My experiences as a psychic medium/spirt guide channeler has taught me a lot about the soul and the reasons we are here beyond any book I could have ever studied. Every person is unique and every session brings new insight to me in the challenges people are facing in life. With each reading I ask that information will come through that can deliver miracles, hope and certain validation. I take great care to keep my energy strong and my channels clear and open. I also love to help someone else connect who wants to begin receiving messages and channel healing energy when they feel in pain be it physical or mental.

There have been times when I have wondered if anything would come through for someone who seemed determined not to believe in anything. I could even feel them blocking energy with their fear and negativity or unhappiness and depression. I found that in those times, it only made me more determined to help them understand that our souls are endless beings in human bodies. I have wanted for them to feel what I feel, to know that there is always hope and that we are never alone.

In the Spring of 2006, my energy frequency increased dramatically. I received a page full of messages for my brand new next-door neighbor from her just recently deceased Mother. It was just as awesome for me as it was for her but it was scary too. I walked over with white roses in my hand from the rose bush in the yard and handed her the note. She read the note, sat down on the front step and put her hand over her mouth. She handed the note to her husband who read it looked up and said "How did you do that?" I had only met them once or twice or waved across the yard. I only knew that they moved from Florida, he was retired and her Mother had just passed on. I wrote down the names of people on the other side who had greeted her Mother when she passed and their personal messages to my neighbor. She told me just the other day that she sleeps with that note next to her bed each night and looks at it to remind herself that they're in Heaven. Amazing! How wonderful is that for someone who needed this comfort.

Another of the most profound moments was the time I put my hands on a woman's shoulders and received the name of her father who had passed on 20 years before. She was a big skeptic who said she didn't know if she believed in anything. It's hard to find the words to describe how every one of us in that room felt at that moment but it was a moment we will never forget. His energy was to the right of me and at the moment he told me his name, an image of a certain muppet flashed in my mind, all at the same time! It was something she really needed to hear that day!

One afternoon I was doing a reading for several members of one family who had lost a young husband and father. They did not want me to have any information about him to make sure it was really him who was coming through. The first thing he said was that his wheels had spun out of control. They said he was an auto racing fan and his messages went on and on until the validation was very clear, it was him. One woman wanted to know if I could communicate with her late husband. Among several things he told me was that he was holding out a lei for her and saying sorry. She said they were supposed to go to Hawaii but never made it before he died. He also told me several details about their life together and his personality, including whole conversations.

When I have an appointment to see someone for a reading, most times I begin receiving information right away and start writing it down. I recall a particular time that a spirit guide came through and told me to write down a page of information for a woman who had emailed me for a reading. I laughed as I wrote down the colors black, baby blue, and a touch of pink. What the heck does that mean, I remember thinking. A few days later she walked in wearing a black track suit with a blue t-shirt underneath and pink lipstick. I handed her the piece of paper so she could see I had not written a thing yet and she laughed too. I didn't know what it meant when I wrote it but it sure was clear in that moment. She trusted me after that and I understood why I received those particular colors in my channeling. It was a great validation for her trust in the rest of the session.

One important thing I would really like to make clear about it all is that those of us who are channeling messages and energy have an important responsibility. We should be grateful to share the knowledge with others who want to do the same. Through belief, practice, meditation, good health habits and attitude, we can all become attuned to the energy to heal and communicate. I feel that we should always encourage a person to tap in to their own guidance system and not rely on psychics to guide their every move in life. A person who is depressed or filled with anxiety should never be taken advantage of by requests for frequent visits or phone calls to a spiritual advisor. If necessary,they should always be encouraged to seek further help from another qualified professional for a diagnosis and treatment if needed.

We have to maintain our integrity. We have to understand there is a difference between those who have opened their spiritual gifts and those who want to believe they have. We are meant to bring each other hope and understanding and keep our egos in check. Channeled messages can bring validation but they can also help encourage someone to turn on their own portal to the light. We should never make someone dependent on us, but teach how these things are attained and maintained. That is the most important and beautiful thing about it, it can be shared.

We are pure light energy which has been increasing and evolving for many years. All the concepts are becoming form. All the impossible is becoming so. There is an energy which rides a wave we are meant to hear. In those energies, there are messages and healing, an in the healing, no fear. Miracles.

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