Humans like to think they live in a bubble they can entirely control.  There are many books written on how a human can get anything they want by thinking or doing certain things. All humans by nature want to have autonomy over their environment, their circumstances, and their future. Mankind will buy anything and do anything, which claims to give them this magical power to manipulate their fate.

The "Law of Attraction" is a perfect example of a philosophy that millions bought into. This “law” states that a person can engineer positive outcomes simply by thinking positive thoughts. The Law of Attraction indicates that your thoughts conjure an energy which, correctly applied, brings you desired results. Many people have embraced this theory, because their positive thoughts made them feel better, and helped them function more productively. But there are some who now feel short-changed by this simplistic brainwashing. The truth is, The Law of Attraction is flawed and incomplete. It is The Hunter Equation, channelled by LA-based psychic Brian Hunter, which digs deeper and completes the picture.     

The Hunter Equation instructs a person how to best survive in this world of endless complications and problems. It does not sugar-coat or deceive people. It is a practical applicable theory, which is eminently useful and resonantly truthful.

One day Brian was running up a mountain in California when he had one an epiphany moment. He had been wondering for a very long time "how the Universe works," and how humans could most successfully engage with it.  He had always been cynical of the slew of positive thinking books on the market, and The Law of Attraction made no reasonable sense to him. He was looking for the real answer. Brian was not looking for something that sounded clever and easy. He was looking for the TRUTH.

The Hunter Equation states that a person's fate is determined by four elements.


The Hunter Equation

Future Outcome = (Intent + Actions + External Forces + Random Luck)


Intent refers to your intentions, attitude, goals, and thoughts. You must clearly decide what you want to do and put some thought to it. It has to be a strong intended thought which you remain fixated on while you work to achieve it.

Actions refer to actions you take toward achieving a certain goal. Just “thinking” something does not make it happen.  A person must take action to make it happen.

External Forces refer to environmental or circumstantial limitations, people, or events that are outside of our control. Regardless of our intent and actions, external forces will always provide obstacles. External forces tend to limit us. But they can also help us. External forces are the things we react to, rather than plan and control.

Random Luck acknowledges that some things are truly outside our control. Anyone who has won a huge prize in a lottery understands random luck.  They know they did not earn it, or even deserve it, or even do much to get it.  All they know is they got lucky and were randomly chosen.

It is a melting pot of these four elements which determines a human's outcome and future. Let's say for a moment that you are creating the “intent” of achieving a certain goal.  While you are creating that intent, you need to consider the literal intent. But you also need to consider the actual action of creating the intent, plus accommodate any external forces affecting your intent, and acknowledge that random luck will also influence the outcome.

Or, let's say you are deciding on “actions” to attain your desired result.  While you are considering what actions to take, you need to consider the intent of each action. You also need to clearly define the actions required. Then you need to consider the external forces that might affect your action, as well as the role random luck might play.

These four elements determine your future outcomes, whether your emphasis is on intent, action, external forces, or random luck. There is no escaping any of them. They are all in the mix, and the picture would not be complete without full awareness of their interplay.  

Most people will concede that Intent and actions are realities we can actively engage in. But some believe that nothing is random, and that everything is based on a pre-ordained design. The Hunter Equation disputes this and identifies the random elements in play, and that external forces are usually beyond our control. 

The Universe is always expanding, black holes changing, things growing, things dying, things being born. There are constant variations and variables, which make a random component inevitable. Random luck and external forces are beyond our remit. 

The Law of Attraction cannot “affect” these random elements. But The Hunter Equation enables you to harness their energy and come up with practical solutions. 

See how to apply The Hunter Equation:

The Hunter Equation by Brian Hunter is available on Amazon

Biography For Brian Hunter

Brian Hunter is a well-known American psychic counselor, life coach, and author based in Los Angeles, California. Brian grew up highly intuitive, but after a major paranormal event, his abilities increased, and he shortly thereafter became a professional psychic.  Brian has been listed as one of the top 50 psychics in the world. He has worked with people from all over the world, including celebrities and captains of industry. He has also worked as an actor in Hollywood, featured in various movie and TV productions unrelated to his psychic work.  Brian currently works with clients as a medium, psychic, healer and energy worker to transform lives. He is available for lectures, and private and public events.

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 Hi Sarah, would you be kind enough to include a bio for Hunter? Like 60-70 words, please?

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