There are some relationships and/or experiences that are designed to make us oscillate. We fluctuate between beliefs, opinions, and conditions because we are simply responding to the physics and mathematics of our lives- a movement that is always serving to change and grow us; to render the opposite view of a position within us that has become crystallized; a process that unfolds so that we each may experience every single color of life at different points and time. In this regard, black and white are not opposite colors but two shades of the same and long continuum of existence.

Just like subconscious thoughts and emotions, oscillation happens at rapid speed and transitions swiftly between one moment to the next. It is usually a force that leads us to say the words: "I've changed my mind," or "there's a silver lining behind every cloud," or "this was a blessing in disguise," and even the words: "I forgive you."

The journey of oscillation reflects a very real truth: that life and identity is never fixed but a fluid and ever-changing, shedding, and necessary metamorphosis. It leaves us to question deeper- is the person who really hurt you or disappointing you, doing just that? Or is s/he there to play a necessary role in a life of unfolding discovery? Is having a lot of friends a good thing? Or could it be holding one back from discovering his or her most essential self? These are some examples of what oscillation can look like on the surface but may be attempting to lead us to a multitude of deeper truths so that we may evolve and mature into who we are all meant to be.

When oscillation is fully understood, we will then realize that we will all experience similar experiences, feelings, and conditions at different points and time, helping us to realize that we are more alike than different. It is the sequence of events that often is designed to make it look like different people are not quite on the same page. When, in reality, we are all on the exact same page playing our different roles and parts to serve a greater truth and to render a mean (midpoint) experience we have collectively and often unconsciously set as a goal. Above all, oscillation is a human condition that compels us all to learn how to observe with non judgment and sit with contradiction, rather than define our lives with dichotomy and polarized thinking.

Thank You.

2015 © Shreya Mandal