Many children are already being born with natural metaphysical abilities and are incarnating on this planet to help humanity evolve into the Next Human. Many are already born as Next Humans, where others are awakening to their Next Human state later in life. They have been referred to as star children, indigo children, crystal children, rainbow children, and  dolphin children. They are not of one specific race or ethnicity so you may not immediately notice a Next Human child by merely looking at him or her although some have distinguishing features such as very deep, liquid, or mystical eyes. They also have a magnetic presence, are very creative,  charismatic, live in the Now, and, if they were born after 1996, will be naturally heart-centered. Next Humans have been coming to Earth for over fifty years—more so in the last thirty years—and have a critical role to play in the evolutionary process.

Next Human children often find it difficult to fit in to any specific category of society because they have a difficult time relating to the herd mentality that our mainstream media imposes on its viewers. At birth they appear to be the same as any other infant, but within the first few years of life they will begin exhibiting traits of their abilities such as having conversations with invisible friends, reading the minds of people around them, or having out-of-body experiences. Next Human children will also show signs of premature levels of intelligence and creativity in areas such as painting, singing, designing, writing, acting, movie directing or producing, or technological innovation. Some may develop their own business before they graduate from high school that becomes highly successful. Because they allow the heart to lead the mind they are able to completely trust in their heart-based intuition which results in the success of all their endeavors.

Next Human children will have a difficult time understanding the conforming ways of religion and will question why so many people allow religion to control their lives. They will feel a divine purpose in life, a mission to help humanity at large rather than limit their assistance to only a few. If a Next Human is raised to be religious, it will result in a cognitive dissonance between what he or she was taught in that religion and what they feel inside their heart. They are the “spiritual rebels” and will not tolerate conformity, control, or oppression in anyone. Being natural pariahs, they will follow the beat of their own drummer.

Many Next Human children are currently labeled with attention deficit disorder (ADD or ADHD) and may be placed on medication to help maintain focus in school. But they don’t have a disease; they simply have a plethora of energy and need to find creative ways to expend this energy. They typically have a difficult time focusing on anything they find mundane such as school, rules, authority figures, or anyone in general who cannot relate to or understand them. Next Human children have volunteered to come to Earth to help with the evolution of our species, and therefore have little or no karmic debt.

Education can be an incredible experience for the Next Human children once they find their true life paths. And the mislabeled ADD Next Human children will demonstrate the focus of a brain surgeon when they’re doing something creative that they actually enjoy doing. Once they find their niche in life they’ll move forward toward their goals with much more intensity, enthusiasm, and optimism than the current human adult. And they’ll be highly successful at it.

Some Next Human children are described as scattered, loners, or wanderers who are trying to find others who are like them or people who can accept them for who they are without conforming to societal standards. Many feel they don’t belong here and have a sense of where home is but just know that it’s not Planet Earth. Always thinking out of the box, anything they focus their attention on they’re able to innovate.

Next Human children born after 1985 have abilities that are more accepted and cultured within their family unit. They are also more likely than prior Next Humans to form social groups of peers with similar esoteric principles and are less likely to be afraid of public ridicule when talking about their abilities. As our senior citizen population returns to the ethereal plane, our planet is being infused (in very high numbers) with high-frequency energy from Next Human children who will become government leaders, technology innovators, and spiritual teachers as we head into the New Age of Enlightenment. Some are being born with advanced DNA structure and therefore will display supernatural abilities, such as accelerated healing, telekinesis, acute reflexes, or  hypnotic abilities. All Next Human children have exceptional psychic powers and will learn to trust in their own high-powered perception more and more as they mature.

Next Human children despise any toxic environment such as living near or around polluted cities or being around negative or abusive people. They also feel the need to represent those who are unable to speak for themselves, such as abused children and animals. They know instinctively what needs to be reformed in our society. Naturally possessing a sense of justice and harmony, they are here to restore balance to the Earth: sociologically, politically, economically, and ecologically. Next Human children are truth seekers who initiate awareness and inadvertently start others on their own spiritual paths. They feel a connection between themselves and their fellow human beings, the Earth, the solar system, and far away galaxies. Many Next Human children are awakening every day to their true divine purpose for being here and joining forces with the others who were already born awoken in order to lead humanity toward the purification of Gaia Sophia, Mother Earth.

AUTHOR: Jason Lincoln Jeffers is a spiritual teacher, life and health coach, author of "The Next Human", artist, evolutionary astrologer, philosopher, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, and authority on metaphysics, transpersonal psychology, and alternative medicine. In 2001 Jason's life was transformed by an ancient mystical inner body experience known as a kundalini awakening.  His mission is to help humanity access its untouched free will, realize its divinity, and evolve into the Next Human.

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Comment by Trevor Taylor on October 11, 2013 at 12:29pm

Hi Jason - you may wish to post this article in the Time Sensitive Group (Link : ) so that the publishers can consider it for the magazine to run ahead of National ADHD week starting on Monday..

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