a national and planetary scale. To replace the tired
old memes of scarcity, conflict, hierarchy, “follow the leader,” and
war, with new ones based upon the recognition of our divine, spiritual
nature and a recognition that it IS possible –– and desirable –– for ALL
humans to experience prosperity and live lives filled with promise and

Traditional consciousness raising activities take a
mental approach. “If we can only educate the masses…” “If we can raise
awareness on the dangers of ____(fill in the blank), we can then offer a
solution that will be accepted…” etc. These approaches almost never
work –– unless they graduate to a process that raises emotional tone ––
because they are intellectual and sterile. Many times, they evolve into
competing groups, and then argumentation and even conflict, because
people always have different opinions. With rare exceptions, this has
been the history of politics in every society on earth.

successful social movements begin with a raising of emotional tone. The
civil rights movement in the United States, for example, raised millions
of people up the scale of emotion, which led to inspirational ideas and
actions that changed our society for the better.

The lesson of
the past 5,000 years of human history is that a true paradigm shift in
consciousness cannot come about only through ideas. Copernicus’s
realization that the earth revolves about the sun, and Einstein’s theory
of relativity, revolutionized the way we viewed the universe. However,
they have not led to spiritual and emotional advancement. We are still
exploiting and killing each other in the 21st century just as we did in
3000 BC.

Unanimous and beneficial agreement can only occur in an
environment of positive emotion. In other words, ideas that change the
world in a positive direction must come forth from a positive vibration.
They must be supported by and motivated from positive emotion. This is
obvious, but as a species, we don’t do it, because we believe it to be
impossible! Enough of us believe the lie that we are merely biological
creatures and that our inherent nature is primitive.

But human
nature is not barbaric and savage. That is a myth foisted upon the human
race by deluded people who believe that when you die, you’re dead, and
by other insecure and frightened power seekers who believe in hierarchy
and domination.

How did the current paradigm
get established?

Long ago in the evolution of our
species, a tipping point in thought was reached. It is impossible to
pinpoint exactly where or when in history this occurred. However it
happened, our species consciousness reflected the memes of hierarchy,
control, victimization, and “follow the leader.”

domination, competition and conflict emerged as the primary method of
problem resolution within and between human societies. These memes
became vibrationally dominant in our consciousness and have been passed
down from generation to generation, not because they were inherent to
human nature or superior in any way, but merely because they were
continuously activated. In other words, the history of our species has
resulted from a habitual way of thinking.

But habits are not
natural laws! Habits of thought and belief exist only because we
continuously pay them homage. Our species is like the dog and the
invisible fence. The dog stops because it believes it must, even though
it could step over the line at any time, and think “out of the box.”

you think about it long enough, you can understand that the resolution
to our global problems cannot come about only through ideas, or
education, or traditional consciousness–raising activities. That’s
because, as we all know, everyone has different opinions. However, when
everyone is feeling positive emotion, it is very easy to reach
agreement! In the Harmony Project, thousands of individuals quietly and
unobtrusively (but effectively) act to raise emotional tone through
their social networks, which provides the foundation for positive and
effective ideas that will transform our societies.

The Role of Beliefs

As a species, we have
not made spiritual advancement because of our beliefs. Beliefs are
self–fulfilling prophecies, for beliefs direct action. Another way to
say this is that actions follow beliefs. A person who believes that
money is hard to get and hold onto will likely continue to be poor,
because he or she will act in ways that do not allow for prosperity. A
person who believes that old people are stupid will disrespect his
elders. A President who believes that war is a good way to resolve
problems will start one. Like the dog and the invisible fence, mankind
has erected prison bars made of thought, that direct actions into narrow
and self–limiting areas. We demand adherence to limiting sets of
beliefs, which have been codified as religion, or ‘tradition.’ When
people act outside of these narrow boundaries, they are seen to be
dangerous. Beliefs, however, are just collections of thoughts. And what
are thoughts? Ephemeral things that can be changed. Only when the
background vibration of society is raised enough, can we change the
tenor and content of thought, on a national and global scale. We have
the power in our hands, right now!

I believe that the Harmony
Project would have been impossible even five years ago, because humanity
was not ready for it. However, world events have spiraled so far out of
control that more and more people understand that change is necessary.
The Harmony Project is designed to nudge this process along, like a
powerful ocean current which carries the ships that sail upon it.

Establishing Harmony

The way to establish
harmony and cooperation is not to fight against the established order,
or that which is repugnant. Getting people to fight and resist something
is a clever psychological ploy that just continues the unwanted thing.
As Mae West once said, “All pub is good pub.” All she meant was that it
doesn’t matter whether you agree with something, or fight it, because
it’s the same thing: you promote it either way. “Mae West is a terrible
actor!” is almost as good as, “Mae West is a great actor!” That’s
because people say, “Who is Mae West? I’ll look her up.”

human beings want change, we organize to fight abhorrent things like
poverty and cancer and terrorism. But in fact, fighting something just
makes it bigger. Despite the War on Poverty, there is more poverty.
Despite the War on Cancer, we still have lots of cancer. In the United
States, the War on Terrorism has resulted in the elimination of our
freedoms and civil liberties, through legislation like the Patriot Acts,
the Military Commissions Act and the Homegrown Terrorist Protection

Successful social and political movements are based on the
creation of something positive, not the elimination of something

Unfortunately, politics is almost exclusively the

In Eastern thought, this concept is known as
non–resistance. Non–resistance has been misinterpreted by Western
philosophy to mean, “let yourself get steamrolled.” This is, however, a
distortion of a very powerful and profound idea.

Saying “No” to
something is the same as saying “Yes” to it, because either way, you
place your attention on it, and spread it around. The more we fight
terrorism, for example, the more fear we have, and the more laws are
passed restricting our freedoms. The more we resist climate change and
fossil fuels, the more emphasis we give to fossil fuels. Nowhere is this
demonstrated more clearly than at the climate change conference in Bali
(December 2007).

Scientists and participants on both sides of
the climate change issue debate whether fossil fuels are the cause of
increased global CO2 emissions. This debate focuses on fossil fuels, not
on the development of clean and alternative energy sources.

idea is expressed in the universal principle of ‘like attracts like.’
Whatever you think about and talk about the most will be what you
create, and what you experience. You can test this in life by living
mindfully. When you become more aware of your thoughts, beliefs, and
attitudes, you will begin to see a correspondence between them and what
you manifest in life.
We have been taught just the opposite,
however. We’ve been taught that we think a certain way because of the
way reality is. But of course, that philosophy is a recipe for failure,
and a life that never changes. Following that line of thinking turns
people into robots, and gets them feeling powerless. When that happens,
people can be easily manipulated, which is what has happened throughout
human history.


let’s wake up the human race! The Harmony Project is a great way to
quietly and effectively raise the background vibration of society.

In the Revolutionary War, the United States achieved political freedom
from Great Britain. All intelligent people now understand that modernly,
war cannot be the answer. War and conflict and all that support it are
outdated and pathetic relics of the Old Order! We seek solutions on a
much more powerful level.

We need a spiritual, not a political,
economic, or scientific solution. These have all been tried and found
wanting. We need, not a political revolution, but an evolution in
consciousness. The Harmony Project is itself an evolutionary leap, for
although we are in the streets and in the shops, and everywhere people
congregate, we are invisible to the gross forces of authority, and
outside their purview.

In our program, we operate in concert
with the higher vibrations, using the subtle, but immensely powerful
energies of love. You see, it is impossible to do the Harmony Project by
yelling and fighting, for love does not do that. In the higher
vibrations, we use Quiet Power. We are Revolutionaries of Love!


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Comment by EdenProject on June 24, 2010 at 1:53pm
We are ALL a part of each other, in Love, and in Consciousness. ALL we really have to do is REMEMBER it. :)

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