The Spiritual Law of Engaging In Relationship , No One Talks About

There is nothing more spiritual for our time here as a human than being involved in relationships. All relationships are spiritual and are about soul-union, a coming together with our soul group to expand, grow and heal our soul wounds, however intimate relationship is at the top of the iceberg when it comes to what it offers us on our spiritual path of evolution. 

Now some might say, then why am I single? While others may wonder what they are to learn from all the break-ups and heartache of not finding “the one.” And here is the thing that we have to understand…

There is no such thing as “the one.” What we have is the right person for that season of our lives, healing and evolution. We can choose to be with someone or not - that is our free will and theirs, but you must know that when we choose to not be with someone that felt so much like home and our twin flame or soulmate - that it does not mean that we are lost, too broken to ever have that depth of love or missed the spiritual boat on love and romance. And it certainly does not mean that this other person was not our soulmate. 

Not at all in truth! The reality here is that for whatever the reason that two souls chose not to walk together on this journey when there is so much soul chemistry, love and this unexplained feeling, that what is really happening is this soulmate of ours and us are not fully aligned for our best life path and that another is awaiting us. 

So often, I hear people speaking and even teaching that you have only one soulmate, and then you hear the tails of twin flames and the passion that resides between the two. This is only partially true, beautiful, exciting and scary. However, in the land of soulmate romance, bonding and life partnership we must come to an understanding that we are in soul groups here on this earth, learning from each other and expanding. We are here to help each other heal. Our perfect soulmate for any time frame is the person who comes into our lives, that we feel this bond with or draw toward without reason and seems to meet our needs in that moment. Once united with this person, we are blessed to grow with their help through constant challenge and triggering often. Making us wonder how someone that we felt so attracted to, in love with and seen by can also be the one person who gets under our skin with such ease or seems to now, not understand us at all. 

Our best soulmates are those that challenge us because they mirror the aspects of ourselves that we are unconscious about and struggle to see, appreciate, understand or accept within ourselves. 

Often in the dating, mating and relating world we speak about becoming the match to the “the one” and then we coaches/educators teach people how to develop themselves to be a better them instead of trying to fix things that are not broken to appear a certain way, we encourage people to grow themselves and learn more about who they are as an individual. This is vitally important if we want to manifest into our lives the soulmate relationship that can withstand time - which requires both souls to have done deeper work on loving, appreciating and knowing themselves. 

This is the Spiritual Law of Becoming the One.

Every person we are intimate with, in relationship within any fashion and for any time frame is part of our soul group, here to assist our soul evolution and healing and we theirs. Through these dynamic empowering relationships, we are given multiple opportunities to refine ourselves and heal our wounding. As we become more conscious of our coupling experiences, we begin to enter relationships with this awareness, and it creates an enthusiasm around our personal growth and what can come from the experience instead of a fear of losing a relationship and creating a toxic container of stagnation, manipulation and insecurity.

When we view our intimate relationships from this space of becoming the one, we can ask ourselves to pay close attention to where we are out of integrity with our core, where we need to learn our boundaries and values more. When we are awake to relationships true purpose in our lives, we can start to make the links to why we have drawn in this other person and understand why we react to them in the ways that we do giving us the ability to move from the victim state of consciousness and reaction to the proactive co-creator state of conscious responding. 

And here is where the magic of soulmate union happens. 

Take a moment today to quickly write down your last three to five relationships (intimate or other) that have not turned out the way you had thought or wanted or where you feel challenged and triggered in some fashion and cannot figure out why. Now look at these relationships and list out the characteristics of that other soul that you are triggered by or feel uncertain about, let down about. Meditate on these things as to where they perhaps may reside within yourself in some fashion or format. Realize that these challenging areas are most likely unconscious to you right now, however by simply asking yourself the question, “Where is the mirror of this inside of me?” You will start to lift a veil to your inner world and heal at levels that you have never imagined possible.

Loving you from here, 

Stop Existing & Start Living

- Rene' Schooler

About the Author: 

Rene' Schooler A.K.A - Kendal Williams is a highly trained leading intimacy and relationship expert coach who works with singles and couples worldwide. She has been featured on LifeTime TV - Married at First Sight and has co-authored the books 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Health with Dr. Mercola and Building Foundations for Change with Brian Tracy and John Assaraf among others. You can follow her or reach out about coaching and spiritual relationship guidance for calling in "The One" at or follow her on Medium at Rene' Schooler – Medium

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