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This is my first Blog Post but the best way to introduce the members to the crystal skulls and the amazing work we are doing is to tell a story of one of the new crystal skulls we have received (well at the end of October of 2011 that is)

But first what is a crystal skull and why are they important?  As the term "crystal skull" implies we are speaking about a piece of stone, in the case of this story, rose quartz which has been carved into the shape of a human bone skull.  There are three different types of crystal skulls discussed in the crystal skull community which are:

a) contemporary or new - these crystal skulls being carved by modern carvers (mostly China and Brazil but other places as well) like "Rosalita".

b) old - crystal skulls created between 100 and we say 2000 years ago - many seem associated with civliizations (past & current) in Mexico and Central America (Mesoamerica)

c) ancient or very old crystal skulls - created 2000 years ago and whenever (5,000, 10,000, 100,000 or more)

For those who wish to learn more about the crystal skulls we recommend to visit our website listed in the bio - as the purpose of this blog/article is discuss who is "Rosalita".

In January of 2011, I had an opportunity to be interviewed for National Geographic for a program which is called "The Truth behind the Crystal Skulls" by a British Production company.  If you watch this program, you will see a clear quartz human size skull made by a master carver in China.  Through this program and e-bay we found these carvers and now we are great friends.  These Chinese carvers have supported us and we are able to help many people get their own crystal skulls.

Anyway during our discussion with the carvers, we expressed a desire to have a human size skull for ourselves and our work; was this possible and affordable?  After a bit of negotiation we found if we requested a skull in rose quartz that we would be able to receive one - so a dream or inner vision finally came true.

During a private crystal skull session that we (with my partner Katirna) did in New Jersey in September - the "spirit" of "Rosalita" came and join us.  As we prepared to leave for a coast-to-coast tour in the U.S., the day we were leaving, October 27th, Rosalita arrived at our door 2-1/2 hours before we left - we quickly exposed her two videos we had of the famous "Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull" and had her sit on a photograph of this crystal skull to begin to activate and energize her.

Then the next day, thanks to some special friends in Europe who are helping to build a new electro-magnetic earth grid - they showed us a place not far from our home near Seattle in Washington State, where exists a power energy vortex based in a lake.  So on October 28th we went there to do a meditation and this also helped to bring "Rosalita" to life.  In the meditation I was inspired to sing with two special songs with her and finished with tears in my eyes.

Next, when we participated at the Star Knowledge Conference in southern Illinois for the 11-11-11 - Grandma Agnes of the Takelma Indians in Oregon, a member of the Council of 13 Grandmothers, heard "Rosalita" call out to her during our lecture at the conference and gave Grandma a healing.  From the people we met during the tour people said "Rosalita" was sending a loving and healing energy.  Dear Reader, see what you feel from the photo shown here.

Finally, through our home near Seattle, we have met a transphysical medium by the name of Mychael Shane who works with the Masters and has apported (it means an object comes through the medium via ectoplasm or comes from out of the blue) numerous objects (gemstones, rings, crystal skulls, jewelry, etc ..) We worked with Mychael in December of 2011 at a spiritual center in Seattle and while he was channeling the consciousness of "Rosalita" (we believe that once a crystal skull is activated it draws a "spirit" or "group of spirits" to work through the quartz and has communication with people like a living being) - a 17 faceted clear quartz crystal just appeared in her left eye (see photo).

So since October of 2011, we have had some interest adventures with "Rosalita" and she is teaching us about the crystal skulls.  We have other crystal skulls who have chosen us to be their guardians with many personal stories to tell which we will have to save for another article/blog post.

Hope you enjoyed this story,

peace and light always

Joshua Shapiro
a crystal skull explorer
Renton, WA, USA

Joshua Shapiro along with his partner Katrina Head are known as the Crystal Skull Explorers. They offer public talks, a new radio show, several websites, books, online classes about the skulls and sell new crystal skulls. To contact the Explorers:


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