The Slaughter of Innocents and Innocence

The Slaughter of Innocents and Innocence

By Kathy Custren

As rain falls outside, it is also with a heavy heart that I make this report, as a way to both detail and deal with the terrible number of murders being illustrated in the Palestine region of the Middle East. Consider it a way to attempt to heal the trauma that is being portrayed on the social media…a way to smear the bloody slate somewhat clean…to question why…because without questioning “why,” we may be destined to repeat our past.

Why must we revisit a painful past? Why are we not able to learn the important lesson about letting an extreme take place, and our involved role in it? As the generation who lived through the Nazi regime reaches its end, and we are reminded to “never forget,” why do we allow ourselves to be diverted in so many ways? Why are our combined energies are not enough to handle the problem, which allows the slaughter to take place? These are some very real and serious questions we can each ask ourselves.

How can we allow the death of innocence—whether it is a young, innocent human shield being used by Hamas, or the innocent viewer sitting at home watching the horror being portrayed on screen (maybe for the very first time)—to exist and continue? There is a collective feeling of helplessness being felt by those who ‘are’ aware of the violence, as we watch the raw scenes of human destruction. Might this, in some way, be worse in our present day, than what our forefathers withstood with many other battles and wars?

As a people, we have endured skirmishes and fighting on a much smaller scale. With social media presence, the tables have turned and our abilities have heightened to bring the personal destruction of every young life that is recorded as such, right to our own set of eyeballs. This is no second-hand report from the trenches--this is an awakening like no other, up close and personal, for all who care to see it.

And it is those of us who do care, who feel the pain of death so deeply, to see. Why is that? It is a call to our own sense of power that yearns to see it stopped. Why, in this day and age, are we even seeing this unseemly and purposeful destruction of human lives, while at the same time we realize it is within our power to bring it to an end?

Surely, at some point, the dark energy that is death…the shadow side of our very human existence, will be brought to the light of even more eyes. How many will it take before the right action is taken: that the slaughter will stop, the wrong will be addressed in a healthier way, and the pain we are all experiencing will be brought back into balance?

It is up to each of us to do this work. We cannot rely on the actions of others to bring about change because too many are otherwise distracted. Even those of us who sit and are held as virtual captives to the slaughter, are technically distracted from acting upon the pain we see that others experience.

It is quite the same way that retailers keep us segregated. Many of us wear white tee shirts, but we each have our favorite stores where we buy them, and for different reasons. All of these seemingly innocent choices have extenuating circumstances that we may overlook in our desire to fulfill our sense of lack when it comes to white tee shirts.

Do we buy the shirts from a large corporate retailer like Walmart because we are so thrifty, expect to wear them under other clothes, and want to buy in bulk—little caring about the conditions of where the cotton and other fibers originate or how the shirts were constructed so inexpensively? Do we purchase our white tee shirts from a craft store, because we might be a little better aware of the shirts’ use as a type of artistic canvas, and knowing that we are only going to place our own additional mark upon it to jazz it up? Or do we purchase our white tee shirts from a high-end corporation who tacks on some high mark-up to make the ‘perfect’ white tee shirt that much more exclusive?

It is a white tee shirt. It may as well be our mark of innocence; let it be our means of awareness. There is always more going on than meets the eye.

With every purchase we make, no matter what or where that happens to be, we are participating in the same slaughter of innocence. The same money that we use to buy good and purposeful things, like that tee shirt, goes to funding the war machine. Yes, that same economic system that pays for our weekly groceries and that we save for college tuition.

It is a sleight of hand—a magic trick of sorts—never let the left hand know what the right hand is doing. Whether our focus happens to be on the region of Palestine, as it currently is, or the desert region of northern Africa, or the area in and around Ukraine, there is always more going on than where our focus may be. Check out this link of our more current skirmishes to see for yourself:

The bottom line, as of the July 19, 2014 update, is that there are 62 countries involved in wars, and a total of 549 militias-guerillas and separatist groups participating. That is quite a lot of action, around the world, devoted to destruction—of our own kind. So much power and control being fought at any given time, much of which is supported by the economics…so many white tee shirts.

As we might expect, there are many places that are counted as wars, where we may not be paying as much attention. Why would we worry about some little skirmish on an island in the South Pacific, when we have something much more important like our family’s vacation to the latest Disney hot spot for which we have been planning and saving for over a year? Or wait…the local club beckons, for our weekly time out with friends, a few drinks, and wild dance music.

Because we do need to cut loose, don’t we? We need to free ourselves of the ties we have to the current system that brings us our ability to buy our white tee shirts, and the gas for our automobiles, and the electricity to heat our homes and brainwash our young. We are encouraged to get away, but only for brief periods of time, and then return to keep the same gears turning in the machine.

Apocalypse, indeed.

Maybe someone can translate these words into Pakistani or Ukrainian, so we can explain to our neighbors in these countries that so many of us are otherwise too distracted to put a stop to their death and destruction. Surely, they will understand. They would do the same if it was us, right?

There is a real sense of disconnection that still exists. Those shadows on the wall of the cave cannot possibly be real, can they, Plato? They are only shadows at play, a bit of illusion, after all….

The electrosmog from all our nifty, technological advances cannot possibly be keeping us sick…and all that modified food we consume from our sterile, plastic containers that will never seem to deteriorate couldn’t possibly be altering our genetic composition…and, forgive us, the water we have knowingly fouled with chemicals in our desperation to grab and maintain energy—ahem!—independence. It is all interconnected by the pervading sense of greed that allows it all to happen. Yes, from the allowance of ‘corporations’ to be ‘people like us,’ to letting our ‘government’ be our voice, we all play a part in the disconnection.

We must look within for the answers, folks, because the external world we see these days is filled with disinformation and distraction. When we place so much trust in the magic tricks and deceit, how do we judge what is real? Perhaps the more accurate question to ask, beyond the “why,” is whether we can take back our collective power from the shadow world and live in a way that is once more returned to the fullness of natural light?

Can we embrace a life where we live in harmony, or are we too far gone? Have we been caught up in the extreme, into the web of deceit, that we find ourselves unable to let go? Clearly, this will be the case for many who are still operating under their own sense of blindness when it comes to these and other matters of personal concern: ‘not my circus, not my monkeys.’

On a personal level, might we see that the young life—the now battered and broken body with half of its little head blown away—was once as much of a vital human being as our own children are to us, right here and now? Can we recognize the pain of a mother whose young son is lost to the ‘friendly fire’ of war is just as bereft as mother who lost her son back in the Civil War? Once all the pomp and circumstance of honor have been displayed, there really isn’t much that can make that loss right or help us deal with it. Our experience is forever changed. Why would we want to inflict that same scarring pain upon another human being, ever?

As a writer, it is one thing to showcase words which entertain, and quite another endeavor to gather words to educate. As we see the top-down paradigm reaching its crushing end upon us, will we simply let it continue to squeeze us under all its weight? Can we find the way within us to change and move on out of the way in order to allow some sense of right from being smashed to bits?

There are those of us who operate with a sense of resigned futility, who will say that no matter what we do, it will never bring the dead back. That is not what our focus ought to be; it is not about restoring the dead. For those who survived the concentration camps to tell the tale, we do owe it to them to ‘never forget;’ as well as to not let the same deathly visitor to wreak havoc and lead innocent lives to slaughter on another generation of human beings, for any extreme reason.

Let us find the ways to come together and secure the safe haven of innocent lives that we say we value; work to actually resolve our differences; find peace and healing; and remove the growing sense of horror and destruction that extends from our collective greed. We must give in love and service, not continue to ‘take’ by our participation in the current and failing system. For as many ways as there are for us to feed our greed, there are just as many possibilities for us to give and serve. Positive karma is justly rewarded in its way; as above, so below.

It is very possible to find balance within ourselves, while we weather the imbalance and chaos that surrounds us. We must; innocent lives are at stake—including our own.

Namaste ~ Blessings!

About the Author

Kathy Custren is a mother of four, who strives for balance and has a deep respect for All. Interests include advocacy, the arts, communication, education, health, humanity's cosmic origins, nature, philosophy, spirituality and wellness. Visit her page "Consciousness Live" on Facebook, and her site at

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Comment by Kathy Custren on August 4, 2014 at 6:32am

Oh, thanks--and I just noticed that I left off my bio paragraph as well. So much going on. Thanks again!! ~ Blessings! <3

Comment by Trevor Taylor on August 4, 2014 at 4:49am

Kathy, this needs to be said and your article articulates it so well. Perhaps an ideal article for the time sensitive group to bring the message in right when it is needed ?

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