Throughout the first years of life we are not tought what love is, we are shown, through association and example from others what love is (or their perception of love). We are shown very early in life that love is associated with an external existence, and shared between those we are close with (our family and friends).

In most cases this external display of love is associated with relationships between human beings, and that there is a protocol or set of rules with which it follows. We have adopted societies perception of love, as shown by those that allegedly love us, or teach us. So in effect society is conditioning each and everyone, from the minute we are born what love is and how to express it. We then adopt this as a life long memory and reference point.

Is this what love truly is?

If we look back at our lives and see the number of times we have fallen in and out of "love"; isn't it correct to assume that our whole perception of love is not correct or valid? How can an essence so pure and unlimited be constrained or defined by man? How can something so innocent and naive become so twisted and have a value associated with it? How can love be quantified and put into a box to be given and taken away?

If we take the very essence of love, it is something that has no limits or borders, no constraints or definition - it is an energy and a neucleus at the same time. It can be switched on or off, as its very essence is an energy. As we progress through life there are many times when the switch will be inititated automatically, and for no apparent reason.

The neucleus of love is ignited, and the soul leads the way, the child leads the way, and we begin to follow our heart centre. The magnetic pull towards another being, that feeling of being home and safe. No doubt like the feeling of being in the womb, where it is all nice, warm and bubbly, and there is nothing that is going to take it away.

Then the ego mind begins to have its fun and games, and starts to remind you that love isn't this way at all - this is when the 3D reality kicks in. All that has been conditioned or programmed works against the very essence and neuclus of love, the battle of the mind body and soul begins.

So, if love is the essence and neucleus, isn't it logical that we need to go backwards to address all of the perceptions, labels and triggers of what society says love is? Afterall it is our own heart centre or soul that ignites the neucleus, and as children this is something that happens naturally.

Those that are waking up and awakened, recognise this inner calling, these inner sensations and want to connect with them once again. They explore their mind to process and reject all that they know (with much resistance of the ego), and reach a place where the inner child is once again able to produce this wonderful energy and vibration.

Re-Charging the neucleus ready to deliver love!

There is only one way to reach that neucleus, and that is to shatter all the belief patterns, societal and familial templates, along with everything the officials say is for your own good. You answer the question yourself, what is for my own good.

Remove all the illusions, labels and all the other stuff around you, and put yourself back in the womb. What is it you feel? What is the only thing you know and seek? What does man strive for throughout life? I believe the answer is Love. Love is the very essence of who we are, and how we are created and how we should be.

In love we have no enemies and we have no fears, and if we surround ourselves in this beautiful energy, there can only be a balanced loving safe place to be. It is then with all this knowledge and wisdom simply about maintaining the balance of Love.

Ignite the neucleus within, and allow the love to flow throughout your body, and everywhere around you - it is real and it exists There are no conditions for love, it just is.

Bio - Deane experienced a physical relationship with his Divine counterpart, spending nearly 4 years together.  This lead to his own awakening and breaking of the veils of illusion. He has healed and grown spiritually, he now dedicates his time to helping, healing and teaching others. He has created unique personal development programs for those who are awakening and wish to make a smooth transition to the new.

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