The New Human Awakens, A Different Species On Earth

The New Human Awakens

A Different Species On Earth

By Nancy Oakes




     Never before have so many been involved as activists on our planet.  We are witnessing people protesting the cruelty of the captured whales at Sea World; and the killing of dolphins in a cove in Japan; protesting the contamination of our fresh water in California from off shore drilling; protesting the manipulation and patenting processes of seeds by Monsanto, and taking a stand against GMO.  Many ordinary people have become extraordinary taking a stand against oil spills created by the carelessness of the mega petroleum industries.  Protests against corporations fracking for natural gas destroying the aquifers and creating toxic waste that even within their own industry do not know how to contain or dispose of.  Mega pipe lines endangering the water systems designated by governments to pass through national parks and sacred land owned by Native Americans and other indigenous peoples. 

     Global communities witnessed as a young girl living in Pakistan was honored; Malala Yousufzai, who had the courage to stand up for women’s rights against the cruel Taliban.  Further, the inspiration within the gay communities recently embraced by a new evolved human experiencing a heart change through love.  What is causing people to be so remarkably brave and more powerful? 




     The “Fifth World” ushered in the return of Sophia, Mother of the Universe, WISDOM as she is also known.  Called by many names, known in every culture the rituals and ceremonies of the indigenous elders. First nation peoples, shamans, medicine peoples, earth, sky and moon cults. Pagan and witch cultures all welcoming and recognizing the new feminine energy, a powerful ancient wisdom.  A new energy of love has also filled the hearts of the Christian organizations, even the Catholic Church elected a new Pope whose unprecedented positive statement regarding gays went viral on the Internet.




       Some prefer to think it was December 22, 2012, at 11:58 P.M.  Others think it began about 1968 with the pot smoking hippy movement when a huge group of young people bravely protested the Vietnam War, and Gloria Steinem removed her bra.  I was 16, and witnessed the beginning of the feminist movement.  I have to say the energy of the activists and the movement was amazing, and extremely powerful.  We of course demanded political change, but the world and music will never be the same.

      Millions have been feeling that something was about to happen but were just a little confused about what.   You really had to be living under a very large rock for the last few years to not feel the anticipation.  Humanity knew something was changing, coming, arriving, ascending, or reincarnating soon.  People described the anticipation as being an overwhelming almost choking sensation.  Again millions looked to the stars and the heavens for some kind of clarity.  Proof that for some human beings living on this little blue planet, Earth is not our original home. Therefore we look up naturally for guidance.

     Remember that line George Clooney used several times in the movie “Oh Brother Where Art Thou,” “Boys we’re in a tight spot.”  I believe that became the theme, the realization for humanity. No one in Washington, or Kansas was stepping up to save us. Any salvation plan the powerful wealthy elite have created does not involve the rest of the 99%.  



     There are several species of humans living on this planet, as modern science documents according to bloodlines.  Millions are a direct descendant of the Goddess of Creation, Sophia, Wisdom.  It is those descendants with the DNA of the Goddess who have completed the transformation; the next step in the evolution of human beings at this time.  Those evolved humans beckoned her back to rescue the sick and dying on this planet.  Spiritually, humanity reconnected to the Mother of the Universe and received a heart change based on her love.   A heart change of awareness through the opening of our gateway, the “Third Eye” inspired many to choose to evolve into a higher consciousness and vibration.   It is those new evolved human beings gifted with their new body and transformed through enlightenment, that are leading humanity in the new era. 

     This particular species of human being has not been in power on planet Earth for thousands of years.  Revived and renewed, their primary concern is about love, vibrating above fear, money and war.  Thus creating new systems within the communities, which defend and promote the welfare of women, children, all cultures and the sacred “Third Gender”.   The new evolved human being knows that only through spiritual connection; love, art, music and education can children and societies thrive.  

     A new world policy established by the evolved human beings declares to never use war or murder another human being for planetary resources or any other reason.  Evolved humans, who also are physicians and surgeons, have begun to understand their talent is a tremendous gift for humanity; therefore they cannot put a price tag on saving a child or anyone who is in need of healing.  Not to share their talent of healing is unthinkable in the new era.

      Those humans who have evolved in love and are vibrating at the higher consciousness also realize that left unchecked the powerful elite have brought humanity and our planet dangerously close to destruction.  The people of Earth have suffered with poverty and enslavement.  The very ones that need our protection and love have been the most abused by the current systems operating on our planet.  This will no longer be tolerated; therefore a powerful new human being has taken on the corrupt and outdated political system.  How will we recognize them?  These are the labels for those who do not conform, the old systems calls rebel, instigators, hippies, feminists, “Occupy Wall Street troublemakers”, whistle blowers, a teen age girl who takes a bullet to her face and continues to protest even louder.  Not to be forgotten are the “freedom fighters”, those that protest against totalitarian dictators and governments, who take to the streets, dying in Syria, Kiev, Egypt and elsewhere.


       Do not be misled by the power of love that the Goddess Sophia returns with to support humanity for she is also a very powerful energy.  There is nothing more furious than a mother who thinks her child is in danger.  We can also see this demonstrated in nature by not only the domestic animals around us, but by the wild species as well.  Even a chicken will flog and attach over her chicks. 

     It is time for the ancient power WISDOM to return because the old systems and paradigms will not go away without a tremendous struggle.  Therefore legions of wayshowers, star seeds, angels and guardians are here to aid humanity into our transformation. The reincarnated great masters and those that were murdered for not conforming during the past 6,000 years have returned under the Great Mothers command.  Who if not the transformed powerful new evolved humans will save the planet, rescue the starving children, abused women, and those oppressed by an unjust ruling elite.

     This is the change we are seeing and feeling, the new energy, the power and WISDOM of the Goddess from within.  Taking a stand against corruption, and evil in our systems and governments, which have damaged our communities.  Stand together with all the new human beings, who are making a difference.   Support those people who understand the change has to happen now for our children, those who have the courage to run for political office against the status quo. Stand up against dictators, and speak out for those who have no voice, to create that change for your community and our planet.


May we be protected together.

May we be accepted together.

May we create strength among one another.

May our study be filled with light.

May there be no feelings of hostility among us.

May we be reminded here of our highest aspirations, and inspired to bring our gifts of love, service and learning with us in the present moment.


May we know that we are not isolated beings but connected in mystery and miracle to the universe, to this community and to each other.


Ancient Sanskrit


Nancy is the CEO of the “Spiritual Life Style Center.”  She is a member of the Free Cherokee, and an adopted member of the United Lenape Band. Her first book, Return of Sophia, Mother of the Universe will be available on Amazon in the spring 2014. You can find Nancy at







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Comment by Nancy Oakes on March 6, 2014 at 4:03pm

Thank you Trevor, so glad to be apart of such a wonderful group of sacred souls.

Comment by Trevor Taylor on March 6, 2014 at 11:29am

Hi Nancy - recommended to the publishers for inclusion in one of the forthcoming multi-media editions

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