The Six Keys to Living In Your Heart Place

Your heart place is a place where you feel loved and feel at peace at all  times. It is a place where the angels and your guides live too. There is no  anger and hate there. There is no ego present either. It's more of a place where  you are thinking with your heart and not with your head. In the first part of  the article, I will talk about the emotions and feeling that you may have, when  not living in the heart place. The second part of the article will be the 6 keys  of knowing you are living in your heart place.

Ways that you know you are not in your heart place are as follows.

1. Anger keeps you fully out of the heart place. When feeling anger, you feel  very negative towards the person, you are angry with. You do not feel very  peaceful, and sometimes it is very difficult in getting over the anger, you are  feeling towards someone. Sometimes stepping away from the anger, and feeling  forgiveness towards that person, helps you to move on from that anger. This will  help, in moving towards living, in the heart place.

2. Despair is another emotion or feeling that keeps you out of your heart  place. Despair can be a type of hopeless feeling, which makes you feel totally  helpless. Many times when feeling despair, we feel that we cannot get the help  we need, because we feel no one can help us.

3. Sadness or grief can keep us out of the heart space, too. When we are sad  or grieving, we are so overcome by that feeling, that we become totally  paralyzed by that feeling. We tend to isolate and we may also become angry, on  some level. Understanding that sadness or grief is a life transition of some  sort, makes it easier to be in the positive, despite, the situation.

4. Hate is a very powerful word, but it is something that someone may feel,  towards someone at one time or another. Hate is a very strong feeling, and can  totally erase any type of positive emotion. Feeling hate, is like a black cloud  blocking you from feeling joyful at all times.

5. Jealousy is another emotion that will keep you out of the heart place.  Jealousy will keep you from being joyful, when someone you might know is  enjoying a positive milestone in their life. You might feel some bitterness  toward that person, or you may just totally resent what they may have  accomplished, on some level.

Those feelings or emotions that had been listed above are just a few of the  feelings or emotions that may keep you out of the Heart Place. We all feel these  emotions, at one time or another. When we realize we do have this reaction, then  maybe we can change the feelings towards this person, or group of people. When  we do, this we start to move towards living in the heart place.

The 6 ways, we know we are reaching towards our heart place is as  follows:

1. Joy is always present in our hearts. We feel a great deal of joy, towards  our life and towards the people that are in our life. We love to start our day,  with a feeling of joy in every way. We wake up with great joy, and we plan our  day, with lots of joy too. We tend not to dread what our day will be like. We  plan our day with careful thinking, and plan it, so the joy can stay there, at  all times.

2. The feeling of love towards others is present in our lives. We feel a  great deal of love, towards all we know, whether they be the people, we see the  most, or the people, we see less often. Love helps us to live in our heart  place, because the ego is not anywhere in sight. We tend not to judge as much,  and we tend to be more positive, towards all we know. The love we feel is  unconditional and no strings are attached, in anyway.

3. Peace is very much felt, when we are in our heart place. The peace that we  feel is very deep. Our thoughts are not racing with negative thoughts. We are  thinking very positively towards issues in our life and the people in our lives,  too. We are peaceful, when we know our life will be blessed, at all times.

4. Calmness is a lot like peace. When feeling calm, we are not allowing life  to upset us in anyway. Yes, there may be upsetting things happening in our life,  and we choose to remain calm through it all. We are mindful of what is  happening, but we are not allowing the issue, to wreck our life. We are choosing  to not react negatively and to remain positive at all times.

5. Inspiration is a way of letting spirit into our lives. We find that we get  much comfort in listening to angels, or our guides, and mostly hearing from God,  or other Higher Power. We find that their wise words may be making some sense to  us. We notice the synchronicities, that are happening, and we realize that we  are being helped and guided. We know that we are not alone. Most importantly, we  are grateful for all that we have in our lives.

6. We have a lot of clarity in our lives, realizing who we were, before  understanding about the heart place and how it feels to be living, in the heart  place. We have a sense of feeling much more positive, towards our life. We feel  that life is a learning process, and that we learn new things, each day. We feel  the presence of our angels, and the love that we receive from them. We have a  sense of purpose in helping ourselves, and in helping others.

Many times I have heard that when you are in your heart place, you start to  realize that negative thinking is really a choice. Sometimes it is the tapes of  our growing up with loved ones that were played to us. We didn't know any better  and also realized that to think, that there were other ways, was an impossible  thing to grasp. Yet, we felt the black cloud, hanging over us. The realization  that the black cloud can clear, is life changing.

The angels also remind us that when the tapes are changed, life can become so  much more wonderful. You will find more sunny days, than days with black cloud.  When living in the heart place, you find that you feel brighter, and the new  clarity your feel is life changing for you, on every level.

Please don't be afraid to go to your heart place, for when the black clouds  clear you will feel so much joy. When you feel this joy, love, peace, calm,  inspiration or clarity, you will know that you are living in your heart  place.

By Peg Jones, Angelic Life Coach


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