The New Light Body, How To Lose Fifteen Pounds in Thirty Days And Keep It Off.



Like the blow from a brilliant gold trumpet, the news awakens humanity to personal empowerment and spiritual awareness and is causing the evolution of a new human species. A new rhythm of life has been born as humanity reconnects to sacred inner divine power. With that new rhythm is the awareness of a changed light body and its purpose. We are reprogramming and rewiring our thought processes through our new light bodies and shedding old paradigms that have not served humanity for a long time.  This shedding has made us aware of harmful and unhealthy food choices which has caused the human body to age, and deteriorate with the diseases of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Healthy organic food choices, juicing and how to raise vegetables has become the hot item of the decade. Why? The sacred universe is guiding us to heal our sick, and obese bodies.

Why is the new human destined to be in a light body? Because of the awakening the evolved human recognizes and rejects any food or chemical that is or can be harmful to the new spiritual light body. This awareness creates a broader understanding of how to protect and nurture our bodies. The new light body responds to energy, vibration and is sensitive to the many aspects of the environment in which we live and operate.


As an example, let’s breakdown a woman’s body weight of medium size.  She weighs 125 pounds, and is medium built and 5’2” tall.

1 -skeleton weight is 12-15% of your total body weight.

2 -Skin is 16%

3 -Intestines - 7.5 pounds (4 pounds for the large intestine, 3.5 for the small

4 -Lungs - 5 pounds (2.5 pounds each)

5 -Liver - 3.2 pounds

6 -Brain - 3 pounds 8 - Heart - 0.6 pounds

Therefore, your body weight should be calculated on twice what your skeleton, skin and the 22.8 pounds the organs weigh. For example a healthy weight for a small size, medium built woman of 5 ‘2’’ would be around 125 pounds.

18.75 lbs. is skeleton

20 pounds is skin.

Organs weigh 22.8 ----0r---- 61.55 pounds X 2=123.1: equals a healthy total body weight.

Today doctors are arguing that 20 pounds over your healthy body weight is obese. The same formula can be applied to any person based on gender, and proportioned to body size-small, medium, and large.



After 30 days, this way of nurturing your body will become your new lifestyle. You will feel better have more energy and see improved changes in your skin and hair.

Begin by drinking good water, with no fluoride, bleach or other chemicals. There are many good filters systems available today. You can purchase live healthy water at the grocery stores, or health food stores (do you homework, don’t believe what you read on the labels.) To begin a good fluid detox you must empty your bladder at least once every hour. Water is also essential for the entire intestinal system to work efficiently.

When asleep the organs in your body slow down, as this is a time of rejuvenation, therefore you are in a safe zone. Don’t’ rush the morning calls to eliminate, a magnificent bodily process for elimination of dead cells and other substances that collected in your bladder and intestinal system. You will adjust, by how much intake is necessary to complete this process according to how many times you go to eliminate particularly during the day. Water is essential for overall good health, and it is the only fluid intake you need. Coffee and tea a must, just use live water

Your can go without food for a period, you can even go without water for a short time, and survive. But you must eliminate waste from the body or you become toxic. This toxicity can produce lack of energy, depression and even permanent damage to organs and cells. 



White bread, pasta, white potatoes, pizza crust, crackers-the rule is if it is white do not eat it. #2- Avoid fried food processes. #3 If it is in a box, or at the fast food window do not eat it.  For thirty days prepare your food using organic chicken, fish, meat, vegetables, and fruits. Get out the old crockpot, and cook pinto beans. You do not have to look far for help in preparing healthy meals because OM Times Magazine, social media and the Internet are beaming with great recipes, and suggestions for a healthier you.

If you must eat out in a restaurant, order better choices. Salads are everywhere even at most of the fast food stops. Therefore, that is no longer an excuse to eat unhealthy.  

Journal your results, you will be amazed at the change to a new light body. 

This information is a suggestion for those who are concerned and align with the awareness of promoting better health habits. Ask your doctor before beginning a new life style if you have medical conditions.

Nancy Oakes is CEO of Sacred Lifestyle Wellness Center. Her studies include psychology and cultural anthropology. Nancy’s book, “Return of Sophia Mother of the Universe” is available on She is creator of “Heart Art” an empowerment therapy based on the return of the feminine and aligned with the colors of the Chakra energy points. Currently being used in Battered Women’s Shelters and those in gender crisis.

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Comment by Nancy Oakes on September 30, 2015 at 12:28pm

You are awesome, let her go!

Comment by Nancy Oakes on September 28, 2015 at 10:55pm

Thank you Shelly- Lets shorten the title to: The New Light Body, Lose Fifteen Pounds In Thirty Days And Keep it Off

and take the last line out of my bio-Currently being used in Battered Women's Shelters and those in gender crisis. 

Hope that works, thank you for your guidance Dear One. Much Love and Light

Comment by Nancy Oakes on September 28, 2015 at 10:52pm

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