Many of us are familiar with the cycles and rhythms of the moon and how we can tune into them for healing and manifestation, particularly the new moon and full moon. However, fewer of us truly understand the power of the dark moon and how we can harness it for deep spiritual growth and transformation.

The dark moon lasts for a period of about three days before the moon begins to wax (grow in light). Some people refer to the dark moon as the new moon, but in actual fact the new moon does not kick in until the first sliver of light is visible in the sky.

At the time of the dark moon there is no light from either luminaries (sun and moon) being cast upon the Earth, meaning there is less energy available for outer activities, including meeting the expectations of others. With no outer reflection of Light, it is the natural time for us to turn our attention inwards to reflect upon our inner light, going deep into healing the depths of our mind, body and soul. Our psychic awareness is heightened making it a potent time for solitude and quiet contemplation, tuning into our intuition. We are well advised to pay particular attention to our dreams because during the dark moon we are most attuned to receive prophetic dreams containing messages from our soul.

The dark moon is the space between the end of the old cycle and the beginning of the new. It is a time of transition, the death that comes before the rebirth. It is the perfect time to make space for the new beginning by preparing the soil of our soul for the new seeds of life that will be planted during the new moon.

By taking this time during the dark moon to contemplate and listen to the urgings of our soul, we are better equipped to set the intentions in the new moon that are actually in alignment with our soul’s growth and highest good. The deeper we plant the roots of our soul’s longings, the more stable and strong will be the harvest of our intentions.

To fully embrace the gift of the dark moon takes commitment, strength and courage. As with any death experience it strips us to our most vulnerable and raw. Following the letting go phase of the waning moon (decreasing light), the dark moon asks us to finally let go of everything we thought we knew, everything we’re attached to. It asks us to be open to evolving our beliefs and creating experiences that are in greater alignment with our highest good.

During the dark moon we may feel lost, confused and even depressed. This is normal. It’s important that we honor these feelings, without judgement, and understand that they are giving us the opportunity to let go of whatever is at their root cause. By honoring the dark moon phase as one of renewal and deep healing rather than death and deterioration, we can fully embrace its wisdom and healing power.

We all go through dark periods in our lives. It is a normal part of any life cycle. When we’re able to embrace death and transition as a precursor to a new beginning, we can reduce the stress and anxiety associated with this phase of the life cycle and move through the transition with more ease and grace.

A Dark Moon Meditation

For this simple, yet powerful meditation ritual you will need a black candle.

  • Scratch into the candle keywords that represent those parts of your life that you are ready to let go of. E.g., anger, shame, jealousy etc.
  • Light the candle.
  • Say aloud this affirmation: “I AM Ready to let go of any and all energies that are not for my highest good and the highest good of all, with unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion and no judgement.
  • Meditate on the candle and as the candle burns down see those things that do not serve you being released in the flame and smoke. The flame is transforming those energies and returning them to light.
  • When you finish your meditation, allow the candle to burn down.
  • Trust that the energies have been released, clearing the space for the new to enter.

Ahtayaa Leigh is a Galactic Mayan starseed, Healer and Ascension Guide. Following the call of Spirit she has traveled the world participating in light activations and planetary healing. Her life work is committed to helping others through the process of deep healing and transformation. Learn more about her work at and connect with her on Facebook at Ahtayaa’s Gold Ray Healing.

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Comment by Ahtayaa Leigh on June 10, 2016 at 3:07pm

Thanks Regina, you too!  If you need me to amend anything let me know. 

Comment by Regina Chouza on June 10, 2016 at 2:56pm

Hi Ahtayaa, OK cool, thank you for clarifying! I'll send this through to the publishers with just a few grammar and syntax checks. Have a great weekend.


Comment by Ahtayaa Leigh on June 9, 2016 at 4:28pm

Hi Regina!

Lovely to see you in the class today ;)  Actually the dark moon is not the new moon.... this is a common misconception... the dark moon is when the moon has no light... lasts about three days... the new moon is when you see the first sliver.

Comment by Regina Chouza on June 9, 2016 at 4:22pm

Hi Ahtayaa, Thanks for this article - I enjoyed reading it!

I only have one small thought on the article - when you cited the Dark Moon I naturally went to Lilith (also known as the Dark Moon, I think), instead of thinking that this was the New Moon? I was just wondering - I'm ok with using the word Dark Moon to differentiate it from the content that we usually see about New Moons, but is this the New Moon that you are referring to?



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