The POWER of Prayer

I just sent out a thank you to some friends of mine that have been sending healing energy to a young man that was injured in a car accident. These people did not know the boy, but sent out prayers and good intent to him anyway. It’s an honor do know the kind of folks that give just because it’s the right thing to do.

But it got me thinking about energy, prayer, intent…and how it all works together. Seems we have our own personal energy, emotional energy that we can use to manifest anything we want in life. We can choose to be helpful or hurtful, happy or sad, angry or accepting, and with these choices different emotions are sparked, and that energy is used. People question emotional energy, but it is the same energy that allows a mother to pick a car off a child, or sweep through you at a large gathering like a concert, funeral or church. You enter and can feel the energy of the masses. Some people can feel it better than others, but it’s there none the less. People will gravitate towards those that are happy, or those that are in need. The angry can keep people at arm’s length just by being angry. The perpetual unhappy folks, those that use unhappiness for attention and sympathy will eventually alienate anyone trying to help as they are draining and don’t really want to be helped.

Then there is divine energy, the source of all creation, some call it God, some have other names, and to me it doesn’t matter what you use, just so you know its divine and of the source. We pray and ask for someone to be helped. Some folks are sensitive enough to feel the energy go through them, and even though they may not follow the same faiths, it is the same energy. We have heard of prayer warriors that say they feel The Spirit move through them. And because they are in prayer, and have passion for their faith this is considered a great gift from God. But what if you aren’t a person of that faith, maybe you are someone that hasn’t found your path yet, but still knows that if you ask for the Devine to help you help another, that energy will come. The energy all comes from the same place. The action and reaction are the same. The person asking for healing is not doing the actually healing, but is a vessel for the Devine to use to send this wonderful gift on to those that need it.

This gave me an “aha” moment. We wonder why bad things happen. People question things like why would God let wars, disease, abuse happen. Devine energy can only do good. This is agreed by people of all faiths and beliefs. We cannot pray for something bad to happen to someone and have that intent agreed on by the Devine. That energy is only for good, the greater good! So why do bad things happen? Its emotional energy that allows it, we have free will. We can use our emotional energy any way we choose.

I argued with those of great Christian faith that God made everything, so He made evil too. They kept telling me evil is a man-made concept. I didn’t figure it out till now. We have the strong emotions like anger, for survival purposes, to protect those we hold dear, to protect ourselves. But we have free will, we can use that anger in any way we choose. Some use it to hurt others for personal gain, to drive forces against each other.

So this brings up another thought… what of Hell? With the anger and hatred a person can build up, even though they appear to be in control of it, I really wonder if they are. They are such strong emotions, they elicit great adrenaline rushes, and I wonder if the body actually gets addicted to it. I have seen rage take a person over, the emotional energy so great they lose control. This tells me that emotional energy is very strong…its our own personal energy, our spirit. Our soul is God’s, but our spirit is ours. We nurture it how we will. And it is through that nurturing we grow as people. The Hell is being away from growth, God, the source, The Light. The fire could be our own spirit engulfed in the flames of the darker emotions. Just a thought.

Energy, we talk about it all the time, but we don’t really realize how our energy affects others. A good thing to pay attention to.

Rev. Wonder

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