The Power Of Change... Today, Yesterday and Tomorrow By Nancy Oakes

The Power Of Change- Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow 


The planet is entering into a new era as predicted by many indigenous cultures including Mayan, Hopi, Cherokee, etc.  Elders, medicine people, and wisdom keepers have been preparing human beings for this shift for centuries. The change in climate is also part of our evolution, which happens naturally (the Cherokee say about every 26,800 years).  All indigenous cultures speak of an age or era approximately close to the 26,000 year mark.  The old paradigms are eliminated and the new paradigms arrive, as the earth and its people go through the change.   Human beings have a particular assignment to be caretaker, mentor, helpmate, lover, and guardian of this planet; its elements, resources, and each other. Some people will be defender of the innocent, rescue the abused and the oppressed, others will be caretaker of the plants, animals, air, water, and sky.  It is a sign of the new era as we witness the new species of humans who are operating at a higher vibration on our planet, aligning with others to save our environment, and ourselves. 

Every one of us has the initiate capability of finding our own path, one that leads to purpose, fulfillment and bliss.  It is not true that there is no way out, or doors don’t open for you, or even that you can’t find the right door.  Most doors do not open by themselves, they need a hand on the knob with a little nudge.  That little nudge is a sacred energy that comes from within, the will to find your individual purpose. 

Finding one’s purpose has everything to do with the reason we are here, on this planet, at this time, in human form. 

 Finding one’s purpose will bring peace, which will replace confusion in your heart and mind because your search is over for the meaning of life.  Currently the cry for healing of the planet, protection for the innocent, and all creatures has become loud and clear.  We have become aware of the damage done to ourselves and our planet, which is the reason for the awakening of humanity at this particular time.  The message from Mother Earth, is that her elements, resources and all creation, including humans, are in great danger. Just like any good Mother, she is sending warnings as she awakens humanity to their part in the restoration of paradise.  The healing for humanity will come up the channel of life from her, the Great Mother Earth, the foundation of our existence.  The sign that we have done our part will be as we witness the healing of oceans, lakes, streams, plants, animals, sea life, and even our planets atmosphere.  Humans will benefit, and thrive based on the healing of the planet. 

Prophecies and predictions from the ancients, what to do today!   

Every morning you open your eyes, take your first morning breath and begin a new day.  Today will be 24 hours long,  just as it was yesterday, and it could be tomorrow.  Today which happens every day offers you the opportunity to change anything about  yourself, your job, where you live, your current relationship or enlist in saving the Monarch butterflies.   Today has to be the day for change because if you’re unhappy with your situation, or concerned about environmental issues, you could have changed things yesterday.  You had the same opportunities yesterday to do so, and today is going to be yesterday in another 24 hours.  Tomorrow is only as good as what you do today, or did not do yesterday because there is no promise for tomorrow, only today.  Therefore you only have today; the other two days are illusions, one is gone, the other may not arrive.  That really clears things up tremendously, you have today to make all the changes in your life that will affect tomorrow (should it arrive).  Honor today, and get ready for tomorrow because our tomorrows becomes crucial to our future.  If you act today, tomorrow  will manifest your dreams and goals exactly what you wanted when you woke up today. Thus, you have created your future today. 

 Now here you are today in your future, how did that happen? Because that’s all you can possibly do about tomorrow.  Abundance, positive lifestyles, opportunities, life paths are all about preparation and awareness today.   Yesterday reminded us of what we should have done to get ready for today and what we have to do to prepare for tomorrow. 

Inspired by a poem by Ed Cody-writer and poet. Ed, a light worker, who is an example of the new awakened human species operating with love and light and in service to humanity.  Much Love Dear Brother

Nancy is CEO of the “Spiritual Life Style Wellness Center. Nancy's book Return of Sophia, Mother of the Universe is available on  Nancy is a life coach, and lectures regarding our reconnection to the Goddess-- "CREATRESS", Sophia, Wisdom.  An ally for the LGBTQ, and the return of sanity for humanity regarding those issues.  Join her as she empowers all people with the ancient messages regarding our sacred creation.

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Comment by Nancy Oakes on April 4, 2015 at 6:29pm

I deleted a few words from my bio, and resubmitted.  Please let me know if you have received it  Thank You and Love  

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