Why is it that we seem to find introspection such a hard thing to do? Yet, we seem to have no problem in determining the reasons for another person’s actions. Perhaps it is simply easier to see or think we know what another person is doing, why they are doing it and what the result will be.

Certainly there are times when sympathy introspection can be helpful to someone else, especially if one is a therapist or life coach. However, always attempting to go within another’s mind and spirit may be a way for us to avoid looking at our own life, our beliefs and emotions. After all, when it is someone else, we don’t have the emotional attachment that often clouds our objectivity when it comes to our own soul searching.

Fear of change is one of the largest obstacles that block our path of going within. Attached to this fear are many other fears; fear of failure, isolation, loneliness, what others will think of us, and even the fear of success. We are the ones who create our own limitations and we are the only ones who can remove them. In order to move ahead, we must fist break down the wall of fear and negative thinking and begin paving our path with positive affirmations and manifestations. In order to start our quest, we may need to remove one of the largest blocks, called “Pride”. Once it is gone, we may find others are attracted to us who are also on this wonderful path of self-discovery and through our contact with one another we find strength and encouragement to continue.

Too often we choose to remain in what we feel is a comfort zone rather than taking the risk of following our heart. Guaranteed, that if we are looking for changes to occur in our lives, in whatever area of our lives, change will not happen unless we take the time to be introspective. We are the only ones who know exactly how we feel, when we feel it and we may not know right now why we feel it but through self-examination this too will become clear. If we are the ones who are responsible for our own emotions, destiny and path then doesn’t it make perfect sense that we need not shift the responsibility for change to someone or something else but rather look at how we can make those changes? Otherwise we will be placing the success of our joy and happiness in someone else’s control and always in the future, never in the moment, making it unattainable.

It is valuable to our personal growth to take time each day to go within and see what is it that we are feeling, experiencing and thinking. Meditation is the best way to connect to our Higher Self, the Universe and the Divine. Only then will we find the peace and contentment that we are searching for. It is in this space that we receive vision and purpose. It doesn’t have to be hours at a time, just a few minutes each day where we take time to express gratitude for our many blessings, release negative emotions and allow ourselves to be open to receive all that we desire then trusting the Universe will bring us these things when the time is right and finally having the faith to follow the opportunities that are presented to us.

Keeping our thoughts positive and for the higher good will assist us in manifesting what we truly desire. We need to remember that our thoughts are pure potentiality just waiting to be created into actions and energy, therefore we must always be careful what we think for it will undoubtedly become our reality! Through being more aware of our own thought processes and actions we will begin to feel our connection of mind, body and spirit and in turn will once more realize that we are part of a much larger picture; one with the Earth, the Universe and the Divine.

As our awareness increases, our views on many things in our lives may also change. By soul-searching, we can look back on the past and see that those “bad” experiences actually helped us in learning valuable life lessons. Sometimes we have to look in a more objective manner in order to see the positive influence a situation or person has had on our lives. Many times, we need to let go of the negative feelings we are holding onto from the past, after all, the past is over and we cannot change it only learn from it. The thoughts we had as a child most likely changed as we grew and gained knowledge and wisdom from life experiences. How we perceived something ten years ago could be quite different from the way we view it now. There are times when we may need to go back into a past life and release issues or remember lessons learned so that we can release karma and move ahead in this lifetime. All this can be done once we begin the journey within.

By taking time to check in and observe ourselves, we can also notice when we are going off track. Are we becoming more negative in nature? The choice to react and act in either a positive or negative manner is always up to us. Knowing this, we can then set to work bringing ourselves back into balance. Often just realizing we are allowing ourselves to be caught in the negativity trap is enough to make us realize we need to bring positive activities back into our lives. Old habits quite often creep slowly back in and before we know it we are consumed with negative thought processes once more and subject to repeat harmful patterns. The difference now is, we know what to do to change things around.

Through times of introspection we can evaluate our lives, set a new direction for our journey if need be and forge ahead. Every breath brings with it a new beginning and a chance for change, growth and happiness but it all starts within each and every one of us to make that breath count. We cannot change the past but we can learn from it. By doing so, we help ourselves lay plans for the future: not with worry but positive desires and strategies. Travel through life is one with many bumps, bangs, corners and detours along its windy path but once we start on this magnificent adventure there is no going back. What a trip, and it all starts with a journey within!

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