“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

Hebrews 11:1


‘If you bring forth what is within you, what you have will save you. If you do not have that

within you, what you do not have within you will kill you.”

The Gospel of Thomas, Nag Hammadi Scriptures


Energy is the form and substance of the great unseen world hovering just beyond this physical world. It is, however, just as substantive, actually it is more real than what we call reality, for what we see, as the quantum physicists confirm, is actually a chimera of our consciousness, determined by our perceptions, and thus, malleable through energetic practices such as meditation, prayer, and other creative pursuits which similarly nourish the Spirit.

When I began my own spiritual journey in 1994, I would have not known any of this.You see, I had been addicted to alcohol and pills for 26 years; and had completely lost my way. At that time, I was seeking more; for I had also suffered a grievous loss due to suicide; and I had spurned the traditional religious view that suicides were condemned to eternal Hell-fire.

Now, after all these years, I can sense that what I found so long ago, first in the rooms of recovery and later, in deep meditation, is taking hold in a larger context. It is springing from the consciousness of a myriad of people who have gone within . . . called there by their Souls for healing and awakening. While we are many and varied, there are some consistencies to our stories.

We customarily arrive at this new place having experienced a deep shift, pared down and pared back, because the journey usually begins with losses in the material world: a career or significant job, a valued relationship, perhaps both, perhaps the loss of a home as well. Along with these casualties, there may also be physical illness . . . prompted, at times, by stress . . . sometimes, occurring alone.

For me, after many years of sobriety, I lost a cherished dream: I had started a business close to my heart: a holistic healing center funded by my own money. It didn’t last long; I ran into almost immediate trouble because my timing was off. I opened the doors in early 2008 only to close the same year. You see, I had stopped listening. I had gotten caught up in the doing and the spending. Having an extensive former background in banking and finance, I had, somewhere along the way, lost my sense of economic caution and restraint. I paid dearly for it.

Now, six long years later, I feel before I see a new Heaven and a new Earth. This place arises beside the still waters just beyond the rapidly moving waves of that deepest sea of pain. It is a golden reddish hue not seen elsewhere as if the sun had somehow pushed its way through my very heart into pure unconditional love.

There is a sense of ‘calm after the storm’ here; after the turmoil and sadness of letting go of so much that it sometimes feels as if there is nothing left but this empty space of love and vast potentiality. Perhaps it needs to be this way; that whatever is coming in is so huge, it needs all available space, everything we have, held in abeyance to its greatness.

There has not been a lot of comfort for awhile . . . brief periods only . . . followed by more unraveling of the old and familiar: certainly not an easy thing for someone of my age, steeped first in traditional Protestant values which never really ‘took’ but sort of perched on the edge of my Soul, waiting, as if to say, ’No, these won’t work here. Try something else.’

In 1994, the spirituality of the Twelve Steps instantly spoke to me when I heard an old timer say, “You have the right and the privilege to make peace with your own God in your own time in your own way.” I knew I had found a home.

In 2008, after the loss of my business, most of my money, and my sense of direction, I found myself prostrate at my own kitchen table: bereft, confused and unable to blame any substance or thing outside of myself for my failures. Whatever had brought me to this had emanated from within me. I had been told alcohol was but a symptom; and had been dismissive. Now, I knew that my journey within had to begin in earnest.  

As I sat in my own pain, I was met with the energy of Unconditional Love which only later, manifested into identifiable forms: Ascended Masters, Goddesses, Angels and Archangels. My psychic abilities became more defined over time.  In the years since 2008, I have been taught much by my Angelic Guides about the unseen world, about the 12 dimensions; and how we can make our way into the higher dimensions and out of the conflict and disorder of the lower four dimensions.  

What I have learned is that we are truly holograms in physical reality of a larger reality existing in energetic form. What is happening around us,: the disintegration of social and economic paradigms, disillusionment with government and political institutions to provide genuine help is all part of the greater hologram, that what is happening in our individual lives as we shift, one by one, from the old earth built on one set of institutions, beliefs and paradigms to a new heaven and a new earth is meant to reflect a newly formed spirituality of the heart.

So, you ask, where is this new heaven and new earth? You may sense it before you see it . . . a sense of safety . . . of caring. For, as I told you, only the heart can lead you.









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