The Orange Ray of Knowledge

By Judi Lynch

Word Count – 759

Bio Word Count - 60

The fifth ray of light, the Orange Ray, represents the souls who are the unemotional architype. They require less human contact than anyone on the planet.  Scientists, engineers and lawyers are typical professions of the souls who incarnated with these character traits. Unyielding in their opinions while highly intelligent, they may have little tolerance for the mystical.

When they have not learned tolerance and reverence for life their actions can absolutely be destructive to others. They can have little compassion for others in need of assistance, especially if they feel that the people involved deserved no quarter because of their own ignorance. These souls concentrate on the facts, the rules. If you break a rule, you will suffer the consequences of your actions. They aren’t normally programmed to feel empathy for personal drama or complaining and they will try to avoid many life situations whenever possible.  You might see them sitting in a laboratory conducting experiments, documenting every detail of the procedure with precision and order.

Those who exist strictly on the fifth ray of knowledge can grow to be bigoted and arrogant if they are socially undeveloped and operating at lower frequencies.  They can have a difficult time in most social groups because it becomes intolerable for them to play small. They do best with those who are in their peer group and even more so with other Orange Ray souls who are more evolved in their emotional maturity. An environment rich in detail and order along with exposure to the higher knowledge of man’s etheric body is key for this person in learning the soul lessons of ascension.

If you have ever seen a few episodes of the CBS sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” you have no doubt been introduced to the character of Sheldon Cooper. He started out being portrayed as an egotistical genius who seemed to have little need for troublesome friends or emotional attachments. As the years have gone by he has evolved mentally, emotionally and even spiritually because of his interactions with other humans and the positive influences they bring to his life. His girlfriend Amy has patiently explained social etiquette, romantic partnerships, and human relations to him which helped has helped him to discover other parts of his complex personality.

Throughout the show, there are characters with personality traits of the fifth ray in varying degrees of enlightenment and growth. They have morphed into more caring, emotionally intelligent adults from their former childishly selfish behavior as their lives have unfolded in the years that have passed. Their ability to adapt to the reality of the people and the world which exists around them represents the ingredients of a great cosmic change inside us all. Learning tolerance and respect for what we do not yet understand, although it lives inside our core being, helps spin out our spiritual matters. Our purpose in unlocking these puzzles inside our consciousness helps us to create and maintain the energy which propels us forward through space and time.

When a soul who lives mostly on the fifth ray can discover how to merge science and spirituality through family, friends and business associates they create a miraculous fusion. In balancing their mental and emotional thoughts to understand the two can work together, their discoveries will help save humanity! This amazing ray invented Science and promotes individualism. When active at the highest level and including qualities from the third ray of intelligence, it is the ray shifting our evolution into a new era of awareness.

We are all unique in our rays of light tendencies and personalities. As we all become more connected in our will to heal ourselves and this planet, we need every soul to contribute to our existence here. The understanding and compassion we so dearly seek can be awakened in the hearts of the open minded who help to create and manifest the way. The peace inside a heart filled with information is necessary to create the balance of grace and power. A strong conviction and nerves of steel become a fantastic catalyst for growth and healing.

A soul with concrete knowledge in evolution stages will eventually acquire the virtues of reverence, love, open-mindedness, compassion, devotion and sympathy through life experience and challenges. These themes may take many life incarnations to complete for one soul. The results of combining these qualities is stunning, radiant brilliance with a heart! A crucial part of man’s spiritual ascension of consciousness involves the Orange Ray manifestation to the highest form of knowledge.

About the Author:

Judi Lynch is a psychic medium, intuitive counselor, healing channel and author. She is president of the Crystal Healing Foundation, Inc. a 501(c) spiritual charity and featured columnist for OM Times Magazine. She has authored two books, Friends with Lights and Conscious Ascension and has read for clients all over the world. To learn more or contact for a session see or email judi@




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Comment by Regina Chouza on March 4, 2016 at 4:28pm

Hi Judi, Thanks for making the changes, its much clearer now

I'm going to have one last look at grammar and syntax before I send it to the publishers for consideration, if anything major comes up I will let you know.

Have a nice weekend!


Comment by Judi Lynch on March 4, 2016 at 8:21am

Thanks again, Regina! I've made some changes to the first sentence in the paragraph. Please let me know if this works better  Blessings, Judi

Comment by Judi Lynch on March 4, 2016 at 7:26am

Hi Regina,

Thanks for your comments! Ms. Bailey's book is right here by my computer :-) I reference it often.  I think it could be re-worded in the article to say that when the 5th Ray is not in coordinated or developed personality but operating on lower frequency. I was not trying to imply that all 5th Ray types come in with all these negative traits. We can all possess different aspects of each ray. I am going to rewrite that line for clarity and edit the article.  Judi

Comment by Regina Chouza on March 4, 2016 at 1:55am
Hi Judy,

Thank you for submitting this article, it's a wonderful topic. Love the reference to the Big Bang theory and how 5th Ray types would benefit from adding spirituality to the mix - I believe Alice A Bailey mentioned that the higher expression of this ray was exploring the "science of the soul" and "esoteric psychology" so it definitely fits :)

There is just one phrase that I keep coming back to; and I thought I'd ask ...

When you say "Operating at lower frequencies, people coming in on this Ray can be bigoted and arrogant" ... I wasn't sure if you meant to imply that everyone on this ray is at a low frequency? Or that people who express its lower aspects can be arrogant?

Based on my understanding, all of the rays are sacred and valuable to humanity, each with its own purpose, and a gift to to give us. I'm just a tad worried that the opening paints scientists, lawyers and other 5th Ray types as "unfriendly" or less evolved when I imagine there are many people who express its higher attributes too.

Thanks again, and please let me know your thoughts?



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