The Labeling Game, How To Find Real Success!

The labeling game is something we all play. How to find real success despite that game is a challenge. Have you ever wondered why people are so judgmental?  Living in this time of greater awareness, still you can look around and see people labeling and judging others. The fact is all of us do it to varying degrees. Is there a purpose, a reason behind it? When and why do you learn labeling and judging?

Let’s go back to the beginning, infanthood. Babies do not recognize themselves as separate beings. They feel oneness with mom. It isn’t until approximately 18 months that they begin to recognize that they are separate. This is why when mom leaves the baby cries and experiences separation anxiety. Between 18 months and three years the baby develops an increased understanding of separateness. When a child turns 4 years old they understand they are separate and have begun the process of individualization. How does that process work? Labeling and judging people, situations and experiences. It’s simple at first, good is pleasurable and desirable, and bad is negative or hurtful. This continues throughout the developmental years and by adulthood you have a good sense of who you are. Looking at it this from this perspective labeling and judging acts as your internal ruler. It serves to validate who you are and define who you are not. This is the platform you operate from so that you experience life as an individual. You energetically call forth experiences and situations into your life in accordance to your understanding of who you are, what you believe and think. That’s great for your learning plan, and what it is you want to gain/learn from this lifetime. Still as real at it seems, it’s only an illusion. Why is it an illusion?

Because baby knows best. The truth is you are not separate despite all the appearances of being so. You are connected to all things energetically. This is how you start out, but because this lifetime and your purpose for being here is to expand and grow, it’s necessary to have the boundary of self. So like in Kung Foo the goal is similar, the master learns it all then forgets it all. You are meant to individualize, to experience life to call forth what supports your development. After accomplishing that individualization you are then given to opportunity to realize the truth. Separateness is an illusion, in reality you are one with all. The ultimate goal therefore is returning to oneness. Then why don’t more people achieve this?

Imagine…. John Lennon sang of the concept and yet to live it is quite challenging. Why? The reason in part is because of individualization and the purpose it serves. Understanding and experiencing oneness is much like achieving nirvana. It can be done, yet it is difficult to stay in that state 24/7 because you have incarnated into a physical package and into a construct that supports individualization. You slip in and out of oneness, the more you practice the longer you can maintain that perspective and state. The awakened individual understands this however many people are still sleeping. The alarm bell is going off, nature itself is sounding it. Wake, wake…. Yet many hit the snooze.  This manifests as extreme separateness, labeling and judging to point of contempt for others. Tolerance, compassion fall by the wayside. Why such extremes?

Truth can be more painful than lies. To awaken and to understand that all are one comes with a realization of responsibility. What you think and say matters. It ripples energetically through creation. For some people to suddenly understand this activates that internal ruler, who then am I? The answer may be too painful and it would be easier to stay in individualization and throw labels and judgments. This in order to salve self, to continue in the belief of self and to leave the ruler in benign and more palatable position. Where does all this lead?

Understanding that you are here to have the experience of individualism, but are not separate.

Much like a stage actor, you are playing the part to perfection yet the truth is not lost. When the play is over your stage makeup is removed, the props stored away, you will return to the truth of who you are. A divine being, released from physical bondage flowing in unity with all divinity, in oneness.


Lynn Zambrano advises and trains empaths all over the world to use their gifts to change their lives and the lives of others. You CAN feel better.

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