The journey of highly sensitive person to highly aware person.

How do you free your heart when you feel so intensely? The highly sensitive person feels emotion from self, others, animals and even from emotional imprints left in the environment. It can be difficult and overwhelming at times. How can you feel better? How can you find freedom from pain and suffering? Where is peace to be found?

1) Learn to identify your experience and the emotion behind it without labeling or judging (creating and attaching to thought forms) and flow with it rather than resisting. This creates greater flow and eases discomfort and dis-ease. Resistance causes MORE discomfort. Energetically you should be acknowledging, “Facing”, and allowing…. so the emotion passes through you and you release it rather than hold it.

2) Remember that emotions and their corresponding frequencies influence thoughts and beliefs which in turn either keeps the cycle going or offers you the opportunity for transcendence. Thoughts + emotion = belief system, which creates a cycle of involuntary re-activity.

3) When you feel a negative emotion take a slow breath in to the count of 4, hold for a count of 4, then exhale through your mouth slowly… counts of 4, do this 3 times. Then acknowledge the feeling, allow it, let it pass through you. This can take a moment or much longer, just let it be…. offer no resistance. If you are in an environment where you can’t do this (work/public setting) you can use discreet tapping. Let your arms fall to your side a tap your outer thigh this will temporarily redirect your focus. Later when you are in a place where you can allow the emotion, follow the above steps.

Why do you feel this way? Why you? You are designed this way to serve a purpose.

Elaine Aron, a highly sensitive person and psychotherapist has noted that about 20% of the population are highly sensitive persons. She postulates that this was a desirable trait during mankind’s very early history. During hunter/gatherer times this attribute allowed highly sensitive persons to act as an early warning detection system, helping early mankind survive harsh environments where predators were numerous. Scientific studies appear to suggest that highly sensitive persons have lower serotonin levels. This ties in with the ability to detect subtle changes and fluctuations in the environment and also explains why many highly sensitive persons suffer periods of depression.

Consider self (ego mind) as a survival tool. Using heightened sensitivity protected early man from danger and also created “I”, “me”, and “mine”. Adopting positional relevance led to greater development of self and gave rise to ego mind/self of modern man. Ego self has allowed the individual experience of human form in the world. This experience has now peaked. Highly sensitive persons, who throughout history have used their sensitivity and intuition to herald approaching change for others, are now activating in growing awareness. What change is coming? Where are you being lead?

You are leading the collective consciousness to a higher frequency. You have been called to learn how to release negative emotions, and to free your own heart. You are also connected to “others” (oneness), so as you clear your own negative emotions you also help clear the collectives. This raises the energetic frequency of your own energetic signature as well as the collectives’ frequency. The upward shift will enable all to live in the higher vibrations of positive emotions. Peace, love and joy will become more prevalent. You are paving the way for people to awaken to live consciously.

What, you didn’t choose this? You may be thinking who would? Who would choose to feel everybody else’s pain? Whether you believe you chose this before incarnating in this world or not, the fact is you feel what you feel. It is because of the pain and suffering that you seek relief, understanding, and the path to freedom. That is why and where you begin the journey from highly sensitive to highly aware person.

The journey requires that you support and foster awareness of “self” (conscious mind), and what follows is the metamorphosis of the highly sensitive to the highly aware person. There is a reason you are “sensitive” to emotion and you can transcend sensitivity into an empowered “aware” state. The highly aware person heralds the rise of frequency in the collective consciousness as a result of inner work yielding transformation. They pave the path forward and shine a light that others may journey with greater ease.

This process of transcending from “sensitive” to “aware” can be uncomfortable. The core issues, beliefs, emotions that support separation from oneness are revealed. The difference between “self” (Conscious Mind) and “self” (ego mind) become clear. Your perception determines what position you take in regard to emotions, other people… the world. When your position shifts from ego mind to conscious mind you relate to all with compassion. You see others as a reflection of divine self regardless of the actions of their ego self. You see clearly that those whose position is ego self are suffering and they project suffering. Through your own inner work and shifting into conscious mind you begin to undo your own shackles and those of all (the collective). You make it possible for mankind to ascend to a higher frequency, to know freedom from ego self, and to live consciously in peace, love and joy. Ego mind will be in its proper position. This journey within can be done. You are already… all you need.

Lynn Zambrano

I’m an advocate on the same path ready to listen, support, validate and encourage while sharing my own perception. I support and foster awareness of Self, and the metamorphosis of the highly sensitive person to the highly aware person.

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Comment by Kathy Custren on December 25, 2015 at 9:38am

Intriguing title - thank you Lynn. Forwarding on to the publishers for a future edition. ~ Blessings! 

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