The Rise of the Spiritual Activist

It is a sign of our times that there should be so many wars and civil disputes, and yet so much heart-warming progress too. It is the Age of Aquarius; the energies of the new age are flooding the planet, raising the vibrational frequency, speeding up evolution, causing potent change. This is wonderful and inspiring, in a world who has become more educated, more aware of their rights, better informed, and less willing to accept injustice and bondage.

We need to accept change; trust in evolution. The new energies are having a profound effect on us and we are living through a time that will be studied in the history books for centuries to come. It is difficult to see through the haze of controversy, media, conflict, social, political, economic and environmental change occurring at the moment, perhaps the significance will only be seen in retrospect. Having knowledge without wisdom has caused so much trouble for us in the past. All it has done is created a divided world. Many world religions, with their roots in social control, demanding sheep-like adherence to their dogma have only succeeded in breeding separation, hate and fear. With the effect of environmental damage, climate change and interdependent economic structures there must come an acceptance of our growing global interdependence and the urgent need to cultivate the ‘right relationship’ with all of our global neighbours. Whatever their beliefs may be.

Many power-hungry governments and dictators are now being violently ousted by their people, who, empowered by their sense of justice loose their fear and risk their lives for the greater good. People all over the world are uprising against injustice, greed and bondage, so many now that it is having gross global impact. The past few years will definitely go down in history as one of the turning points in our evolution. The call for change so great, millions of demonstrators took to the streets globally in the name of justice and freedom.  Demonstrations and protests were so much the flavour of 2011 that Time Magazine nominated the ‘The Protestor’, as their ‘Person of the Year’. Times are changing. The economy has gone global, human rights – now a global concern. Compassion is growing in our hearts, and we cannot bear the injustices felt by our brothers and sisters. Furthermore, what happens in the Arab Spring and on the world stage affects us all. We want true democracy for everyone, equality, and the right to food, shelter, safety, medical care and education. We are beginning to understand that these are the basic requirements for all humankind, not just for ‘our own’. We are beginning to understand Unity.

One of the biggest threats to our survival is world hunger. It is a grotesque miscarriage of justice that 6 million children each year die with hunger when there is enough food to feed everyone. Starvation and hunger are man-made. It is a situation that, despite a growing number of charities and aid organisations, it is still claiming an estimated 24,000 lives each day. While governments and economists argue over the way to put a permanent end to hunger, many aid organisations have achieved great things. But together with the added problems of further wars, natural disasters and large hikes in food prices the problem escalates, the poorest always suffer the most.

The question is; how does this level of economic disparity affect us all? Can we continue to disregard this atrocity and survive? And of course, it also raises questions of karma. It is a question of priorities, these are the people in most dire need, and this should be our first concern. Before we make policies, spend money on war or economic bailouts. Before we calculate the bonuses paid to bankers, our first concern must be to feed the starving. When we realise that we are One we will conquer world poverty.

Globally, the gulf between rich and pure widens and so there is imbalance, and as imbalance is unsustainable so are the systems that support it. Should we even care if global markets collapse? If over 1 billion people (one-seventh of the population), are living in poverty are the systems that we have in place working? While in the UK alone £12 billion of edible food is thrown away each year. Does this not mean that the political and economic systems that are currently in place are defective? Do defective structures not always eventually collapse? That’s evolution. That’s the way it works. The problem lies in the pace, and in the fact that at this present time money talks. Many of those in the ‘elite’ have the power and ability to shape government and public policy in their own best interests. In place all over the world are harmful economic systems. The rich get richer because they decide. But now the balance is tipping, as consciousness rises and we realise that economic disparity equals inequality and inequality means imbalance and imbalance means we are out of sync with the natural world which supports us. If we can’t share the world’s resources then we will have nothing. Unless we find a way to restore the balance then if would seem that all is lost. Greed is so passé. We decide how long this ugly process lasts, isn’t it time we called time?

The Protestor of 2011 will become even stronger in successive years, and as they are, as the slogan suggests: "The 99%", progression is inevitable. I remember watching one of the first televised interviews with one of the peaceful "Occupy" protestors and remembering a quote I had read somewhere that our "voices would become louder and more eloquent", and I smiled and thought, yes we are! You know how the media usually manages to interview the one person in a demonstration who hasn’t quite understood what the protest is all about and undermines the whole operation in their 2-minute call to fame. Well, the "occupy" interviews are refreshingly, quite different. They include a well-informed educated group of protestors, just tired of corruption and injustice. Many talk about world hunger and the unequal distribution of wealth, others concern about the environment and who and what is shaping policy. This group is huge and growing everyday. Soon we will have our true democracy. When it all stops being all about the money we will own the world.

Once we can detach from the notion of a ‘separate self’, then we could move mountains. But as global inter-dependence grows, together with the conscious majority the call for unity will become greater. The ideal is for change to happen from the inside out. This is by far the easiest way for if we are sufficiently developed then we accept change as being beneficial and necessary and we are not fearful of it. If we could all be peaceful inside, to know that ‘inner peace’, and to feel unconditional love and compassion. The reality is, of course, that not everyone is there yet and so evolution, the most powerful force in the universe, finds other ways to get there in the fastest route possible.

Remaining peaceful does not require us to be passive.  Evolution requires diversity to breed its great diversity. It needs hotshot lawyers, activists and peacekeepers, writers, journalists and teachers. Every soul in incarnation plays their part. Some work on the causes of unconsciousness, others deal with the effects of it. The institutions built of the last age are loosing their power. Anything not sympathetic with the Aquarian energies has to go. With advancements in technology scandals, cover-ups and injustices just aren’t staying swept under the carpet like they used to

New systems are needed to reflect the changes in the way we are seeing the world. Soon we will have conscious politicians, judges, parents and schools. In the present time, there is much conflict, but we are also growing in peace; understanding our right to it. Learning to react appropriately to the current struggles but retain inner peace is a place we all need to be. We need to feel love and compassion but we also need to act on it. Complacency and failing to notice are no longer good enough. It may be uncomfortable for those who profit from, say oil or rain-forest deforestation to accept but those days are over. The earth is a living Entity and human activity such as drilling or adaptation in these complex eco-systems is not an option. Ethical is the new competition. Sustainable the new profitable.

When I think about the number of wonderful and awe-inspiring charity organisations, religious and spiritual leaders and individuals who, in their own unique way are helping the world towards its evolutionary goal, I feel full of joy and optimism for the future. It makes me proud to be human, to share the planet with them. Spiritual leaders giving talks for peace – teaching unity in diversity and sharing. Light-workers spreading their light, keeping up the vibes! Aid workers, much respect to those earth angels. Human and animal rights activists who work tirelessly to bring an end to unnecessary suffering. To the people currently petitioning the EU to have cetaceans re-classified as "non-human persons". Journalists, risking their lives to ensure that the world knows about the plight of their brothers and sisters. The list goes on and on. Just how awesome are we?! People who are connected to their physical as well as their spiritual environments and teaching us new ways to live in harmony, and those bringing about revolutionary change. To ‘The Protestor’, I thank you and love you all!

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Comment by Dena Patrick on March 27, 2013 at 10:00am

I resonate with this wholeheartedly, Lynette!  Count me in as a fellow Spiritual Activist and, at times, Spiritual Warrior.  Well done.  Thank you. :)

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