Let us begin with a few questions that are intriguing.

If someone told you they knew where there was a lot of energy and power that was totally free for you to use, would you believe them?  Would you want to know more about it or where it could be found?  Would you have to become Exxon Mobile and dig wells for it?  Would you have to build a nuclear plant and worry about things like toxic waste or other hazardous pollution?

On the other hand, does that possibility frighten you?  The saying that “absolute power corrupts absolutely” is enough caution to anyone with even a few working brain cells.  Would that stop your curiosity completely?  Would you want to see it for yourself, even from a distance?  Would you want to try to feel it for yourself to know just what it was all about?

Do you see a difference between forces that are generated naturally in a safe and renewable manner, versus those of certain structures or supplies that are limited or cause extended problems?  In case you are under the impression that I am talking about the environment, it is not that.  I am speaking strictly about your own, personal source of energy and power:  your SELF.

Each of us, as a material organism, is a wonderful, technological machine.  It may be strange to think of our self in this way, but it is true.  We may think of robots as machines, but we hold various pieces of “organic” machinery in our body that work in energy-based ways.  In fact, we have many analogies that we use to explain how we can get: various processes might be “stuck” or “broken,” parts of our body can “degenerate,” ideas may be “sparked,“ and when we become too involved in electronic stimulation we need to “unplug.”

When we think of how much work goes into building a robot, all of those mechanical parts that might need maintenance or programming, it certainly sounds like a lot of work, does it not?  Organizations like NASA use teams of people to create mechanical things to take into outer space.  So much energy goes into just one aspect of such a mission.  Research, development, designers, builders, programmers, monitors, analysts…you get the idea.  One simple object can have hundreds of people responsible for it.

When it comes to the genuine, human self, this unique model of highly specialized organic material, who is responsible for YOU?  Certainly, we each can point to the hundreds of people back into our ancestry that brought us to this point in time.  Nevertheless, where is our “team” in the present that keeps us working the way we need to?  Hmmm…

This is where many of us learn to realize where our real power lies.  We do not have to rely upon a team of outside energies to keep our own working properly; at least, not all of the time.  On most days, it is our own sense of being that wakes us up in the morning and keeps us going through the day.  Our focus may be otherwise misdirected from time to time, but the majority of what happens to us in life begins with us.  

So many of us can get lost in the mire of what we cannot do, while others are becoming more fully aware of the many possibilities out there and what we CAN do.  We can look to our commercial energy sources for a clue.  One thing they advise is to “use energy more wisely.”  An example of doing that might be to provide some focus on what works for us, or what generates continued wellness.  Therefore, health and healing are important to our self-being.

Another aspect is that focus itself, or the control we have over our own energy.  Perhaps you have seen images of what a downed power line or a “live wire” can do.  It flings and flops around and can be very dangerous.  Having focus and control provides us with our own internal safety or grounding, knowing the energy we give off is not just flipping and flopping around or wasting it in the way a live wire does.

As we emit energy, we get energy back.  This cycle is true in many ways, such as in how we are able to get something out of an experience we have.  Throughout life, as we learn and experience, we achieve greater understanding of the world around us.  It is something that happens naturally, but it takes that effort on our part--our self being active--to get it.  How much of that we share depends upon the choices we make.  Some of us are very social beings, while others prefer isolation.  That serves to act as a balancing factor, in the overall scheme of things.

Yet another aspect of our self is the way we express what we do with our energy.  The majority of us have one or more means by which to do this in any given day.  Whether it is sports, art, music, dance, crafts, building, helping others, or any number of tasks that exist, we find there are actions and activities that help us achieve a greater sense of who we are, or that reinforce our energies to keep on going another day.  Long-term projects help to sustain those actions or challenges to the point where we can really generate a lot of energy and power that increases our attention and endurance.

From the micro level, we are able to transform our cells and DNA by our energy and the energy we bring into our being.  The materials we ingest feed into our larger self in ways we are only now beginning to understand fully.  We know how minuscule things like viruses and other germs can have a profound affect on our body and the environment in which we live.  Our body carries its own unique proteins that process the energy throughout its structure to sustain it.  If those proteins along with the delicate balance throughout our biological system become imbalanced, we get ill and require special healing attention to regain balance and maintain wellness.

We can see the same is true on the larger scale.  The energies we generate directly affect our macrocosm of environment.  We cannot be ignorant of this fact when we view the trash, pollution, and other devastation that we know is not the natural beauty of our Earth.  We are responsible for what we see.  We need to help restore the balance and health to the bigger part of who we are and what sustains us.

The realizations we have are still another aspect of the powerful energies that we are as a self.  Our emotions help us measure our feelings in the world, and tell us (often in not too subtle ways) that things are not right.  We get those odd feelings from time to time, and we learn to pay attention to those “gut” instincts within us.  They are valid energies that we control and are a part of who we are.  To ignore them would mean closing off or denying a big part of our self.  How many do not listen, or have become otherwise unable to process feelings and emotions in a healthy way?

Last, but certainly not least, is our place in the overall larger construct that we consider as being the cosmos.  If we look at our itty-bitty cells as energy generating, and our self as a machine of energy, and our world as an even larger one, it makes sense that our cosmos is part of this whole, powerful energy as well.  Each of us plays a part in keeping this whole process going.  We look at circles and cycles, and understand that energy truly is something that can keep on happening, renewing, and sustaining.  We find that closed ways or methods that do not provide for change or allow for growth are unsuccessful and are destined to go away.  It is as true with the incorrect decisions we make in life, as it is with the larger systems that fail to sustain the whole.

Our cosmos indicates a much broader vision or expectation than what we have here on our plane of existence, so maybe it is time to get on board.  The planet Earth is larger than what we are, just as how large we are is immense in comparison to the bits and pieces with which we are comprised, yet we are all interconnected.  Is it not awesome to know we hold even a bit of the power of the entire universe within us and under our self-control?  As advised earlier, let us use it wisely.

Namaste ~ Blessings! 

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