The wondrous benefits of sacred geometric pendants are multifaceted

I embarked upon an inner journey to energetically define the gifts that unfolded



Solar Mandala (Seed of Life)


The Solar Mandala brought a deep peace and stability throughout my entire body. A reordering and recalibration at a cellular level was experienced. Tiredness that we inevitably feel from the gravitational effects of earth began to fade away, and I felt awake, as though just starting my day. Even in meditation energies fluctuate, but upon wearing the Solar Mandala, one feels as though they are in the eye of the storm, rather than buffeted around from clinging to the edges as vast shifts are occurring on our beautiful planet at this time.


Creation Mandala


The first time I explored the creation mandala, the energies seemed too immense for me and I returned to wearing earlier forms of the journey such as the seed of life. I realized the immense potential for the mandala to hold and sustain a larger expression of the self, yet one must be ready and have partly ushered through the vaster pattern for their to be reason to create a pure matrix within which the form can be there to hold as a support for the vaster downloads you may choose to bring through. It was not long before I was ready, and interestingly, it may occur at such a time when you feel you are juggling many aspects of the self, and wish there were more of you to handle such. Try wearing the creation mandala, and notice the incredible difference that occurs, as you suddenly seem to have an opening structure for which to receive and ground the light downloads from your higher self into a manifest form. When I visit London I feel so many aspects of myself floating around desiring to anchor, yet when visiting and wearing this special jewel, I felt all the various aspects from all levels move into a supreme order that was able to be understood by whichever lens of life I chose to view it through, for example, perhaps I wished to check out the aspect through my emotions, thus use my emotional body as the lens to view the larger aspect through…somehow whichever lens one would look through, you were able to see the entire picture through all lens, so some special unification takes place, holding all disparate parts into one unified whole that heals the mind, body, emotions, soul, in fact every part of you is healed when all aspects that are experiencing the illusion of separation are ushered gently into unification of love and light.



Solar Star


I was drawn to wear this pendant at the very start of my deeper journey into sacred geometry, being very keen to experience feeling beyond separation. More recently I wore this pendant at the onset of a cold virus, and experienced relief in breathing, allowing for greater ease and expansion of the breath. All issues with the lungs seem resolved, as the life force is fully integrated with the physical body, as one, no separation, thus this extends the knowing of such on all levels, and joy is felt, as separation is acknowledged as the illusion it truly is. Wellness returns, as there is nothing to run to, as one knows the unification with all of life, and one can draw in any element one is wanting or needing to experience as part of the learning school here on earth. Deep inner peace is restored from sincere acceptance that all is one, we are one with all, nothing is lacking, and an apparent void is teeming with energy of the unmanifest. The truth that faith and trust are all that is required comes into our consciousness from a place of deep knowing, and a deep acknowledgement of divine timing.


Tantric Terra Prana Sphere


Emotional energies of the sacral chakra perfectly rebalance with the Tantric Terra Prana Sphere. If one is living in the drama of duality, this may be one of the first chakras (sacral) that becomes depleted, thus drawing energies away from the other chakras, and causing chaotic discordance. I feel a strengthening of the heart chakra, possibly through the convergence, synthesization and integration available from wearing this pendant. As one moves into deeper alignment with the heart chakra, the chords of truth ring vibrantly, and an awareness of our soul path becomes more evident. When the heart chakra is depleted for whatever reason, chaos may reign firstly from lack of balance, and primarily that the heart is our gateway to our highest expression, our full potentiality. This cannot be accessed through the mind alone.


Heart Star


I am in awe that this tiny pendant can create such profound shifts in the energy body. There are times when it is only natural to feel some sense of separation in life, no matter how much you enjoy your own company. I have worn many different forms of sacred pendants over the years, yet the heart star induced the most significant tangible and immediately recognizable shifts from the moment of first wearing the pendant, through to a continued pulse of feeling my individual spark (albeit individual being an illusion), whereby the pendant seemed to enlarge my individual flame, strengthen my soul and fortify my spirit.


Heart Star with Crystal


As above, except I felt amplification of all the above, deeper penetration of cosmic energies, and increased support for integration of such.



Heart Star in Circle


The heart star in the circle is almost identical to the heart star (see above), but perhaps with an additional protective and stabilizing factor, holding the energies uniquely in perfect unison for your soul pathway.


Triple-Spin Tantric Star


I felt compelled to wear the triple-spin tantric star pendant when I was feeling a cold virus affecting my body. I almost felt as though I could breathe with greater ease, and felt a strong deep pulse of stability and grounding.


Star Tetrahedron in Circle


I recommend working with the star tetrahedron initially, as I feel fortification of the lower energy bodies upon wearing. Energetic fire pulses through my circuits of the lower bodies, and emphasis is more physicalized rather than the multidimensional ethereal extensions of the more complex geometries. Calmness and tranquility flow through one and attunement to nature is felt deeply, a resonance to the earth’s rhythms encompass one.


Star Tetrahedron with Crystal Earrings


A perfection through balancing of the left and right hemispheres of the brain assists in alignment, resulting in crystal clarity of thought and healing of duality through the mental body. Illusory thoughts release, allowing the space for revelation of the truth. I feel the crystal amplifies this process. In this instance, the earrings were embellished with garnets, which is my birthstone, assisting grounding of my higher thoughts into a space where divine insights could be utilized with greater ease.


Gold Plated V. Sterling Silver


I have previously been drawn more to Sterling Silver, as I love to deeply reflect, and silver has lunar qualities that are more conducive to this process, allowing one to travel inward. As a writer, this is crucial to allow a pooling of my creative energies and reflect upon how a service or product or service impacts myself. However, I have thoroughly enjoyed connecting with the solar energies and power of gold through the gold plated pendants, and realize the power of magnification, and energies of extroversion. The energies of gold build and radiate, and compliment my own natural energies quite seamlessly, which is particularly helpful on a busy day when my energies are focused outwardly, to enable a constant recharge as I emit a brilliant energy from source of which I am naturally aligned.


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Review by Sarah Ince

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