The Soul Has A Mind Of Its Own By Nancy Oakes




Near death, (NDE), or an afterlife experience, a phenomenon not uncommon, has been described by many people as a journey of leaving ones body behind and traveling towards a bright and beckoning light.  An aspect of the mind is present, as they are able to describe conversations, and images after returning.  Many people decide to live a totally different life based on this one experience.  An experience they can only explain as beyond time and space.  Most are limited within an earthly language to completely describe the experience but refer to it as a spiritual journey. How do we know about the truth of such travels because people have left and returned back to their physical body to tell their story?  


Soul Mind versus Body Mind Are There Two Minds?


The soul can separate from the body, with a mind of its own proven again and again by these OUT OF BODY stories.  In other words, the soul mind separation from the physical mind creates an independent cognitive process fully capable of memory.  Even more importantly this separation appears to be specific to a process of higher-self consciousness regarding issues of spirituality and enlightenment.  Further, the soul mind has a spiritual agenda regarding memory, and how those memories affect the body’s future.  Is the soul more powerful and is it meant to control the body?  It would seem that it is since the soul is eternal; the seat of our spirituality, and the body is temporary always decaying.  Would this also be the proof that meditation and spiritual journeys are connected by sacred design for spiritual growth, and purposely separated from the physical specifically created for the edification of the soul?


More proof is that most people want to share the journey to and beyond the light, with actual descriptions of conversation with friends, family and spiritual entities. All are conscious of leaving their body and returning back into their earthly body as they recall every minute portion of the journey, leaving and coming back.  The entire experience is out of body, which again proves the physical mind or brain was not in control until they entered back into their body. This is also how many describe deep meditation as a healing, calming and even relaxing experience, which awakens spiritual enlightenment connected to the heart and soul.  Sometimes people describe deep meditation as a process that changes ones perspectives leading to a clearer understanding of their purpose of life. These ancient meditation exercises have received attention even by the medical community managing patients with high blood pressure, extreme stress and need for overall wellness attention.  Some in these academic disciplines are expressing that the body seems to be at rest and in a heart orientation when involved in deep meditation.  Thus proving that stress, and anxiety can be a product of dramatic mind chatter.


A famous quote-“My Life Has Been Filled With Terrible Misfortune-Most of which has never happened!” …..Montaigne


Therefore, when the soul mind is free from the body mind the soul mind retains the spiritual aspect of the experience.  Thereby the ascension to a higher consciousness occurs creating a more spiritually evolved human.  Proof of this is the revelations that many people speak of when free from the physical body after a NDE, or when in a trance like state within deep meditation. Within this spiritual realm a separation from the physical body involves a process of quieting the physical mind of chatter or anything connected to earthly attachments.  Simply, a real time separation occurs that allows the soul to emerge free from the physical body. The physical body was meant to be a vessel, although temporary, which limits spiritual experiences. The soul is not human but spiritually eternal, and reincarnates numerous times.  When separated from the physical mind the soul mind is free to receive (and store in the heart) spiritual guidance, messages, and personal assignments, which give direction to the physical mind and body.  Remember the physical mind is only capable of logic and making sense of earthly experiences.


Although Ancient, the knowledge of the two processes have been taboo in the Western world because of religious authorities! 


In the past, humanity has been deceived and misled regarding the capabilities and functions of the spiritual soul mind and the physical body mind, which caused a continual search for the meaning and purpose of life.  A spiritual disconnect occurred because the soul mind and the heart were not directing the body mind.  Because humanity is evolving to a new species, we are now able to recognize the two cognitive processes as a major key to a balanced human experience.  It is also no coincidence that humanity advances in accordance with the new paradigms that befall us.   


Evidence of a new soul mind thought process by humanity, would be the understanding and acceptance of third gender issues regarding the LGBTQI communities.  Many people remark they feel a rewiring of ideas associated with the struggles of the gay communities. Further, they feel different, or more accepted, towards this group of people than from the way they felt just a few years ago.  This one positive social justice awareness affects millions of people, who in the past have been ridiculed, misunderstood, and eliminated, but now they are regaining their roles in societies.  What that means is additionally millions of people are free to live, love and join others helping to rebuild a war-torn people and planet. Sounds like were right on the mark with love and compassion leading us to a new world.  


The NDE journey is not something we can anticipate or even recreate, however it is possible to connect to our soul mind processes through meditation and awareness.   Available to all and obtainable by practice we can tap into higher realms beyond the physical into our spiritual true eternal self at will. Free at last to be the spiritual beings we were created to be.  This information will serve us well as we enter into a new paradigm, embracing humanity and the needs of our planet. Thus, leading us to the same brilliant light as described by those who speak of the NDE as a spiritual journey and thereby upon return are changed forever, consciously aware of living a more meaningful life.  



Nancy Oakes is CEO of “The Sacred Life Style Center”, a published author, Return of Sophia, Mother of the Universe, available on She is an advocate for the transgender community. 2016- BA in Psychology and Cultural Anthropology, Nancy teaches a self-empowerment program she created called “Heart Art” She is available at nancy.oakes1@aol. ;

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Comment by Kathy Custren on January 8, 2016 at 11:21pm

Hi, Nancy - forwarding this on to the publishers, with our thanks ~ Blessings! 

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