Why do we cry? This is due to emotions. Sometimes we cry when we are happy, most times when we are sad. Someone does something inadvertently to hurt our feelings, we cry. Crying is connected to our emotions. Even if we don’t cry, it is connected to some form of emotion or feeling.

It is paradoxal that we live in both truth and dishonesty. As we are growing up, we learn that sometimes it is okay to tell lies, such as Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, or the Tooth Fairy. It is fun and comforting to be a part of the lies known as fairy tales. As we grow older, we then learn that if we lie about other things, we receive punishment. How sad it is when we cry as we learn that these entities that brought us happiness are not real.

Later on, we decide it is okay to not be truthful if we feel it will hurt someone we love or care for. It is said that the truth hurts…and sometimes it does. But I would prefer to heal from pain of honesty than the pain of deception. And no matter what reason we use to justify telling a lie, it is a deceptive practice.

Fairy tales are born in many cultures and are carried out throughout the ages. Some bring happiness and some bring fear. But there comes a time when truth prevails and they must be taught the truth. Many fairy tales have a moral to their story and it is important to include this information as soon as children are able to comprehend the difference. And it must be explained why these phantom figures are invented to begin with. We are all teachers in a sense and it is a never-ending position of the soul.

The soul is our reason for being. I have heard and read many times that we, as souls, choose to inhabit a physical body in order to learn all the lessons of life that we can, even if it takes many life times. Why would we choose to experience such pain…and such pleasure? I don’t know if we will ever have all the answers. Research continues as to how our bodies, souls, and minds work together.

Many theories abound in our societies. One such is the theory that we invent God in our minds just for the sake of making sense of the world and its chaos. Honestly, this one unsettled me for several days. How could we compare God/Higher Power/Our Source (or whatever name one chooses) to Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, or the Tooth Fairy? In a universe of endless possibilities, I suppose anything is possible.

But what about how water changes its form with simple use of words, a phenomena that has been proven? What about near death experiences, which is theorized to be a chemical reaction in the brain? Birth is birth and death is death. Even nature in all its beauty follows the natural laws of the universe and no matter how hard we try, we cannot change them or duplicate them.

 for one choose to believe that my Source is real, not because I was taught that, but because in my heart, it is real. Just as every breathe I take is real and every spiritual miracle I have experienced is real.

How do you explain an answered prayer? Or even one that seems as if there is no answer? And what about healing? Why do we sometimes witness a healing and sometimes not?

And why does a last teardrop fall when a person takes their last breathe? Is this a phenomenon that is not always seen? Having heard stories of “the last teardrop” ( also known as “the tear of death”) that falls from a dying person in a hospice environment, I wondered why this happens.

In my heart, it is an awareness that this last teardrop is the final act of the combination of the body, mind, and soul. This tear represents the final emotions felt as the soul leaves the body and the last opposites to be experienced, sadness and joy.

Sadness for all the pain that was experienced from choices made by self and others, the loved ones being left behind, and the last goodbye as total awareness is taking place. Joy because of going home, joining with loved ones previously known, and of their new awareness…all happening in harmony with true Oneness.

And so it is, we may not receive or find answers to all of our questions. But one thing is known regardless of what theories say and this is …love prevails and overcomes.

Many teach that love is all there is and if you look closely, you will experience two sides of this because of the natural laws of the universe.

Every light has a shadow, every dawn has a dusk, every pain has a pleasure, every day has a night, and every birth has a death. It does not take a rocket scientist to know this; we have experienced this since the day we were born.

So in order to make sense of the chaos in my world, I choose the foundation of love. I am not perfect, but this awareness of love I put my trust in is perfect…and will prevail above any chaos that comes my way.


Nothing is as it seems.

Always look on the opposite side of every situation.

There will always be a reflection just as real as yourself.

Be loyal and trust.

Follow your heart.

Believe in yourself.

Above all… love others as thyself.

Reflect the truth that lives in your heart.

Appreciate all life.

~ JBW ~ 2001


∞ Wisdom…from the Heart ∞


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